Feb 23, 2016

Child Victims Send Holiday Greetings to Sponsors

Among the many rehabilitation programs provided free of charge to the child burn victims at the COANIQUEM treatment center in Santiago, Chile, is the opportunity to express themselves through art.

The art activities are also often part of the physical and/or occupational therapy treatments received by the children.

COANIQUEM's philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to the child's recovery  - 

          Necessary medical or surgical treatment as needed

         Psychological treatment as needed to help the child adjust to his/her possible limitations and to possible social problems because of disfigurement

          Family counseling because the whole family is affected by one child's tragedy.  The parents are also advised as to how to prevent additional accidents

          Physical and occupational therapy to increase mobility or better use of affected body parts

          Continued monitoring of the child's healing through years of physical growth.  Some children remain in periodic treatment for as many as 15 years, requiring repeated surgical procedures and counseling as their bodies mature.

           Spritual support for those children whose families request it.  The Center has a welcoming chapel available for the children and their families.

          The holidays provide an opportunity for the children to express their gratitude to those donors who help support their treatment.

           Enjoy the attached art and greetings from Eliset and Mirko!

Oct 27, 2015

See Martin's Burn Rehabilitation Progress

Martin 2012
Martin 2012

The rehabilitation of a severely burned child can take years.  From the incidence of the burns and as the child's body and scars develop, doctors and other medical and therapy staff monitor the needs.  Special compression garments are provided numerous times over the years in an effort to soften and stretch scar tissue.

COANIQUEM provides free surgery and/or therapy as the child grows.

The child and his or her family also receive psychological and social care if needed to help the child feel comfortable in school and community.  If the child is not local to Santiago, room and board is provided during the period of treatment for the child and an adult family member.  On-site schooling is also provided, so that the child can keep up with his peers.

See Martin's progress over the years and support the work of COANIQUEM for as many as 8,000 children like Martin each year.

Martin will continue periodic treatment as he enters his teens.  He is already beginning to look like a "normal" young man, thanks to COANIQUEM.

Of course, the center also conducts prevention campaigns and has reduced the incidence of childhood burns in Chile. and other Latin countries.

In the meantime, Martin needs your help!

Martin 2013
Martin 2013

Aug 3, 2015

Annual Report Shows Reduced Burn Incidents

COANIQUEM Burn Center continues to provide free comprehensive rehabilitation services to severely burned children from throughout Latin America, resulting in improved and happier lives for these children.

In the newest brochure attached here, you will see the broad range of services  -  medical, psychological, social, educational, and therapeutic.

One of the most notable statistics in the Annual Report for 2014 is the reduction in the number of children treated in both 2013 and 2014.  This is a good thing!  There may be several contributing factors, but the major reason seems to be the increased prevention activity and education conducted by COANIQUEM.  School children and their parents participate in sessions where they learn how to improve safety conditions in the home and how to avoid accidents.  Mass media presentations stress these issues.  Children's books have been created with "mascot" characters practicing safe activities.

The staff of COANIQUEM in Chile and those who have been trained in other Latin countries will continue to provide quality care, but they would much prefer to see burns prevented!  Those of us in the U.S. who support the treatment of the children also support these prevention activities.

We celebrate any number of fewer child burn victims!

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