Feb 24, 2016

Empowering Youth with Disabilities in Brazil

Lucas - POETA Beneficiary
Lucas - POETA Beneficiary

Another year has started, and The Trust for the Americas (http://trustfortheamericas.org) celebrates the results we have achieved with your help in Brazil and across Latin America. Since 2005, our flagship program, POETA (Partnership for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas), has positively impacted the lives of many youth in the western hemisphere.

Today, it has evolved into the POETA Social Franchise, a regional effort to empower the most vulnerable communities in our hemisphere, with centers in 17 countries across the Americas that serve approximately 100,000 individuals a year. The model offers a portfolio of more than 36 products, services, and benefits to the network of centers that strengthen their institutional capacity to better serve target communities.

In partnership with AVAPE (http://www.avape.org.br/portal/), the POETA centers in Brazil train youth with disabilities and equip them with job readiness skills crucial for their successful job inclusion. We have had many success stories, and today we want to tell you all about Lucas. 

Lucas is 16 years old and he has an intellectual disability. He lives with his mother, his 7 year-old sister, and his stepfather. He studies at the Educational Center in Sobradinho, and is currently in his first year of high school. He is a good student and gets good grades. He would like to study physical education to prepare to work for the police. He wants to be a police man because he feels uncomfortable with social injustice and the lack of security for Brazil’s population. He is committed to helping his country become a better one. 

Lucas could have never imagined how much he was going to learn at a POETA Center. He was surprised when he started learning not only about computer science and IT but about personal finance and how to prepare to enter the work world. At the center, he learned how to build his resume. This helped him achieve a part-time paid internship at CAESB, who also provide him with bus passes and meal vouchers. He works in administrative services, where he is able to apply everything that he has learned at the POETA Center. His internship will last two years and will allow him to save up to pay for university.

“The POETA classes have encouraged me to seek new horizons, to believe in myself and in the capacity that I have to overcome my difficulties,” says Lucas. 

Lucas’ story is one of many. With your help, the POETA Social Franchise will be able to continue to work for the social and economic inclusion of vulnerable populations in the Americas in this coming year, fighting to achieve more rights for more people.

Dec 18, 2015

Empowering Youth with Disabilities in Brazil

Thauane , POETA participant
Thauane , POETA participant

The Trust for the Americas  (http://trustfortheamericas.orgcelebrates the results achieved in 2015, in Brazil in particular and accross Latin America.

Since 2005, POETA (Partnership for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas) has positively impacted the lives of many youth in the western hemisphere. This year 2015 in numbers represents 36.833 indirect beneficiaries, 5.780 direct beneficiaries, and 1.057 economic opportunities. At the same time, it shares a renovated view, a theory of change: If POETA implements high-value capacity building services, technical assistance, monitoring and evaluation tools, and provides advising on accessibility, economic opportunities, sustainability, and innovation, a network of key actors will be strengthened and use this knowledge to create social and economic inclusion.

For Brazil, this 2015 can be summarized in 2.286 indirect beneficiaries, 555 direct beneficiaries, and 107 economic opportunities. Greicielen and Thauane are two young females who participated with our local partner AVAPE, challenged stereotypes and, despite disabilities, were able to secure a job. POETA is proud to communicate the following success stories.

Greicielen, 26, suffers from myoplegia (periodic paralysis) after a car accident 11 years ago. Greicielen says that despite the limitations that a wheelchair can represent, her eagerness to learn and desire to live a productive life are stronger. She was particularly interested in POETA because it offers computer science courses and provides tools that are useful to enter the labor market, such as courses on personal finance and administrative processes. Today, Greicilen has a full-time job and plans to return to college soon!

Thauane, 19, is the protagonist of our second success story. Thauane has been through difficult situations, from domestic violence to troubles in school due to a learning disability. She says that POETA changed her life, “it is a different experience and has helped me to adjust my new lifestyle.” Focused, determined, and optimistic, Thauane hopes to continue her education to become a journalist.

Both stories communicate our efforts in this year 2015. Greicielen and Thauane ensure that POETA has not only impacted her immediate employment status and provided them with tools to improve their skills but also positively impacted their personal lives.   

POETA Social Franchise will continue to work for social and economic inclusion in the Americas in 2016, reaching more rights for more people.

Greicielen, POETA participant
Greicielen, POETA participant


Sep 17, 2015

Empowering Young People with Disabilities in Brazi

Daysee Jessica - POETA Beneficiary
Daysee Jessica - POETA Beneficiary

The Partnership for Economic Opportunities through Technology in the Americas, POETA, the Trust for the Americas flagship Initiative, understands the challenges faced by Youth with Disabilities, particularly in relation to their inclusion in the job market. To this end, the Trust for the Americas (http://trustfortheamericas.org) works with Local Partner AVAPE to train Youth with Disabilities and to equip them with job readiness skills crucial for their successful job inclusion. 

 Thanks to your support, our program is rapidly progressing and our youth continues to work hard and strive to advance in their education for a better future. As you know, our partner AVAPE (http://www.avape.org.br/portal/) provides the infrastructure and the necessary personnel to run sophisticated and complete educational programs.

 There are many success stories with big impact in our POETA Centers. Today, we are going to introduce you the story of Daysee Jessica.

Daysee is a 29 years old young woman and lives in a vulnerable area of Joao Pessoa. Two years ago, she suffered an accident on her motorcycle, and loose one of her extremities on the lower limb. After being in the hospital for forty days, and a long period of physiotherapy, her new mobility condition was very difficult to accept.  She decided to continue studying and think towards her future.

She heard about the POETA Center from other participant and social networks, and get into contact with the local coordinator of the Center. After a personal meeting, they decided that her profile fits with the Personal Finance training course, and increased her knowledge and awareness towards the importance of saving, budgeting, analyzing payments, home economics, and finance. She also attended the Job readiness and IT skills training courses.

After her very good performance in the POETA Center, she was offered a job as front desk officer. Now, Daysse tell us that she feels more confident and benefited the most by her improved ability to interact socially and build personal and professional relationships after the accident.

Thanks to your help, The Trust for the Americas has been able to train more than 379 youth in Brazil. Since its creation in 2004, POETA has supported more than 161 training centers that have allowed more than 103,000 participants to develop the skills and attitudes to take on new roles within the economy and society.

 We cordially invite you to keep supporting our efforts to build a better future for youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. A small donation can mean a big help for providing more and new opportunities to vulnerable communities in the region.

Once again, thank you for your contributions and thanks you for giving young people with disabilities the chance of a better future!


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