Dec 16, 2015

Weaving with Love

The 25 women aside from having forums to increase their confidence and leadership have been participating in different spaces where they develop and improve their motor skills to produce the handcrafts.

The first spaces are called “weaving in group”, intended to gather the women to interchange patterns and styles from different villages to reinforce their confidence, to transmit their knowledge and to improve the weaving techniques.

The second spaces are called “weaving in family”, where women teach to their relatives and other community members this ancient practice, as a way to preserve this practice that was increasingly losing it because knowledge was not shared. Likewise, to count with a full backup of their husbands to participate actively, because they have not had the support to be independent or have a different role apart of homemakers.

The third spaces are “weaving for the project” aimed to produce the handcraft to sell, in order to set a base of clients and increase the women´s income for their livelihood.

These activities are the complement for the formation, to conclude with and education that includes the human and the technical part. The idea for 2016 is to boost the number of activities to expand the impact of the project.

That´s it for now, but sincerely, we would like to thank for engaging to keep this initiative alive in 2015.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!

Sep 29, 2015

Encouraging Womens Potential-

During the last week, we had the attendance of the 25 indigenous women of the project in one of the most important event in our agenda, the Third Women´s Forum, where they had the opportunity to enforce the love for themselves in a supportive environment, counting with the help of the religious community Hermanas Laura and the Association for the Childhood.

Because what we do is not only to equip them with techniques to improve their weaving, but also to bring up the human development, to change their living conditions in a high scale and the perception towards them by their husbands and other indigenous men.

We started by making a reflection of their role, in big circle all together where they shared their thoughts.

In the second phase, they were dancing and singing, with the aim of self-appreciation of their bodies as a territory of dignity, to be love and to be care.

Then, we delivered a lecture about the self-schemas, to raise awareness about the relevance of:

*Be an autonomous woman who take care of their appearance, acceptance and control of feelings.

*Recognize themselves as unique human beings, with particularities, specific strengths, weaknesses and skills.

*Achieve the goals that they want to be happy.

*Know what they want, love what they do and be creative.

And for the closure, with honored them for the Indigenous Woman Day, of the 5th of September, highlighting their rights and duties, as well as their importance among the communities..

In the event, we realized the confidence they are getting through the process of accompaniment with us, and the power reflected in their active participation and voice in personal, familiar and communitarian issues.

Please keep us in mind and we hope that you will make the decision to help over the next two months in order to help continue this project on GlobalGiving and to continue this effort!

Thank you so much,

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