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Jun 5, 2017

Music Training Molds Character, Builds Discipline

Music and the arts has proved its worth, through the years, in developing the students’ creativity and critical thinking.

Apart from that, students who join choirs, bands and other music groups, get to have more chances of enhancing their social and emotional skills.

But the most important gain for students in joining music groups is discipline and character-building.

The University’s scholars who are members of the choir and the band not only acquire proper training in voice, reading sheet music and playing instruments, in the case of band members, but they are also taught the much needed value of discipline in order to achieve precision during performance.

Performance is determined with the kind of practice the group pursues. Good practice will result with good performance while bad practice will of course lead to not so good results.

Aside from discipline, the scholars get to experience how it is to balance their time for academics and co-curricular activities. They get to allot time for studies and set aside time for their regular practices. With the experience, they will have a glimpse of the real world after college, when they have to juggle things.

Scholars during their practice under the baton of the band and choir director, get to acquire the values of cooperation and humility, as well. This will help build their character. As a performance art, there is always room for improvement and the director's constructive criticisms will, in a way, help improve the performer and will test how grounded the person is in receiving such feedback.

Also, cooperation is learned when one listens to a fellow soprano, alto, tenor or bass and try to get attuned with each other in order to achieve the united voice, suitable for choirs. Humility is taught in choirs and bands in affording respect and following instructions from the director of the band or choir.

Music and the arts contribute several gains to scholars in their holistic growth. This can be viewed as an essential preparation for the real life outside the University where they will not just share their talents but also deal with different kinds of people in their furture work endeavors.

May 31, 2017

Info Center Guides Tourists' Destination Picks

Dumaguete’s strategic location is the reason behind its being “the gateway” to various cities and tourist destinations not only in Negros Oriental but in the provinces of Siquijor, Cebu, Bohol, Negros Occidental and Zamboanga del Norte.

With the influx of tourists in Dumaguete City especially during the summer season, the tourist information facility has been of great use to most local and international tourists in providing essential information regarding what the province can actually offer through its natural resources, hotels, spas, restaurants and other destinations.

As tourists arrive at the port area and are led inside by the custodian of the said facility, they are given ideas through the pictures depicting the different tourist destinations mostly inside the Province of Negros Oriental like Balanan Lake in Siaton, Whale Watching in Bais, White Sand Bar in Manjuyod and also in the island Province of Siquijor with its white sand and pristine beaches with a touch of colonial history through its century-old churches.

Aside from that, tourists get to avail of the refreshing view of the Dumaguete City’s boulevard from the porch area, which gives them at least a glimpse of the small yet bustling city.

Estudio Damgo IV – the Tourist Assistance and Information Center located at the Rizal Boulevard is truly functional when it comes to addressing the basic needs of tourists who would choose to stay or just pass by Dumaguete on their way to their chosen getaway destination with workmates, family and friends.




May 15, 2017

Revisions Needed to Improve Aesthetics

Revisions are necessary most of the time in order to welcome fresh and arising ideas during the implementation of a desired project. Such statement is also applicable to the construction of the Foundation Preparatory Academy Science Wing.

Construction work has been suspended recently due to the slight revisions for the enhancement of the building’s aesthetics. Part of the process is to improve and revise the construction more specifically for the gate entrance area.

As part of the said revision for the entrance gate and overall aesthetics of the building, grills are now being fabricated and will later be installed once the revised drawing is completed.

Also in line with the purpose of improving the facade, the institution sent another proposal to the local electric energy provided and the City Engineer’s Office to move the existing electrical posts located on the far end part of the property line since the three posts are blocking the main entrance gate and drop-off curb. Meanwhile, a proposal on the underground wiring for the communication lines is being drafted as well in order to furthermore improve the look of the building.



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