Nov 15, 2015

The world at fingertips becomes more interesting

The world at children fingertips becomes more interesting.

Dear friends!

Thank you very much for the fact that you support us!

Thanks to you, we will develop and become more professional, Ukrainian blind children received new books, not only in their native language, but also the story in English.

Parents and teachers write that the kids really like the books of our resource center, bought new items for children's literature. They really like that you can order even one book that we quickly carry out their orders, take into account their opinions and recommendations.

All this is thanks to you.

We are grateful to our Polish partners of the company "Studio tiflografiki" Marek Jakubowski, Alina Talukder, Choetskoya Anna (Poland) for consultations and training of Ukrainian specialists.

1. During the reporting period, we have adapted and published three new books in Braille edition of 60 pieces, which gave free library for blind children in Kharkiv, Kiev, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Rivne, Lutsk, Dnepropetrovsk.

2. Make new tactile book, "Touch piggy bank" - for the youngest children and the blind "Adventures Shershavki and Fuzzy."

3. In October, with the support of the charitable Internet platform "Global Giving" the National Assembly of Disabled of Ukraine, Ukrainian-German partner network we spent the All-Ukrainian seminar with international participation "The World at Your Fingertips" on ensuring the rights of children with severe visual impairments to get good in an accessible form for them. The seminar was attended by over 100 people: parents, professionals and volunteers.

The workshop addressed issues devoted not only to the standards and methods of manufacture of relief images, books in Braille, but also modern methods of teaching blind children work tiflografic benefits.

Experts received recommendations on the specifics of the use of visual aids in the diagnosis of blind children of preschool age.

The seminar was organized by the exhibition "Touching Art" paintings of contemporary Ukrainian artist Sergey Ponochenyuk.

Visually impaired visitors could "feel to the touch" tactile copies of paintings, carved from wood and adapted for the perception of visitors, listen to audio comments to each picture.

 Of great interest among the visitors caused voluminous educational puzzles made based on the pictures.

Take part in creating the overall picture could anyone child and adult.

Blind student 1
Blind student 1
Blind students at the exhibition
Blind students at the exhibition
Master class on making tactile book
Master class on making tactile book
training of volunteers
training of volunteers
Aug 21, 2015

We make more and better books!

very interesting
very interesting

Dear friends!
We thank everyone who supports our project.
For us it is very important that our idea of creating a universal design books for blind children are interested for not only us.

  1. During the period for request our customers: blind children, their parents and teachers of special schools for children with visual impairments we made in Braille with the universal design of a collection of works of Ukrainian and foreign children's writers for the elementary school.
  2. We have produced a collection of six stories in English Braille with relief figures.
  3. More than 100 children from six spesial Ukrainian schools will receive a gift on September 1 such as books and a collection of English fairy tales.
    4. Our mini-printing house "The World at Your Fingertips" will accompany the blind girl who goes to study in 1st class in an ordinary school in a small town in Kharkiv region. For her, ABC and other training materials is printed in Braille.

5. The work of our mini-printing house "The World at Your Fingertips" was presented in Poland during the International Summer School of fielding skill parent families who are raising children blind, and received a lot of positive feedback. All 60 participants in the project were presented with books made with the support of our project on the internet platform GlobalGiving.

  1. Major achievement, we believe the creation of a social enterprise "Sotsintel”.

" Mini-printing "World at Your Fingertips" is an integral part of this enterprise.
7. We are now working on the creation of a site and the catalog of books made into a mini-printing press.
8. In August, we will continue to work on the production of embossed cards for the blind.

May 18, 2015

1000 Blind Children Enjoy New Braille Books

Dear friends!

Thank you very much for your support! Due to your support our Ukrainian 1000 blind children receive free Braille books with illustration, they can get the needed development and be literate. We get feedbacks on how important it is for them to have such books. These benefits for our blind children are due to your contributions.

The knowledge gained by us during the trips to Poland and Sweden, supported by the Global Given, we invest in our books.

1. During the reporting period, we have 4 new books printed in Braille, which were provided for free of charge to libraries for the blind children of Kharkov, Kiev, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Uzhgorod.

2. We made new tactile books for very small children "Touch piggy bank" and "Glove".

3. Our Resource Center has signed the first cooperation agreement with the contemporary Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy who writes fairy tales for children, so we could print her fairy tales in Braille for our children. On May, 21 in Kiev, and on May, 25 in Kharkov, there will take place meeting for the small blind readers with the writer. Children will receive a collection of fairy tales written by Larissa Nitsoy "Nesluhi i vereduni" printed in Braille. With the help of tactile illustration the blind children will get acquainted with a cat called Murkot, Lesyunya Veredulya and other heroes of fairy tales.

4. In May, in Kiev “Ostrovsky” Library there will take place an exhibition of Braille “design for all” books published by our resource center.

Dear Friends, thank you again for your support you provide to pur project to create Braille books for the blind children! Please, pay attention to our new project Introduce 30 Blind Youth To European Values.Our blind children become older and they face many barriers and challenges on the adult world. In Ukraine it is impossible to find a regular job according to the profession received, navigate independently, and get education without barriers. With the help of this project we plan to introduce our blind you to the European standards of living, empower them to fight for their rights in Ukraine and promote independent life. In Bulgaria 30 blind youth will get the needed knowledge and skills to implement them into their NGO’s potential to represent their rights and fight for them.To support our new project follow this link


Dear Supporters, due to your support we make the lives of Ukrainian blind children easier and more comfortable! We LOVE our children and we do our best to help them enjoy their lives and be happy!


Valentina Butenko

A blind kid with a braille book
A blind kid with a braille book
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