Oct 27, 2016

Learning from Our Failures

Greetings from the Ngoma Aid Foundation team. Happy to let our friends, well wisherss and donors know that the project is progressing as planned. Since the last report came through, a lot of positive things have transpired like i will be sharing in this report. 

The children had a peaceful and happy second term holiday. They are now at school for the third swchool term and will be home for their December holidays in a month or so. This is a promotional term and Natsaha will be seating for her Primary Leaving Examinations. Despite the all the challenges and mistakes we have made in the past, the good news is that the school fees (main expense alongside day to day maintanence of the home) are fully settled for all the children. Our food store might be lacking some item for the next two months to the close of the year but our other bills such as water and electricity are up to date. This leaves every one happy and a little relieved and thankful that we are able to move forward. 

In the past, we tried to increase our scope as a Foundation and started several projects without alternative sources of funding. Whereas, the Global Giving Foundation offers a wonderful platform for online fundraising, it takes alot more than being on the platform and there is thus need for hard and smart work, a wide network of donors and friends and generally a message that donors can identify with to ensure constant fundraising and support. The organsiation thought that by spreading so thin with a number of projects on the platform, we would be able to help alot more people in the community and generally grow. 

We did put in some effort to fundraise and as things turned out, funding for the new projects became a big challenge. And we still had to make reports until it was apparent that there was basically nothing to report about. We resolved to make a  "U" turn on some of the things that had led us to this unpleasant situation. We have since learnt our lesson and have benefitted from the experience. There is not much money or funding at the moment but we also appreciate that we do not need much money to operate since we scaled down our scope. We are lucky that we are one of those Non Profits that can operate on less than $15,000 a year and still create positive impact on the project progress. Whereas we might not be very effective, we are still accomplishing our targets. We have also learnt that fundraising is a full time job and should be done consistently. Most important, we also acknowledge that educating ourselves about fundraising using the many available fundraising tools and educating our donors, friends and well wishers about what our organisation is doing and the impact it is creating is very crucial. 

As a result of this experience, we as a team have become creative and sought other means/ ways to ensure project progreseseven when we do not raise much from the platform. We have learnt to prioritise and get value for money. It is amazing that we are already thinking of 1st term 2017 school fees notw that this term is cleared, at this time of the year bearing in mind of the fact that we still have two months to take care of. The team is more committed than ever before to make this project succeed and we can only do it with your help. We have made mistakes in the past, and have since moved on and learnt signisificantly from our mistakes. 

Wishing you a happy festive season - 2016

Jul 22, 2016

Latest Updates

Our report is late...late yet again! My sincere apology for the late report. I pray that all our friends, donors and well wishers are doing well. 

Time is flying so fast in 2016 and I'm happy to report that a lot of positive stuff is happening in this part of the world. The girls are all back to school for the second school term. As a matter of fact, they have been at school for the last one month. They have the basics they need for school and we are handling one child at a time and most important one school term at a  time. The school breakfast and school fees for all the Primary school going children for term II have been cleared todate. The Foundation is still grappling with fees for the five children in boarding secondary school although some advance payment was made. Natasha might have to join Boarding school next term since she will be seating for her Primary Leaving Examinations  at the end of the year. 

The children are all in good health save for Gladys who has had two Malaria attacks in the last one month. Sadly, her medical bill remains outstanding and has attracted a few phone calls from the nurse. It would be nice to have all the children on Medical insurance for less than $150 a year per child BUT this can only be done with your support. By and large, we are lucky not to have the children falling sick all the time because of our emphasis on personal hygiene and other forms of preventive means. 

The project is very alive and active although our online fundraising is not doing well. The children still need the Foundation's support and they always will. The Foundation is the only immediate family they have and this project is so dear to my heart and at the centre of my life's activities. I was helped during those years when i had no hope, It is very important for me to extend help to others. I pray you keep the suppport coming. Humanity Rocks. 

Apr 4, 2016

The Future Looks Bright!

I was aware the report date was approcahing........I knew the report had been delayed. Things were actually moving in the right direction  BUT I must admit i couldn't do much at the time because we are overwhelemed and I'm overwhelemed too! We have had some staff turnover for a number of reasons and the remaining few have had to take on more responsibility on top of their other daily work and family obligations. 

The children are all back to school. They began the new year in new classes given that they had all been promoted to the next level. Nakumatt, one of the leading shopping centers in Uganda has paid school fees for two children for this term because we have religiously done our shopping at Nakumatt in the last two years  for most of our household stuff. What a relief on the schoiol fees issue! I am also happy to inform you that,  all the remaining childrens' school fees for this term have been cleared through local and individual contributions. The more reason why things look brighter for us at the moment. 

The project is here to stay...that i can guarantee because it is so dear to me. It is one wonderful way of giving back to society and appreciating the many people that helped me become the person i am today. I have been there and know what it exactly means when the future does not seem certain. I still have some full uniform (dress, shoes and stcokings) requests from some of the children, need four new mattresses and beddings, and children reading books. I am sure we will continue to achieve our goals and objectives with your help and support. 

Kindly continue to extend the support 

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