Jun 5, 2021

Keeping It Safe During Challenging Times

Greetings to you all our donors, friends and well-wishers.  I hope you are keeping safe during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  It has been a tough time for us at Ngoma Aid Foundation particularly during the last 16 months.  The Covid 19 has affected the project in unimaginable ways although we still managed to register some success.

On a good note, two of our five candidates were able to sit for their final examinations with the financial support of one of our former beneficiaries Ms. Josephine We applaud her for the support. On a rather sad note, the other three candidates missed the final exams and are scheduled to register again this academic year that begins in August 2021 if and when the funds permit. The rest of the children in other classes have not attended school for over a year now. Schools in Uganda did open partially for some classes having been closed for over a year.  Given the challenges we have encountered during Covid 19, we have not been in position to meet the financial demands of much shorter school terms and the pay on arrival school fees policy imposed by the school.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic period, we have focused on keeping the children safe from Covid, meeting their daily needs such as food and shelter and engaging them on acquiring life skills like cooking, cleaning, gardening, and self hygiene among others.  We are hopeful that by the time schools reopen for the 2021 academic year - first term (if Covid 19 does not lead to another lock down); we will be fully prepared to send all the children back to school. It is important for the children to continue with their education as they continue to shape their future and this we can achieve with your help.  We still face other challenges to meet our day today needs for the project. We hope you will continue to support the project as we continue to offer hope and direction to these children.

Keep Safe

Feb 7, 2021

One Decade Gone...Still Moving on

Greetings to all our donors, friends and well wishers. I hope you are all keeping safe during this COVID 19 pandemic. We are keeping safe too despite our everyday challenges.

One decade ago, this project was started. It has been a long and joyous journey. A lot has been done, achieved but more remains to be done. The project started with two little girls...Josphine and Lispar. They are now adults and are in the world we are proud of them, particularly Josephine who is still strongly attached to the project and the only University graduate we have so far. Fast forward, the number of children rose to Ten and at the height of our operations, we had 20 children at the same time until we agreed to focus on 15 children.

Looking after children is not an easy task but it is the passion that drives me to ensure that we fight on basing on my own challenging childhood. Children are innocent souls but usually victims of circumstances. They ned love, care, food, clothing, education to mention but afew. These needs have been and are still being met with your help and support. Until recently, life was bearable and we somehow managed. The COVID 19 pandemic however created a new set of challenges. We need more food, are uncertain about the future especially in regard to school fees and other utilities. Our candidate students have had interuptions caused by the government policies as a response to the pandemic. Schools in Uganda are partially closed and for the canidate classes that have resumed, the school administration are reluctant to offer school fees grace periods like before and this has put the children out of school. The food suppliers are reluctant to provide food supplies on credit while the utility companies that provide water and electrictity have disconnected their services for none payment.

Our children still need your support. As a project policy, it is imprtant for us to support the children up to senior four and guide them into a technical course that will help them kick start their adult life. We have succeded with this in the past but are now stark. The two senior four and four primary seven candidates are home because of school fees...so are the two teacher taining and plumbing students in their final year of college. The journey has been long, there is alot to be done but this can only be done with your help and support. I beg that you continue to support this noble project. It means the world to me.

Dec 3, 2020

Happy Holiday Season

Warm greetings from Uganda. I hope you are well and keeping safe during this COVID 19 Pandemic. We too are keeping safe.  As earlier anticipated in regard to the opening of schools in Uganda, the country remains under partial lockdown and night curfew due to the pandemic. The schools remain closed until further notice although candidate classes were allowed to reopen for the second and third term of the year under strict standard operating procedures. This means that our target group for the Sugar Daddy Awareness Classes is still at home and sadly, there is a likely that many young girls are being taken advantage of during this Pandemic. It is even more worrying that some of these girls may never attend school again should they by bad luck become pregnant or get married off during this COVID 19 pandemic.

As indicated in the last report, we have worked out a guideline that identifies the schools that we will want to engage with and the different stakeholders. We continue to speak out as we try to raise funds to kick start the project as soon as the schools are fully open. It is not going to be an easy task given that we still have not gotten the equipment that to use and the resources to facilitate the exercise. We welcome equipment donations should anyone want to donate like a physical projector, TV set or generator.  It is important that we engage the school girls as soon as the schools are open and I am confident that we will achieve this goal with your support.

Finally, I am happy to wish you an early Merry Christmas from Ngoma Aid Foundation and look forward to continue working with you in the New Year 2021. Keep Safe

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