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Apr 4, 2018

SPRINGing forward at Stop the Silence

Miss Africa USA Appreciation Cocktail Event
Miss Africa USA Appreciation Cocktail Event

STOP THE SILENCE® is SPRINGing Forward to Greater Accomplishments - January-March 2018 Report (HAPPY SPRING!) 

Over these past 18 years, I have learned so much. I have learned from people, places, situations, successes, and "failures" (though, I don't categorize much there - there is always learning to be had). We continue to apply all that we learn to our forward programming. We are making good headway. BUT, the stories that I hear, from the guardians of children, from the adult survivors, and sometimes from the children themselves continue to "get" to me - as they should! So, until these stories are no more, we will continue to work to make a shift in societies and end child sexual abuse, as we must... 

To help build our broad focus, STOP THE SILENCE® we reach and build person by person, piece by piece, situation by situation, focus by focus - and COUNTRY BY COUNTRY! - to bring the best of what we can to meet the overall need. We aim to stop child sexual abuse and help survivors heal worldwide. Thank you so much for your support and for continuing to take a look at our ongoing work. The support you provide helps make this all of what we do possible! 

Please give to help us all move forward in the prevention and treatment and mitigation of child sexual abuse!

Quick Overview

In addition to our strategic and comprehensive education and training programming in the U.S., Stop the Silence® has moved forward this past quarter (January - March 2018) in the further development of our online training. The training has been live for nannies this past quarter, and we'll soon be going live with an interactive, online training for social workers... then lay audiences (parents, community members), then educators, then police, then physicians and other clinicians, then clergy, then...

In addition to the work that we expect will start in July in New Zealand alongside our partner MyRivr, which will draw off our ongoing work in advocacy, education, and training, and the work that we did with the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus and others there, we have gotten a number of requests from various other countries (e.g., Ethiopia, Kenya, Lithuania, South Africa).  We are working hard to ensure support for implementation of a comprehensive model in all of these places - in all places! (A shout out to our colleague Joann Stevelos for all her very hard work along these lines!!)

The model is supported by the brand new focus from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the need to address CSA as a worldwide public health and clinical issue, and works on: 1) obtaining high-level government and stakeholder support, 2) on-site and online training of various types of service providers (as above), 3) the use of MyRivr's incredible App that allows people to download the App for free to report and allows various types of service providers to collaborate and coordinate in real time on cases; 4) changing attitudes, values, norms, and behavior to comprehensively prevent and mitigation child sexual abuse; and 5) evaluating and applying progress to all future programming. We will keep you posted!

We also have been very involved and active in the communities around Washington, D.C. this past quarter. A shout out to Jillian Short for all her outreachn locally!! So, please read below - there's lots to tell!


1. Jan. 10, 2018- DHS Combined Federal Campaign: Jill manned an information table/booth and provided interaction with DHS Employees.

2. Jan. 18, 2018- Human Trafficking Forum, Hilton Garden Inn, Waldorf MD: Jill provided a presence and spoke briefly regarding Stop the Silence and our anti-trafficking focus and vision. (pic below)

3. Jan. 20th, 2018- Miss Africa USA Appreciation Cocktail: Jill spoke regarding Stop the Silence's focus on CSA and trafficking, especially as it pertains to future plans for trainings in Kenya and other African countries. (pic attached)

4. Feb. 24th, 2018- Mrs. DC/MD United States Pageant, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Annapolis MD: Jill provided a presence, and a written short summary of Stop the Silence's focus and mission was read at this event.

5. March 10th, 2018- 4th annual Unstoppable You Conference, Faith Bible Church, Mechanicsville MD (see below pic): Jill was a keynote speaker, delivering a teaching and PowerPoint presentation ("The Art of Active Healing") on the power of "thriving" after abuse and trauma. Stop the Silence Information and resources were provided to the 200+ attendees.

6. March 11th, 2018- WPE Entertainment Brunch: Jill provided a presence for Stop the Silence, giving a short summary of our focus and vision; Pamela Pine, CEO, Stop the Silence spoke briefly regarding our vision and mission for our work in the U.S. and around the world. (pic below)

7. March 24-25, 2018- Jill judged the Miss USA National Miss Pageant, where her bio and summary of Stop the Silence was read to attendees; Jill also gave a short summary of Stop the Silence and our global focus on anti-trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse awareness...

8. Lexington Park, MD Sweet Frog Fundraisers: Two days a month. Thank you, Sweet Frog! 

Thank you so much for taking a look at our ongoing work. Your support helps make this all possible! Please give to help us all move forward in the prevention and treatment and mitigation of child sexual abuse! (Next Update scheduled for the end of June, 2018)

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence

Fourth Annual Unstoppable You Conference
Fourth Annual Unstoppable You Conference
Pam, Lauren Ziegler-Mrs. U.S, Lamon Easter
Pam, Lauren Ziegler-Mrs. U.S, Lamon Easter
Jan 22, 2018

Stop the Silence - Final Quarter of 2017

MYRIVR in NZ! Rei on left, Elia on right
MYRIVR in NZ! Rei on left, Elia on right


To help build our broad focus, STOP THE SILENCE® continues to build piece-by-piece, situation-by-situation, focus-by-focus - and COUNTRY BY COUNTRY! - to bring the best of what we can to meet the overall need. GIVEN IS WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE USA, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE WE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL WAKE UP TO THE NEED! - Thank you so much for taking a look at our ongoing work. Your support helps make this all possible! Please give to help us all move forward in the prevention and treatment and mitigation of child sexual abuse!

I meet people all the time who have become more and more emboldened to speak out about CSA and trafficking. When I was at the IVAT Conference this past September in San Diego, CA, I met Akerei (Rei) Maresala-Thomson, and, with Elia Chan (who is also a co-founder), they run the organization MYRIVR in New Zealand. They and the world know the need, too! We've entered and are continuing to enter into partnerships with those who are speaking out more and more loudly, bringing critical programming to people in the U.S. and across the globe! See more below about MYRIVR, our work with them, and other international programming. 

Quick Overview

In addition to our strategic and comprehensive education and training programming in the U.S., Stop the Silence® has moved forward this past quarter in the development of our online training for nannies and an increasing number of service providers as well as our international focus in collaboration with local organizations and programs, primarily in Kenya and New Zealand. We also have been very involved and active in the communities around Washington, D.C. A shout out to Jillian Short for all her outreachn locally!! So, please read below - there's lots to tell!

The Details Please!

In the U.S., there is a lot going on (!) and interest from funders in our comprehensive, live CSA training as well as our expanding online comprehensive education and training and mitigation program is growing (and we hope we have some really good news to relate in the next quarterly report). The online training with certificate is now avaialble for nannies and The Nanny League, with which, under Lindsay Aspell, Founder and President of The Nanny League, we have a contract. We expect more nanny groups to be signing on. 

Lindsay, whose idea about an online training for nannies sparked this work, has made the online training on CSA and trafficking mandatory for all nannies interested in working with The Nanny League! Check out one of their info-fundraisers for Stop the Silence by clicking here.

In the U.S. and with reach throughout the world, we are currently building our online trainings for: social workers (they’re next), police, clinicians, clergy, parents and guardians, and others! The online training provides a comprehensive overview of CSA and trafficking, and the training will be interactive for all audiences for which we build programming from here-on-in, providing scenarios and letting the trainee pick answers to which they online system will then react. Cool, huh? So, stay tuned.

In New Zealand, Stop the Silence® has entered into a partnership with Akerei (Rei) Maresala-Thomson, Elia Chan, and their team that run MYRIVR. MyRivr Has Been Developed With One Aim - To Connect New Zealand Communities In Need To Social Services With Heart.

The estimates of child sexual abuse (CSA) around the world are staggering. In the U.S. alone, more than one out of four girls and at least one out of six boys are sexually molested by the time they are 18 years old (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). An international survey done in New Zealand found that one in four New Zealand girls is sexually abused before the age of 15, therefore presenting New Zealand with the highest CSA rate of any country examined.

MYRIVR has developed an award-winning, innovative tool that is the country’s largest enabler of community services coordination. The tool allows for the identification and tracking of the possible onset of abuse, and the coordination of the agencies that work to mitigate the response, making it easier for communities to reach out for help.

The Stop the Silence® partnership with MYRIVR focuses on the development and implementation of an initial three-year, five-phase (Design through Implementation and Evaluation) Comprehensive Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Training, Prevention, Mitigation, and Care (CSA-TPMC) Model for Maoris and others. The work follows the successful Stop the Silence®focus in Cyprus since 2014, and elsewhere.

In Kenya, Pastor Gama Ondere is the founder and runs the Clara Children Home Group CBO (, and we will be working with them soon to build a comprehensive program to address the prevention, treatment, and mitigation of CSA. They endeavor to implement programs to improve the deplorable problems of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) and they are committed to actively participating in ongoing services in target communities to help bring positive impact in the lives of OVC Bungoma county and Kenya as a whole. We are excited to be starting work with them soon!

In addition to our BIG news nationally and internationally, please see the list below for our most recent accomplishments – 2016 and 2017 – as well as our further back GlobalGiving reports for Stop the Silence®).  (Next Update scheduled for the end of March, 2018)


  • Oct. 2: Interview (Jill Short) by Hung Viet Trinh and Chintana Vann of Empower Imagination and EILiveTV, highlighting CSA and STOP THE SILENCE®’s mission, goals, and other crucial information. This interview has been viewed by several thousand documented viewers to date. More partnership and interviews coming soon!
  • Ongoing since October: Sweet Frog of Lexington Park, MD: We are excited to have begun participating in Sweet Frog’s generous fundraisers! We are currently doing/participating in two fundraiser nights each month! A huge Thank You to the amazing manager who gives of her time and effort to make sure each visitor knows about us and what we are all about!! J
  • Oct. 12: Fall Freedom Fest- Harley Davidson, Indian Head MD: STOP THE  SILENCE® was honored to take part in this annual festival, providing a voice through interaction/informative dialogue and dispersion of literature/materials.
  • Oct. 19: Provided a presence at the Center for Abused Persons (CAP) Community Breakfast. In observance to October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it has become an annual tradition to come together to be a LOUD VOICE, to invite others to speak out against Domestic Violence, CSA, and other forms of abuse and trauma.
  • Oct. 21-22: 51st Annual US Oyster Festival, St. Mary's County, MD:  We were so excited to take part in this awesome weekend, celebrating the opening of oyster season on the Chesapeake Bay! STOP THE SILENCE® was given the opportunity to speak (over the loudspeaker—heard throughout the whole fairgrounds!) offering a condensed but detailed explanation of CSA, offering statistics, goals for change, awareness and information, and a call for community involvement. STOP THE SILENCE® spent both days meeting and engaging with attendees on many levels. Overall, a very successful event!
  • Nov. 3: St Charles High School, Waldorf MD- Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness Day! STOP THE SILENCE® was honored to partner with the Center for Abused Persons (CAP) in two dynamic assemblies, speaking to and engaging the entire student body on the subject of abusive relationships and CSA. Further plans are in progress to bring back more indepth training later in the year, for both students and participating teachers.
  • Nov. 5: Town of La Plata Veterans Parade: STOP THE SILENCE® provided a presence through sharing and community interaction in the heart of La Plata, Maryland
  • Nov. 10: Annual Leonardtown Veterans Day Parade (largest in Maryland!) honoring our military--both past and present! STOP THE SILENCE® was honored and duly recognized through a brief explanation of STOP THE SILENCE®’s mission, goals and focus; the community was further invited to learn more about CSA through our website, Facebook pages etc., and/or by contacting STOP THE SILENCE® directly through email.
  • Nov. 11: Provided a voice at the Miss Africa USA Pageant at Bowie State University, offering awareness and empowerment across a myriad of aspects pertaining to CSA, Trafficking and Domestic Violence
  • Nov. 21: Cultural Night at Woodlin Elementary School, Silver Spring MD:  We were so excited to advocate for safe relationships, healthy body-image and confidence to the student body of Woodlin Elementary!
  • Dec. 3: "ON THE SCENE" Holiday Brunch, YMCA Anthony Bowen, 2017 hosted by Patricia McDougall:  Honored to present a short talk on CSA and the hope of healing through support, awareness, education, and speaking out.
  • Dec. 10: Little Crowns gala, Silver Spring Civic Center, hosted by Noreida Lobo: A love-filled event, empowering and benefiting the children of Cape Verde; STOP THE SILENCE® was honored to offer a short speech highlighting CSA Abuse awareness
  • Dec. 30: Haut Nkam (Africa/Cameroon) Community Gala, Hampton Conference Center, Silver Spring MD: Provided a presence through an inspirational speech highlighting the need to speak out, to shatter the silence, and offer awareness and information regarding CSA and DV. A great way to end the year in preparation for 2018!!

Thank you so much for taking a look at our ongoing work. Your support helps make this all possible! Please give to help us all move forward in the prevention and treatment and mitigation of child sexual abuse!

Pamela Pine, PhD, MPH, Founder and CEO, Stop the Silence

MYRIVR Pacific Business Trust Innovation Award '16
MYRIVR Pacific Business Trust Innovation Award '16
Jill at CFC 2017 lookin' like a kid
Jill at CFC 2017 lookin' like a kid
Pamela Pine presenting earlier in 2017
Pamela Pine presenting earlier in 2017

Oct 17, 2017

Stop the Silece 3rd Qtr. 2017-Toward Global Change

Pamela J Pine in front of IVAT Awards Poster
Pamela J Pine in front of IVAT Awards Poster

On September 26, 2017, Pamela J Pine accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award in Advocacy Award from the Institute on Violence Abuse and Trauma (IVAT). In it, she quoted words from Vic Desotelle, Survivor and Advocate. The brief speech, with Vic's words, are below, and, below that, our accomplishements for this past quarter:

"Thank you, IVAT and NPEIV leadership and Award Committee.

My reality is that awards and praise have never been my motivators. Good work (from my perspective and respected others) and results, and the friends and colleagues I have made along the way, have been.

And, yet, I have been in my chosen field for four decades, and, for those years, and years before that given the family I grew up in, I have been involved with advocacy in one form or another, in one area or another.

And, now, to be recognized by my peers, and such illustrious ones at that, means something very real and important to me. I have worked hard, struggled with lots, been successful at much. And this recognition is important to me. And means a lot on many levels. So, from the bottom of my heart and from the core of my being: Thank you. It is important work that we all do. You have made this person's work even more meaningful.

But, very importantly, I want to share some words from Vic Desotelle, a survivor of church child sexual abuse and an activist running Project Cross Point. The other day he shared words with me, in his frustration with the systems that we all deal with, with the world in which we live... with words that remind us to examine what and who we are, what we are doing and with whom, and why, to maximize the impact that we all have. His words and the meaning behind them are critical to our understanding of CSA and what can and needs to be done!

Vic said: “The authority defaults to its own hierarchy. No matter if they are entitled bishops, authorized doctors, overruling presidents, or degreed therapists. They all default to their own unified elitist hierarchy, leaving all other powerful beings disempowered. Authority is blinding... I offer betrayal as an unexpected pathway to dysfunction... and to shadowed truth."

So, I leave you with this: let us all be cognizant of what our Mission is. It is, in the words provided by IVAT leadership, in its Mission: 'We aim, alone and together to improve the quality of life for individuals on local, national, and international levels by sharing and disseminating vital information, improving collaborations and networking, conducting research and trainings, assisting with direct professional services, program evaluation, and [promoting] violence-free living.' Let us do this in the kindest, most open, and most thoughtful ways possible, but let us do this. Let us be the water that Sujata Warrier speaks of: Let us move through crevices, let us move mountains, let us change landscapes!

Thank you for this award today. It means a lot." 


OVER THIS PAST QUARTER (July-September 2017), Stop the Silence has, as always, been very busy, locally, nationally, and internationally:

  1. Dr. Pamela Pine a Livetime Achievement in Advocacy Award at IVAT and presented on extending a comprehensive CSA model to nations across the globe.
  2. We continued to work with Cyprus and other countries in Europe (in UK with Linda Lawrence, founder and President of Kids Count in London), Asia (India), Africa (Kenya, Mozambique) to forward comprehensive model programming (see updated Cyprus progress, attached: the "Cyprus Model"). The Cyprus Model is being used to bring other countries (e.g. UK, Kenya, India, Mozabique) forward in a comprehensive approach to CSA prevention and mitigation through training of a multi-faceted force of government leaders, teachers, social service workers, psychologists and counselors, police, and others through a training and training-of-trainers approach. With Kids Count, we furthered plans / collaboration for CSA trainings, as well as a day-conference for key members of the Ministry / Parliament and others, to take place in several concentrated areas within the UK. At this point, we are realistically looking at Spring of 2018 for the startup for work in the UK. A campaign kickoff in the UK is being discussed for once people are trained there, and likely take place in 2018 or 2019. The work in Mozambique and Kenya have already begun. Check back for updates!
  3. We expanded the Nanny Training in partnrship with The Nanny League, and prepped for the Expansion of our online training program for Nannies and other groups (social service workers, therapists, teachers, police, and others!) We will be moving this all forward in the final quarter of the year.
  4. We move forward our Art as Advocacy focus with Herb Cohen, Artist and Author, to finalize still art "cards" (and/or billboards, etc.) that will be used in upcoming advocacy and education programming (see attached). 
  5. Jill Short was featured as a key presenter / panelists for a youth conference and breakout session at the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute (MBYLI) in DC, in partnership with Paving the Way (Jan Edwards), offering training to more than 300 amazing youth leaders regarding Child Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking
  6. We joined forces with the county of Fairfax, Virginia to bring awareness about CSA and related violence through Stop the Silence: Walk to Stop Sexual Violence, July 3, 2017. (To see more about this event, please visit “Our Work” in the menu tab of the STS website:
  7. We further expanded CSA Survivor Force media outreach as well as education and training in the U.S. and abroad, e.g., Dr. Pamela Pine was a Plenary Speaker at the SNAP Conference in August in Alexandria, VA. She spoke about a comprehensive model toward CSA prvention and healting that is applicable on the local, national, and international levels.
  8. Jill Short provided a presence representing Stop the Silence at the red carpet screening of the powerful movie, When Love Kills: the Falicia Blakely Story, produced by TV-One, directed by Tasha Smith; represented Stop the Silence through networking and media advertisement.
  9. We authored and submitted a four-part online series and podcast, in partnership with Rachel Grant Coaching, entitled The Art of Active Healing, offering vital information for survivors of CSA (by Jillian Short)
  10. We conducted continued weekly and bi-weekly conference calls with Stop the Silence associates, detailing new Art as Advocacy plans, programming, fundraising goals/plans and more.
  11. We recorded a segment for WGTS 91.9 for the weekend show, "Breakaway", airing late August, offering hope and encouragement for survivors of CSA, abuse, assault and trauma. (Jillian Short)
  12. Jill Short participated in an interview at the Miss Globe Gala, Hyatt Regency, Dulles Airport, giving voice to raise awareness on CSA and the outreach/resources available through Stop the Silence®..
Family and Awards Dinner
Family and Awards Dinner
Pamela J Pine speaking at session
Pamela J Pine speaking at session
Traveling in Esteemed Company at IVAT Summit
Traveling in Esteemed Company at IVAT Summit
Pamela's Award Plaque
Pamela's Award Plaque
Stop the Silence-Herb Cohen Advocacy Print Cover
Stop the Silence-Herb Cohen Advocacy Print Cover

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