Mar 15, 2011

Thank you & Happy 2011

Greetings to all Ngoma Aid Foundation donors and well wishers. We are grateful for all the support you continue to extend to us.

It has been all good here at NAF right from the time of our last report todate. We had an enjoyable festive season and the girls are back to school  now.

Josephine our very oldest beneficiary scored 12 points in the recently released High school results and she should be joing University come August 2011. We are happy to have brought her this far and as one of our oldest beneficiary, she continues to be a role model and a good example to the rest of the younger girls.

Lispar has since left the home to be with her surviving relatives on the advice of one of our neighbours. This was certainly a bad move given that we are the only family she has always known since she was about three years of age. (she is about 18ywears now). her late mother abandoned her  at that tender age and we ensured that she had  family from there on. We are putting in effort to have her back to the house given that tough times await her if she looses focus.

Hannifa is now in senior three. she remains a focused and well behaved girl. Jane and Elizabeth pased their 2010 Primary Leaving Examinations and are now in senior one.

Krishna, Natasha and Gladys have since changed school to a relatively better and more established school. The three girls were made to repeat class, ie they could not advance to the next class because the new school is of higher standard compared to their previous one.

Shamimu has not yet enrolled for her certificate course yet but it is in our best interest that we give her a skill before she moves into the world like we have always emphasized. Hopefull, she could join in the next intake.

We are happy to report that we have managed to maintain our bills in check. Our maid's health is also stable and all the girls are in good health too.

We have also managed to acquire a new internet modem after the first one failed to work. We however are in need of a laptop, new or used because the one i am writing this report on sometimes fails to open because certain files are damaged or missing. I had to wait for two hours for it to respond.

We have also made progress and acquired a new Barclays Bank account. We had earlier on moved to a smaller bank hoping to cut transaction costs but the smaller bank could not effectively handle international transactions. The new account charges are about $3 a month which is still okey for us compared with our previous bankers.

We continue to take care of Ezrah who has been ourr beneficiary for a long time. He is currently in senior three. We do hope to bring in more vulnerable young girls especially if the funds allow. I will be posting the latest pictures prefereably in their new school uniforms etc...hopefully soon given that we do not have a camera of our own.

It is my prayer that we all have a blessed 2011. I kindly request for your continued support.

Dec 7, 2010

Thank you & Merry X Mas

Greetings to all Ngoma Aid Foundaton Donors and well wishers. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our donors for the wonderful support they extend to us.

The girls are all okay enjoying their December (Christmas) break away from school activities since the school term closed on 2nd December 2010.

Josephine completed her senior six ( Advanced Level) this December and with God's help and hard work, she will be joining University come August 2010. She is one of our oldest beneficiaries and we are happy she has come this far.

Lispar completed her O level certificate and if she gets good grades, she could enroll for Advanced level or enroll for a teaching or nursing course in one of the institutions in the country.

Hanifa will be joining Senior three next year. It is amazing how time flies. We picked her on after she had failed to make it to secondary school due to family problems, she has now matured into a young respectable lady whose future seems a lot brighter than before. We owe this to our donors and are truly grateful for your support.

Jane and Elizabeth completed primary school and will join secondary school come February 2011. They are currently at the house with the maid and the rest of the children.

Krshna and Natasha did perform well too. These two are in lower primary. Natasha is spending her holidays with the surviving members of her family and will be back to the house when the next school term begins. Krshna, is also away to another District to spend the holiday with her elderly and sickly 93year old great grandmother who was taking care of her before we brought her to the house. The great grand mother was happy to see her and will enjoy every moment with her this holiday. The elderly woman was her caretaker before we picked her on. Krshna is a very prayerful girl and she has been leading the house in prayer for the last several months.

Hanifa will also be spending the holiday with her surviving family and will be back to the house when the school term begins in February 2010.

Shamimu will enroll for a course next year having stayed home for the bigger part of 2010. She was admitted for a counseling and guidance certificate course this year but could not go due to financial constraints. she has patiently waited and we are ready to equip her with a skill before we let her out into the world.

Our bills have been drastically reduced from what it was like sometime in June/July 2010. The maids health has also been a lot stable in the last several month and yes we are still pushing on.

We are anxiously looking forward to the New year 2011 although it looks like it will be a challenging one. We are planning on taking on some more vulnerable younger girls. We are also planning on equipping the older girls with some skills so that they can be better prepared for life on their own. We continue to request for your support.

I wish you all a Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year from Ngoma Aid Foundation

Sep 2, 2010

Still Moving Ahead........

Hello, Greetings to all our donors and friends of Ngoma Aid Foundation. I would like to thank you all for the generous support towards our project. I am happy to inform you that the project is progressing and we are still making a difference in our project beneficiaries lives. The girls have all been in good health. They are progressing academically and growing in all the other social aspects of life. The maid has since recovered from her illness, and after 4months of NO ELECTRICITY in the girls home, light came to the house again on the 27th Aug, 2010. The last academic term of the year started on the 23rd of August, 2010. Jane and Elizabeth will be sitting their Primary Leaving Examinations sometime in November. We are hoping and praying that they score good marks to be admitted to Secondary School next year. Josephine will be sitting her Advanced level certificate exams at the end of November and early December, and with hard work and God's grace, she should be able to join University in 2011. I once again would like to thank you all for your continued support. It is my humble request that you continue to support us. Thank you always

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