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Fundacion Leer promotes reading and literacy among children in Argentina, creating lasting and positive effects in their personal development and helping them enter the social fabric. Since reading skills benefit educational processes, we intervene early so as to close the achievement gap between at-risk communities and their affluent peers. We offer globally proven reading programs to urban/rural schools, libraries, hospitals, and community centers, meeting vulnerable children's literacy needs.
Aug 26, 2011

Arrival of some of the books!

Dear donors,

Thanks to donations received so far plus the financial help of an international foundation that donated to this project, some of the 300 new books to equip a children´s library have been sent to the school!

The Director of the school got in touch with us: she was moved that so many people have mobilised resources to help this isolated school at Quitilipi and all the children that make a huge effort to go to classes.

We are still looking for donors to help us fully fund this project and build for the very first time a colourful and vibrant Reading Corner where children will discover the joy of reading while learning to read and write.

Please help us by posting the project in facebook, via twitter or telling your friends and family.

Many, many thanks!

The team at Fundacion Leer

May 20, 2011

Villa Elisa Community Center: first stage of project implementation

Training day
Training day

Thanks to funding received, we have implemented the first stage of this project at the community center located in Villa Elisa, Chaco.

The direct beneficiaries of the program are the 60 children who attend the Villa Elisa community centre.

The indirect beneficiaries of this project include the institution’s staff which receives pedagogical training and technical assistance throughout the year and the community in general which will have access to the books through their use of the Reading Corner.

The following highlights the actions developed by Fundación Leer to help the institution during this first stage of work.  

  • Initial training for the beneficiary institution’s staff.
  • Selection of books.
  • Pedagogical training and technical assistance.
  • Distribution of helpful materials.
  • Publicizing the program throughout the community.
  • Construction of the Reading Corner.
  • Conducting of motivational reading activities.




The training day, coordinated by a specialist from Fundación Leer, took place on March 18th in the Conproso headquarters located in Resistencia. In attendance at the training day were the centre coordinator, one of the scholastic support teachers, the physical education teacher and two community developers.

The completion of the Initial Training Day marked the beginning of another process which has been developing until the present day and which will continue throughout the program’s duration: the permanent training, which allows for a continuous channel of communication between Fundación Leer and  the coordinators of each institution and allows for emerging situations to be tended to and resolved.   

During the training day the program materials were distributed:


  • A manual for the coordinators, which contains information on the program, guidelines and suggestions for working in each of the program’s stages.  
  • Activity workbooks for using in the training days dealing with the theme of reading promotion.
  • Publishing house catalogues and order forms for selecting books.


Next Steps  

The next steps will be:

  • The Inauguration of the Reading Corner.
  • The use of the space and the organization of various motivational reading activities.
  • Participation in the Ninth National Reading Marathon.


“This program is excellent; I love the idea of being able to have reading material that suits the children’s interests, as well as being able to integrate more into the community. We are all very grateful and motivated to work towards improving the children’s quality of life” - Community center referral.

Community referrals receiving training
Community referrals receiving training
Jan 27, 2011

Beyond Books: How Literacy Can Change A Community

Fundacion Leer Staff
Fundacion Leer Staff

Clarissa is a GlobalGiving In-the-Field Volunteer. She is visiting GlobalGiving's projects in South America and writing postcards to donors to let them know how their donations are having an impact. Read other postcards from the field here:

Imagine a community plagued by poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. A town dotted with makeshift homes, and weighed down by a lack of hope for a better future. Now imagine if something as simple as new books can help transform this bleak picture. These are the circumstances in Chaco province, as well as city suburbs and rural towns throughout Argentina, but Fundacion Leer’s work is proof that reading is a crucial in affecting change.

Through the promotion of literacy, Fundacion Leer establishes access points to quality education, affording new opportunities for at risk children and their families. Each year Fundacion Leer facilitates over 500 projects in communities throughout Argentina, including their National Reading Marathon, e-learning portals, and training programs to ensure the ongoing promotion of literacy on a local level. The organization’s cornerstone, however, is the creation of reading corners (Rincones de Lectura) in schools, community centers, hospitals, and orphanages. The reading corners function as personalized libraries that offer a tranquil and innovative space for children to learn, grow, and dream. Despite attending school, often these spaces are children’s only access to reading materials. I had the opportunity to meet with Merecedes Méndez Ribas of Fundacion Leer to learn more about their current GlobalGiving project in Chaco province and why funding for a reading corner in t his community will have an impact beyond books.

Due to poor roads and limited means of transportation, I was unable to see the Chaco community firsthand, but the images Mercedes and her team shared with me painted an alarming picture. Looking at the flimsy homes and crumbling walls, I was not surprised to learn that most of the residents live in extreme poverty, lack stable jobs, and only about 10 percent are literate – a stark contrast to the over 90 percent literacy rates in Argentina’s major cities. Amid the debilitated structures, however, is a community center which will house Fundacion Leer’s reading corner. Mercedes explained that in areas like Chaco, schools and other institutions play an integral role in the community. They often double as clinics and sources for food, water, and electricity. As a result, improvements within these structures affect both the children they are intended for and the families who have come to rely on them.

In Chaco, for instance, the community center already aids in bringing together local families and leaders, and offers a safe haven for children. As a result, the creation of a library will not only help strengthen these crucial ties, but also cultivate a love of reading, foster dreams beyond the shantytown, and instill a sense of pride within the community. Fundacion Leer is also working closely with community leaders to assist in the preservation and resurgence of the local language, Qom. Consequently, several books that explain the history and importance of Qom will be supplied.

By the numbers, funding will provide 70 at risk kids with a space filled with 300 books to call their own, and will include training for 13 teachers and community leaders to ensure the ongoing promotion of literacy. But, these are just the numbers, and while important, it should be clear by now that it’s not just about these initial 70 kids. It’s also about the kids to follow who will see reading as a norm; and, about the parent who will have the opportunity to read their child a bedtime story for the first time. It’s about a long-term investment in the children of Chaco, their families, and the community as a whole!

There’s still a lot of work left to be done and funds to be raised. Go to to find out how your donation can make a difference!

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