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Nov 6, 2013

All-Ukrainian Braille books movement

Braille book
Braille book

Dear friends,

Thank you for your support of our project "Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children". Please, take some time to read our third project report. Since  the reporting period , we have done a positive change in our project , and we are pleased to report about it.

With the help of our project , we raised the lack of Braille books awareness at the community and national level. National Assembly of Disabled in Ukraine in parallel to our project "Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children " to create a mini-printing house, in July 2013 was initiated by the All-Ukrainian project " Readong Equally " with the support of the Association of Press Publishers . Ukrainian goverment allocated money from the budget for publication Braille textbooks "Mathematics" for the blind first-grade-students to spread around all the schools in Ukraine.

We took two trips to St. Petersburg's special library for the blind and the Belgorod regional library for the blind to study their Braille books publication experience of their resource centers. The information about our project was presented on October 29-30, at the Summit of the Library of libraries for the blind in Belgorod. Several libraries of Russia , whhich have experience in publishing Braille books are ready to provide us with methodological support and share the already published books. For example, Saint Petersburg’s library for the blind can give us 20 copies of different books in Braille for the blind children. Due to the support of the Global Given team, our project " Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children " moved forward. Today, except for the money received from Global Given, we attracted additional 2.5 thousand dollars.

So far, we developed our first book with puzzles for the pre-school children called "Vegetables" in Ukrainian and Russian with tactile pictures inside. The book includes puzzles, poems and stories about vegetables. The book is very much liked by the children, parents and professionals . The most important advantage of the book is that it is accessible for the blind and visually impaired children. The text is printed both in Braille and Arial font. This book has a universal design and can be used in an inclusive child care. We printed 30 copies of the book "Vegetables" and distributed to children's libraries in Kharkov.

Now we are working on design of Braille books called "AT the Meadow", "Who lives in the sea?", "Visiting the aunt “Weatherproof", " Geometric fairy tales." We are preparing a new campaign to raise funds to support the project for the International Day of the Blind on November 13. We are constant;y contacting our partners, parents, volunteers to speak about the project "Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children".

Our kind regards,

Braille book 2
Braille book 2
A blind boy reading Braille book
A blind boy reading Braille book
Aug 12, 2013

International youth exchange "Feel tale"

Start of project "fill a tail"
Start of project "fill a tail"

International youth exchange "Feel tale" has started on June 29th in Kharkiv. In the frame of the project young people from Italy, Ukraine, Armenia and Estonia for two weeks will help the rehabilitation center for young people with disabilities and their families "Pravo vybora" to develop tactile books.
Tactile books are special books that help to open the surrounding world to a blind child, enrich the sensory experience, explore different shapes, textures and materials, improve fine motor skills, as well as discover fairy tales. Tactile books abroad are quite common, but in Ukraine they are very limited , most of them are handmade and unique. The materials used in the books should transfer not only the natural way of objects, but also emotions and feelings associated with objects or characters in the book.  In the books text is printed with large print or Braille.
The participants of the project "Feel the story" will create handmade tactile fairy tales from different countries and peoples, as well as educational materials for pre-school children. Created tactile books will be stored in the library of the rehabilitation center "Pravo vybora".
Exchange is conducted by Interregional volunteer organization "SVIT-Ukraine" with the support of the "Youth in Action" Programme of European Union.

Maria Servetnik


Jun 19, 2013

Starting to create Braille books

Our dear supporters and friends!

First of all, we’d like to thank you again for your support! Due to your financial support more than 1000 visually challenged children will get an opportunity to read Braille books with tactile pictures, just like their peers.

Kharkiv rehabilitation Center “Pravo Vibora” is happy to inform you that our project “Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children (13395)” has already started and we are on the research and development stage.

Over the past three months, we have made a positive change in our project, and we are pleased to inform you about it.

Our main task in April 2013 was to take part in GlobalGiving challenge and compete to win the spot on its platform. It was new for us, unusual and challenging in the beginning, but later in April we managed to deal with the challenge.

Due to constant support of GlobalGiving team, advice and information support, we moved forward.  We attracted all the friends and acquaintance to raise 5000 dollars. We sent more than 1000 fundraising letters and emails to potential donors, posted fundraising campaign on our website and Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter. We persistently reminded about ourselves and our project. It helped us to find team-mates. We were supported by Indo-Continental Students Committee. On April 29, 2013 students from India organized charitable event, and on April 29, 2013 they conducted parade to support our project. We were supported by parents and friends from Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, Belorusia, U.S.. We got significant financial support from Kharkiv Rotary club.  On International Children's Day, we organized children's crafts auction in support of the project. We got support from the Rehabilitation center for blind children and their parents, "I and My Mother." And the miracle happened! We were able to raise the necessary amount and won the spot on GlobalGiving. Thanks to everyone who supported us!

In May, we closely studied the experience of other countries in the publication of Braille books for children, investigated the characteristics of Braille printers, the technical possibility of producing textured patterns, books published in other countries and Ukraine for blind children. We also interviewed the parents about the need for tactile literature for preschoolers.

We studied the experience of the Braille mini-printing house of Belgorod Regional Library for the Blind. We are delighted that at small resource library staff performed a great job. Unfortunately, the books for the blind preschool children are absent in the library.

In June, we started developing our first book for preschoolers in Ukrainian language "Vegetables" with tactile pictures. There are puzzles, poems and stories about vegetables in this book. We have the Braille book layout and embossed patterns already completed. The feature of the book is that it is accessible for the blind and visually impaired children. The book had its text printed in Braille and Times New Roman font. This book has a universal design and can be used in an inclusive child care.

Since June 29, on the basis of our center there will be an international volunteer project devoted to the production of tactile books for the blind children. The project will involve 20 volunteers from different countries. Within 2 weeks they will produce tactile educational books. On July 10, at the Kharkiv Regional Children's Library there will be an exhibition of tactile books made by volunteers and we will spread the information about the project “Create Braille Books For 1000 Blind Children“ (booklets about fundraising requests to potential donors through television, social radio).

We continue to spread information about the project to raise funds for Braille printer. Currently we are preparing the materials for the exhibition of social projects in Kharkiv, We will make a presentation of our first book on July 15, 2013 at the International School of parental skills.

With your help we are doing our best to help the blind children to read book and to see the pictures!

What do you think?

best Wishes,

Pravo Vibora Team

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