Feb 10, 2014

Wishing you a Blessed New Year 2014

Happy New Year to all our Donors, friends and well wishers. We are grateful for all the support you have extended to us over the years and particularly for your support in 2013. Thank you for helping the Foundation achieve her goals in 2013, we look forward to your continued support in the New Year 2014.

We had our challenges in 2013 but i am happy to note that we ended the year on a good note. All the children got a new set of clothes for Christmas and a pair of shoes. We had a hefty meal on Chrsitmas day and each took a bottle of soda to accompany the meaty meal. That is what Christmas is all about in Africa. All the children are well and the project is up and running. The children are more happier than before and i am glad they have a place they call a home and a dedicated team that makes everything happen positively. 

I have the third term student reports for those who did not have school fees balances. We will  be picking the school reports for those who did not get them as soon as we clear the bills. Some of the children excelled while others need to improve, but overall we are one big happy family. Hanifa will be completing her teacher training course at the end of 2014, while Alex will be joing secondary school. Jane and Elizabeth will be sitting for their senior four and we hope they excel and join college. We are encouraging everychild to work hard and motivate you the people making it possible for them to access quality education. We are also proud to teach them other aspects of life like doing house chores as  a way of preparing them for life ahead. I have attached some pictures of the children taken during the festive season too. 

The new school term will begin in the first week of February 2014. Each child needs scholarstic materials, new set of uniforms, school fees, medical check up among other home requirements. We are positive we can provide for these with your continued support and request that you keep the support coming through. 

You will appreciate that we are happy to provide a home for these children especially the young girls because we are helping prepare for them a brighter future despite their past and vulnerable situation. The girls in this part of the world do not get as much attention as the boys in the family and chances are that girls are likely to be victims of early marriages, uneducated teenage mothers, sex slaves and all this exposes them to a constant risk of contarcing HIV/AIDS and other dangers. It is my sincere prayer that you keep supporting the project so that we continue supporting our beneficiaries. Thank you always

Happy New Year 2014, once again. 

Nov 11, 2013

A fabulous Festive Season to you all.

The end of the year 2013 is coming closer and there can never be a better time to say Thank you to all our donors, friends adn well wishers. The children begin their end of year promotional exams in a week or two and we are hopeful that they will all advance with good grades. It has been a  challenging second half of the year but we somehow muddle through, despite the current challenges. I am glad to inform you that we are still pushing on. 

Alex and Prossy are already back from school after seating their Primary leaving examinsations. It was by Gods grace that they managed to seat for the examinations because we still owe the school some balances. I am glad the school administration allowed them to seat without clearing the full amounts. We are hopeful that we will clear the balances and also very hopeful that the two will pass their examinations and progress to secondary school. James and Krishna are expcted to pass and progress to primary Seven next year implying that we will have another set seating the final Primary Leaving Examinsations in 2014. Jane and Elizabeth are expcted to join Senior Four and they will be seating the Ordinary Level Certificate of Education come 2014. They will most likely branch off for a course. Elijah will be seating for the Advanced level Certificate of Education at the end of 2014 and if he excels, he should be able to joing University or College thereafter. Hanifa has so far gone one year into teacher training and we are hopeful that she too will be completeing her grade three certificate in Primary Teaching and hopefully be taken on by the government as a grade three teacher. The rest of the children in the lower classes are expected to perform well in their promotional examinations and advance to the respective next classes. We have managed to achieve this with your support and we pray that you continue supporting the project. 

The challenges are still on  and they sure make our work interesting. i wonder what life would be like without challenges or things to worry about - boring i guess. We have identified two more girls that we will be extending help to next year. Other than our current outstanding bills, every child expects a new dress and a new pair of shoes for Christmas. The Christmas meal at the house is usually a heavy one with plenty of rice, beef and a bottle of soda (things the children rarely consume). We also use the big Chrsitmas shopping and Xmas meal as a motivator/reward for good academic performance and good discipline throughout the year. Our 2013 Christmas plans require a very big boost from you our donors, supporters, friends and well sishers given the current state of affairs. We will certainly do very well with your support. Kindly keep the support coming. The school reports will be posted as they come through.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014.

Aug 21, 2013

The holidays are here...

It is amazing how time flies. The holidays are here again and it seems like yesterday when i wrote the last project report. It has been a wonderful three months for the children given that no one missed a single meal during the last three months like it has happened in the past. I am very grateful to out donors, well wishers and friends. Thank you for the support. We look forward to your continued support. I did spend the last week of the term with the children and as an Individual, am very happy with the progress the children are making. I did shed a tear of joy on one or two occasions as the young girls declared that they would like to spell their names for me. It was very fulfilling to hear them struggle to speak the English language, frankly i did not know that they could speak and communicate using the English language. I always tend to be more worried about their next meal, school fees, rent and other bigger things and i realise i have been missing a lot in the one on one bonding with the children. For anyone from a rural village to make such strides is a big leap into the future. I pray you continue to help us support them as we prepare them for the future. The older ones are slowly growing into responsible adults and this is what the project is all about. They can cook, wash clothes, clean the house and clean the compound under no one's supervision. They certainly get better with time and it is all good. I will be spending more time with them and will keep you updated. I should also be able to scan and attach the school reports in the coming week. Some still have to be collected from school on agreed dates. On a sad note, we are looking for another maid again. The latest one left after two and half months for none payment. We thought she would be patient since she stays at the house full time and depends on what the children depend on. We are now looking for a new maid before the new academic term begins. We also have some rent arrears, water and electricity bills to pay and will need to restock our food store for third term. Do give us your support. Thank you once again for your support an hope you continue to support this project.

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