Sep 18, 2017

We are on the verge of qualitative changes

 Dear friends! Thank you for supporting our project.

It's just incredible! Our project has received from GlobalGiving thanks to you in July and August of this year, just fantastic support. And now we are on the verge of fulfilling our dream! Soon in our center will be a new printer BrailleBox V5 - a professional high-speed printer for printing Braille literature. And this means that blind children will receive more literature in an accessible format for them. They are looking forward to them.

Over the reporting period, more than 100 blind children received books in Braille. For example, they got acquainted with the story of a small aliens with an unusual name - US - Teacher from the Planet of the Heart. Kurt Hertenhuber. Maria Morozenko's book about our four-legged friends "The most faithful" liked the children very much. We printed a continuation of Sergei Kozlov's book "New Year's Tale" about the adventures of Hedgehog and his friends. With the school life, Vsevolod Nestayko's book "A Unit with a Negative" introduces the blind children.

Our project continues to support 6 blind children who study in regular schools. In July, we began to adapt textbooks in Braille for girl, which this year passed into second grade.

We help not only children, but also parents and teachers. In August, we conducted the All-Ukrainian International Workshop "The Inter-national and Ukrainian Experience of Inclusive Education for Children with Severe Visual Impairment Legal and Psychological-Pedagogical Basis". 85 participants of the seminar got acquainted with the experience of our organization of adaptation of books taking into account universal design,

At the request of the parents of blind children and the children themselves, we started working on adapting desktop development games. And on September 1, on Knowledge Day for small schoolchildren, we held an exclusive trip to the country in the bookshop, the magical "Shestitochia". Children who normally see and their blind peers looking for the code together to get to the fairy-tale country, performed unusual tasks, got to know each other, as well as books printed in an unusual font and played games adapted for blind children, and in such games it is possible play all together. It's so cool! The pleasure was received both by children and adults!

Jun 14, 2017

More Braille books to Enjoy for Blind Kids

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support and for following our project!

We are proud to say we were very active and we printed and designed 5 more books for the blind children. We have applied for Braille books contest in Ukraine and as a result we were invited to participate in the National Braille Books Exhibition.

We have partnered with more authors who write contemporary tales in order for our blind kids to stay updates and enjoy the same tales as their peers do.


The books were distributed for free in Kharkiv, KIev, Zhitomir, Rovno, Lviv, Odessa. we have organized a presentation for our newly printed books and told all Ukraine about their availability.


"My mom taught me to read and now i can read new tales that i really like. i like fairy tales very much. My mom used to read them for me in aloud voice, but now i can do this by myself. Thank you Valentina Antonovna for the books.@, Says Olya, who is a blind 8-year-old girl. Braille is hard to read for her, but now she has an opportunity to read it.


Thank you again for supporting our project. Please, lets make our blind children enjoy the fairy tales, learn and practice with reading and enjoy their lives as their peers do!



Valentina Butenko

Apr 24, 2017

We are preparing for the International Book Fair.

We are preparing for the International Book Fair.
 Dear friends!
For us, your support is very important!
Thanks to your charitable contributions, there are more and more interesting developing books for blind children in Ukraine. Our books are becoming more and more qualitatively designed and accessible for blind children. And they are eagerly waiting for them, they write to us whatever books they want to read.
More than 600 blind children received books published by our center in Ukrainian, Russian and English.
The book "New Year's Tale" by Sergey Kozlov, published by us with the use of universal design, was included in the International Collection "Special Books for Special Children", which is now presented in Kiev in the Museum of Books and Press of Ukraine.
Our collection of fairy tales in English is now available in the Kharkiv Center "Window to America" at the library of the National University named after Vasily Karazin.
Our books are in demand not only in Ukraine. 6 sets of books "Fairy tales of Vasily Eroshenko" are in the library for the blind in St. Petersburg (Russia).
We are very glad that we can publish new items. To the International exhibition "Book Arsenal-2017" we are preparing an exclusive publication "Ukrainian Minstrels - art of kobza players and lyricists". This book is unique in that the songs of kobzars will be printed with notes on the Braille system and with audio recording (for the first time in Ukraine).
In addition, we will present Sashka Dermansky's "Chudovisko Chu" book with relief drawings, a series of books "Winter Tales", a new version of the tactile game "Sea Battle", creative sets for making postcards by blind children.
We adapted the menu with Braille for another 3 cafes.


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