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Nov 23, 2016

Global Giving Nov. 29 Matching Funds to Stop the Silence

CSA Survivor Force!
CSA Survivor Force!

We at Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. have been working VERY hard, AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE LOCALLY, NATIONALLY, AND INTERNATIONALLY... We know - 'cause we evaluate everything!

Now, YOU can seriously (SERIOUSLY!) make a HUGE difference with little input or effort... There is SO much to be done. We can tell you our story so far for 2016 with the list of accomplishments and pics below! Help us do more! 

GlobalGiving is offering a 50% match on donations made on #GivingTuesday, November 29th up to the first $1 million raised on, made available courtesy of generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.This is the largest amount of matching funds GlobalGiving has ever had in one day and they will be matching more donations than ever before!

Please see below all of the Stop the Silence accomplishments in 2016 - locally, nationally, and internationally! And there is PLENTY more to come this coming year... Help us really make a huge difference in this coming year!!

HELP US EXPOSE AND STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, AND HELP SURVIVORS HEAL WORLDWIDE! Thank you for any HELP AT ANY LEVEL that you can give on November 29, 2016!! (I will send out a reminder next Monday, but please put this on your calendars!)


January-December 2016

Over the past year, and as a part of our Art as Advocacy and training areas of focus (see more, below), we have provided the film Flesh: Bought and Sold in the U.S., by independent filmmaker Kristin Ross Lauterbach, who co-wrote the film with Christina Storm and novelist Nicole McQuaid, about CSA and trafficking, and presenting to various members of the Prince George’s Co. School System (all school nurses, numerous teachers, and counselors and psychologists, respectively) through our association with the Human Trafficking Taskforce (Prince George’s County, MD Dept. of Family Services Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Supportive Services Division).

Our contacts are pushing forward our involvement with local colleges and universities. We have presented this past year at Prince George’s Community College. 

Other local focus includes providing information to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of others through university outreach (e.g., UMD, and various DC-based schools), houses of worship, community groups, etc. throughout the DC Metro area to educate and catalyze community responses.

As invited, we present to various government, non-profit, and corporate groups and reach out to local media, e.g., I-Heart Radio, local TV channels, etc. (see, too, below, CSA Survivor Force).

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH continues to write about CSA for publications and public information documents, as well as join others in policy change advocacy (e.g., re the Statutes of Limitations) and think about what needs to be done (e.g., what's next? what should be next? - what will continue to make a difference?). Our current focus is an expansion of various programs, including the Art as Advocacy, on-site and on-line training, and CSA Survivor Force work, as we gear up for an expansion of this aspect of our programming in Europe and elsewhere.


January-December 2016

The On-line CSA Training for Nannies, developed this past year, was tested, updated, and is in the process of being enhanced, and we expect to forward it with a major marketing effort to take place in or around January 2017. We also expect that the on-line program – which allows nannies to sit down, sign up, pay for, take the course, and receive a printed certificate to present to employers in a limited amount of time, all in one setting – will be required for all nannies who are a part of the Nanny League (our partner) and to be expanded internationally by mid-year. This will be a template or model for on-line training for other audiences (e.g., police, teachers, psychologists), as well – the reach is international given that it is online.

The Stop the Silence Art as Advocacy Program continued in 2016 with three performances of Ask A Sex Abuse Survivor written, directed, produced, and performed by Michael Broussard in Maryland and Pennsylvania, as well as showing the Scottish-born film To Kill A Kelpie, written by Matthew McVarish, directed by Edward M. Smith, and acted by Matthew McVarish and Alan Lindsay.

April 2016

Survivors Healing Center of the Family Service Agency of the Central Coast in CA collaborated with Stop the Silence to hold the 10th annual Walk to Stop the Silence, that included informational outreach throughout Santa Crux Co., CA through mass media and on-the-ground dissemination activities, reaching at least tens of thousands of people, is held each year, overseen and conducted by Survivors Healing Center of the  Family Service Agency of the Central Coast, serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties in collaboration with Stop the Silence.

June-December 2016

Stop the Silence® ( and the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse (NAASCA, have joined in a partnership toward the development of a “Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Survivor Force”– an initial and then expanded and expanding (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally) group of adult survivors who are coming together to present information about child sexual abuse (CSA) to the media in all regions of the U.S. and then elsewhere. The full Mission of the CSA Survivor Force is to provide factual information about CSA in a gripping manner to all forms of mass media to inform and educate large populations, reduce stigma, and affect change in individual and societal behaviors, policies and procedures across the U.S. and the world. Check out the full information - and find out who you can contact who is currently representing your state, area or region - at either one of these web locations: and The Force is expanding in 2017 to all 50 states - and foreign countries!

August-December 2016

At the 21st Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT), we met with various researchers, advocates, and practitioners to provide information to these communities about the work that Stop the Silence does (e.g., Art as Advocacy, media/educational outreach, training). Stop the Silence members formally presented two presentations at this Conference (met with high acclaim). We include information about our original activity/objective/goal tracking and measuring program that is continuing to be refined by Bill Mathis (Board member, Stop the Silence, and of CPIC Solutions – the Program is named Amplify).


January-December 2016

As a result of the training that Stop the Silence did in December 2014 in Cyprus with the Ministry of Education and Culture the Ministry, we have continued to share information and assist the Ministry to reach out to its administrators, teachers, counselors and psychologists and others with information. In the past year, Ministry and associated personnel completed two other trainings for teachers (having previously sent a note to responsible parties at the Ministry to ensure that the schools provide acircular obligating everyone who works in schools to get a certification from the Police that they are not offenders). We also have provided other, policy-related information so that Cyprus can continue to focus on enhancing their response. Stop the Silence professionals have been invited back in January of 2017 to provide a training for all school counselors and psychologists, to meet with Ministry staff about the development of a country-wide advocacy / awareness campaign, and meet, too, with Ministry of Health staff. This model is now being shared with others in other countries. Other countries may participate in the January training. We expect to be able to offer the work done in Cyprus as a model to others.

June 2016

The Child Aid Organization in Nairobi collaborated with Stop the Silence to hold the first annual Race to Stop the Silence/ Kenya, that included informational outreach throughout speakers and information dissemination.

July 2016

In July 2016, Pamela Pine was the Key Note Speaker on a panel at the Parliament in London. Other speakers included Parliamentary members, representatives of the police force, social services, students and others. In attendance were other members of the Parliament as well as representatives of police, social services, student groups and the public. A question-answer period and round table discussion followed. Follow-on multi-level programming is expected.

September 2016

Pamela Pine traveled to South Africa to attend the 21st Annual International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa. In addition to attending sessions on HIV, she met with representatives of non-profit groups working on CSA, with which Stop the Silence will be collaborating in the future.

November 2016

Pamela Pine was a key speaker at the Hear Our Voice Justice for Children’s Live Survivors Conference Dundee:


November–Dec. 2016 expected activities

Other activities are planned for the final quarter of 2016 and first quarter 2017, e.g., expansion on the local, national and international levels of our Arts as Advocacy, CSA Survivor Force, and other programs; development of three to five symposiums; training of all school counselors and psychologists in Cyprus; local, national and international media outreach; finalization of on-line nanny training program and testing and expansion to other audiences; and MORE! AND, we are exploring a Stop the Silence headquarters placement on a piece of land in Southern Maryland so that we can conduct onsite training, art as advocacy, and retreats and healing programs!

HELP US EXPOSE AND STOP CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, AND HELP SURVIVORS HEAL WORLDWIDE! Thank you for any help you can give on November 29, 2016!!



On-line Nanny Training with the Nanny League!
On-line Nanny Training with the Nanny League!
Stop the Silence educating the public!
Stop the Silence educating the public!
Stop the Silence Local Awareness and Education!
Stop the Silence Local Awareness and Education!
Stop the Silence Ministry/School Training, Cyprus!
Stop the Silence Ministry/School Training, Cyprus!
Oct 11, 2016

At Stop the Silence, Fall 2016 provides a Spring!

House of Commons, London - I was key panel speaker
House of Commons, London - I was key panel speaker

During a break in our training, just the other day, during a symposium for about 250 school nurses (mandated training - yay! that is what is needed across counties, states, and nations!) from Prince George's County, Maryland, a woman approached me, and, in whispers and tears, said: "My two children were sexually abused when they were very small. They are grown. I can see the affects to this day." We talked. I promised to send some more information. 

Others, during the course of the program, noted similar stories one-on-one (with sorrow and sobs), and others asked questions about what to tell and share with the children to prevent this awful act and aftermath, and what to do "if...". I provided books, articles, information and promised more to come. We move forward. More. Again.

I understood, and expressed my understanding with hugs and nods, as I have now for over 16 years. 

Stop the Silence continues its creativeawareness-raising, education, training and policy work using film, music and other means to raise awareness, increase understanding, and propel forward action - on local, national, and international scales. And then, use this information to push forward change on the individual, community, policy and societal levels. The above program utilized the film "Flesh: Bought & Sold in the U.S.," a film by Kristin R. Lauterbach, which offers a stark look at the realities of child sexual abuse and trafficking, providing first-hand testimony from those trafficked, pimps, and policymakers trying to do something about this multi-billion dollar "industry" creating unbelievable havoc for the children, adult survivors, and society as a whole.  

We are currently heavily focused on making contributions on the international level with our international partners. The U.S. has much, much, much to do, but the changes that we have seen over the past 15 years put it in sort of the category of a "middle provider" (like a "middle income" country) of CSA focus and services. There is growing awareness, growing numbers of organizations working on various fronts, and demands in change that were not in place 15 years ago. Other countries have barely made a dent in awareness, prevention, or healing. And it is time! It is more than time!

We are very exciting to report in about this past Summer and the upcoming Fall program's "spring" - lots going on and coming up, as we report below:

  • I was the guest speaker on a panel in the House of Commons in London, hosted by my colleague and friend, Linda Lawrence, Founder and Director, Kids Count, located in London (see pics below). More collaboration with the UK is planned, toward policy and other changes.
  • Then, I was off to South Africa, where I was part of the 21st Annual International AIDS Conference in Durban, and, while there for a focus on HIV and AIDS, discussed the issue, too, of CSA (which, obviously, has a close association with CSA). We are talking with a group in South Africa about collaboration!
  • August brought me to Botswana through my association with another organization, and, while there, I moved forward the importance of including a focus on CSA in HIV work that is done.
  • This past month brought a new invitation/ confirmation of our involvement in training in Cyprus for all school counselors and psychologists, in January, 2017.
  • We are also in touch with colleagues in Hungary who have made incredible strides and who are interested in collaborating with us to help make more change there.
  • We continue to focus on building programming in Kenya with our partner Tom, Omwenga, Execuative Director, Child Aid Organization Kenya.  
  • Other discussions continue with France, Germany, and elsewhere. We hope we can use the great work of Cyprus as a model!
  • I am a speaker at the upcoming Hear Our Voice-Survivors of Abuse Conference, Scotland, Nov. 2_2016

Upcoming focus internationally for this next quarter will be on further developing relationships with our international partners for awareness, prevention and healing programming. 

The biggest news on the national front is that we are moving forward with: 

- Stop the Silence online Nanny Training in collaboration with the Nanny League (, which needed some more bells and whistles before it was ready for prime time. That took a little fundraising, and we have the funds to now update the program! Once updated, we can expand the training to other nannies and other service groups nationally and internationally. Lindsay Thomason, President of the Nanny League, gave me goosebumps when she had written: "I am SO grateful for you and all that you do. You are a true pioneer and I am so very thankful that you took my call over three years ago. It has impacted my life in such a tremendous way, and I only hope that I've made some kind of an impression on yours. I am forever committed to this cause and I'm very excited for what's to come. I believe, wholeheartedly, that this partnership was meant to be. YOU deserve all the credit on behalf of so many survivors, including me, for making this all possible. It took me a very long time to find my voice but I won't stop talking about Stop The Silence! I am SO very proud to be a part of this organization." 

Below and attached provides some more specific information about the Stop the Silence training, which is always fully adaptable for the needs of the audience and something that we do routinely through a really easy-to-apply assessment:

  • The training is highly interactive, adult-learner based. We provide presentations, short films, interactive and creative activities (including drawing, stories from the field, group discussion), learner presentations, and much more. Our aim is to have the training create lasting change - and we have shown that it does (see attached evaluations).
  • The training is evidence-based, and consistently updated to include the most up-to-date information about CSA, its prevention and mitigation, and its relationship to other types of sexual and other violence. We provide, for example, the most recent research on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study outcomes, and its application to prevention and mitigation in the "real world." I am on the Board of the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence, or NPEIV, and Stop the Silence is a Key member of their Advisory, and we have access to all the research that comes through their many journals. 
  • We provide a certificate of completion.
  • We also provide an option to include a relevant screening of a much-evaluated film, or short play, and/or a music video that are associated with our work. This is part of our Art as Advocacy Programming, which helps open hearts and minds toward acceptance of information and greater understanding. The information about our Arts as Advocacy University / Community Program is also attached.
  • We pride ourselves on "leaving the information behind" so that others can perform the training later for various audiences. 
Please let me know if anyone out there would like information about anything else. I will be happy to provide it! 

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH
Founder and CEO
Stop the Silence
Linda Lawrence, Director, Kids Count, London
Linda Lawrence, Director, Kids Count, London
Pam & George Njuguna from UN Nairobi Office, in SA
Pam & George Njuguna from UN Nairobi Office, in SA
Little girl posing in Botwana
Little girl posing in Botwana
Working in Botswana with colleagues
Working in Botswana with colleagues
Hear Our Voice Conference, Scotland, Nov. 2_2016
Hear Our Voice Conference, Scotland, Nov. 2_2016
Jul 6, 2016

Stop the Silence: Into the second half of 2016!

Reported Sex Offenses rising in England and Wales
Reported Sex Offenses rising in England and Wales
And so it begins.... 

FROM: Pamela Pine <>

Jun 23 (12 days ago)
to Patricia
Hi, Patricia. I hope all's grand! Ama and I have been talking. We have been thinking about all this - and have some ideas.


All the best, Pam
FROM: Patricia
to Pamela Pine

No doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...or, so it continues!... Another great possibility to move programming forward. "Patricia" is Patricia Phaedonos in Cyprus. As a result of the European project Road to Change - Walk to Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, which, under the helm of Matthew McVarish, helped make critical connects for Stop the Silence in Europe in 2013 and 2014, Stop the Silence (Pamela Pine, and Ama Delevett, from Survivors Healing Center in California, one or our partners) conducted an initial training in late 2014 for the Ministry. The Ministry has asked us back again to provide a new round of training, the one upcoming for school counselors and psychologists, to prepare the country for a comprehensive program on CSA prevention and mitigation. And we got other stuff up our sleeve, too! We can't wait! 

The trainings that we conduct are highly interactive and adult-learner based. We provide presentations, short films, interactive and creative activities (including drawing, stories from the field, group discussion), learner presentations, and much more. Our aim is to have the training create lasting change - and we have shown that it does! We provide a certificate of completion so that others can see that those trained have important information about this critical issue. 

Our innovative training also is expanding in Prince George's Co., Maryland, where we will next be doing a program for school nurses (we've been training teachers, counselors, family liaison personnel and others), to other states, to Europe! 

Thanks to the great work of Linda Lawrence, Founder and Director, Kids Count, I (Pamela Pine) am speaking on a panel in London on July 13 (click here to check it out - Stop the Silence and End Child Sexual Abuse), along with a rep from Kids Count; Lord McNally of the Chair Youth Justice Board; Stephen McPartland, MP Chair of the APPG Child and youth Crime; Detective Sergeant Bhupendra Sonigra of the Metropolitan Police (Sexual Exploitation team); and Detective Inspector Ivor Beer, Metropolitan Police (Sexual Exploitation team! The BBC reported on information from the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) that the number of recorded sexual offenses against children in England and Walkes has risen by a third (June 2015). (See chart attached below with some of the stats.) As Mark Easton, BBC home editor noted, however, "The fact that police are recording more suspected incidents of child sexual abuse should probably be regarded as a positive development. Police forces have put significant effort into encouraging victims of such crimes to come forward and this seems to be paying off..." Stop the Silence hopes it can help some with next steps!

This past quarter, too, we have continued the expansion of our Arts as Advocacy programming with bookings of both Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor, written, produced, and acted by Michael Brossard; To Kill A Kelpie, the film written by Matthew McVarish and directed by Edward M. Smith; Hti by Lightning music video by Tamora Pellikka / Written by Amy Pine; and we are looking at other possibilities as well! And we are expecting expansion in Europe and Africa, and then other areas!

Then there is the continuing wonderful work of the CSA Survivor Force, a partnership between Stop the Silence and NAASCA, headed by Bill Murray. We have our great new business cards (see attached!), and the Force has expanded to 23 (we are adding state by state) in the U.S. and there is interest in the program from Canada, England, France, Germany, and elsewhere! YAY! (You can see the CSA Survivor Force description in French, attached!)

And, of course, there's the Stop the Silence online Nanny Training in collaboration with the Nanny League (, which will be expanded to other nannies and other service groups nationally and internationally. Lindsay Thomason, President of the Nanny League, and I are updating the program to make it best serve the nannies (and soon others!)

Finally, while the Race to Stop the Silence in D.C. is no more (truly, guys, it was going to kill me), others are doing the Walk or Race to Stop the Silence elsewhere in, for examples, California (started by Amy Pine, with Survivors Healing Center, in collaboration with Stop the Silence, see pics), Virginia, and Kenya (pics next time!). The Walks and Races have done their job well! 

We'll keep this moving! "See" ya all again soon! 

Pamela Pine, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence

Cypriot Min. of Ed and Culture_STS Training 2014
Cypriot Min. of Ed and Culture_STS Training 2014
Amy at Walk to Stop the Silence in CA_April 2016
Amy at Walk to Stop the Silence in CA_April 2016
Native Dancers_Walk to Stop the Silence in CA 2016
Native Dancers_Walk to Stop the Silence in CA 2016

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