Feb 5, 2018

Sebastian's story

Sebastian’s story

Sebastian is 16 years old, he is diagnosed with cerebral paralysis. He is a very happy guy and he’s always with a smile. He likes to participate in social occasions and the musical instruments.

He recognizes visual images. With these he is anticipated to his routine by pointing what he wants.  With the support of his mother he handle the routine all day long.

He recognizes in pictograms the emotions: sad, boring, mad, and happy. He has clarity in what he likes and what he does not like making moves to indicate approval or rejection.

He realizes manual work with much enthusiasm, he does a great effort.  He loves listening stories.

He recognizes in the images the main characters.

He is progressing: He raises the head for long periods of time responding to visual and auditory stimuli realizing movements to boths sides according to the stimulus.

Sebastian’s Mother has more commitment with the process of comunication of Sebastian. 

Dec 6, 2017

Matia's goals

Matias is 4 years old, he is diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss disorder. His parents also suffer from this disorder and his grandmother is the person who takes care of him.

Matias is a happy kid that has achieved goals is his process of maturity like:

  • Hand-eye coordination to do the acitivities.
  • Development of abilities related to fine motor skills: Cut and paste
  • Recognizes vocabulary: Shampoo, soap, soup, bread, potatos, chicken, salt
  • Identifies notion of time and space: ahead-behind, inside-outside, on top- under, left-right.
  • Recognizes geometric figures: Square, circle, triangle.
  • Uses his voice with communicative  intentionality
  • Emits vocals phoneme: monosyllabic and two-syllabled

He continues to work in:

  • Nominate in a correct form the parts of the face and of the body: eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair, hands and feets.
  • Identifies linguistic sounds like family vocabulary and name of daily foods.
  • Narrates with gestual support a story of six sequence

Additionally we support to his grandmother to continue stimulation to Matias for his developement and progress.


Sep 7, 2017

Thomas' continuous learning

Thomas is 9 years old and has cerebral palsy.

During this semester, Thomas has received Integral Rehabilitation in the areas of pedagogical workshop and hydrotherapy.

In a pedagogical workshop, intellectual, conceptual, social, practical and occupational skills and / or competences were worked during the first semester of 2017.

As for intellectual abilities, Thomas manages to focus his attention for short periods, he is facilitated to follow simple instructions from daily situations with verbal reinforcement and initiates actions independently.

At the conceptual level he manages to recognize the vowels and consonants of his name.

At the level of logical-mathematical thinking, Thomas order numerical sequences upwards and recognizes basic geometric figures.

At the social level, Thomas has difficulty recognizing the rules; for this, was recommended to him to reinforce the resolution of simple problems of daily life and to request help when it is required.

At the practical level, he has achieved cylindrical grip with support technology, performs free trimming and colored inside a wide space with the help of support technology.

At the occupational level, it is necessary to reinforce and encourage actions that promote the initiation, stay and conclusion of activities and to value positively the orientations of adults in the execution of a task and / or activity.

On the other hand, in hydrotherapy, efforts have been focused on improving Thomas' posture and achieving the straightening and balance reactions in standing position seeking greater independence, also performing joint mobility activity to improve movements in the lower limbs .


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