Jul 28, 2021

Enhancing Existing Programs and Our New Initiative

Dear friends,

We’re only halfway through the year but have already seen remarkable progress thanks to your incredible support. This year we have continued our efforts to reach vulnerable folks but have also started new initiatives like an Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Brazil. Through this Bootcamp, we have supported over 300 entrepreneurs in Brazil who are at different stages of their business, from those who are only just starting their business to experienced ones. We recognize that there are diverse interests and learning preferences with such a large group, which is why we provide training in different topics and through different methods, such as webinars, videos, podcasts, and discussions.  

The ambition to enable people to help themselves and others is also present at our POETA DigiSpark Centers across Brazil. Priscila is an example of how we are expanding our training opportunities to teachers and employees. Priscila works as a facilitator at the IDEAR Center in Maracanau. Because of her work, she was already familiar with online courses before starting her training. However, she felt like she could improve class activities and decided to enroll in the Digital Skills for Educators – Methodology for Virtual Teaching class in partnership with Eidos. This course allowed Priscila to learn new pedagogical methods to improve class dynamics and better connect with students, which reduced the number of students skipping a class. She was also able to monitor and manage the class virtually. 

Priscila claims that the training was critical for her class, as she now has more knowledge to impart to her students and in more efficient methods. She also claims that the course is more dynamic and engaging. Priscila did not know how vital digital skills were in an educational environment. Now that she sees the importance, she will add topics to her class related to the use of technology and is looking to pursue technology in pedagogy through her graduate studies. 

Training and encouraging staff and teachers will always be a priority for the Trust for the Americas and POETA DigiSpark. Doing so will ensure that we provide the best education to our participants and enable them to access the best opportunities. 

We once again want to thank you for all your support. Without it, we would not be able to reach as many people as we have, and more importantly, provide them with high-quality training that will empower them to improve their quality of life.

Thank YOU!

Jun 21, 2021

Seeking better opportunities

Dear friends,

Thanks to your constant support, we have managed to impact hundreds of Venezuelan migrants across the Americas. This 2021, we continue to expand our efforts to keep summing more beneficiaries.

As the region advances with the vaccination process, we will move to a hybrid format imparting training from both, our POETA Centers, and our virtual platforms and tools. We have come a long way, reflected on the real needs of our region to tailor our programs, and learned best practices to keep enhancing our efforts. Egdelix is a great example of what we have accomplished thanks to our local partners and to you.

Egdelix is a Venezuelan migrant that arrived in Medellin, Colombia in the pursuit of better opportunities. From the first day, Egdelix and her husband, two hard-working people, started working to improve their situation, during that time her husband learned carpentry, and with just one saw, they started their business, the carpentry “La Vencedora”. Thanks to the technical skills learned through our POETA DigiSpark program courses, Egdelix and her husband were able to boost their business in the midst of a pandemic, became known in their locality, and managed to attract more customers with their new website. She told us “now, not only I can meet my goals, but also I can project myself into the future”. For us as The Trust for the Americas, it is very gratifying to hear these words, because everyone can achieve it, it just takes that little push to learn something new to open many new doors.

Moreover, we are looking forward to continuing to increase our numbers through our World Refugee Day campaign, in which we will give special emphasis to stories like Egdelix's and highlight the great need that Venezuelans have to hold access to opportunities such as the POETA DigiSpark training. Thus, we will get more funds and impact more Venezuelans who leave their country due to the sad and unsustainable situation they are going through.

We have great hope in the region and every day our team is more committed to continuing to develop training and mentoring for millions of people who are looking for a second chance in life. Every day, technical skills become more important as the future of work approaches and we have realized that the time to form multi-sector alliances and work for others is now. We must work all together to guarantee an inclusive post-COVID recovery. In this sense, it fills us with joy to be able to continue counting on you because it is because of YOU that all this is possible.

Kind wishes, 



Feb 9, 2021

Supporting Youth during the Pandemic

Dear friends, 


Thanks to your solidarity and constant support, we have not only managed to benefit thousands of vulnerable people but, in 2021, we have managed to grow and extend our impact.

This year we will continue to work mostly in a remote format, imparting training through virtual platforms and continuing to investing our efforts to reach more people. Success stories like that of Meiriane reaffirm our belief that the work we do with our local partners is worth the effort. This work would also not be possible without your continued efforts and support.

Meiriane is a Brazilian woman who has been unemployed for a long time due to the pandemic. At a low point in her life, she was unmotivated. With few expectations, a friend took her to see one of our POETA centers. There, she found a space that prompted her, her son, and her husband to take computer courses. That small impulse led her to the entrepreneurship area as she told us: "thanks to the team, today I am motivated to continue with my studies, and in the future, look for opportunities in the market since now I have more freedom to think about my career." These words, the feeling of self-improvement, drive us to grow and always desire more.

Additional achievements of note were the events we held in the last quarter of 2020, which, without your support, would not have been possible. To tell you about some of these initiatives, through our local partner UNILEHU, we held the National Diversity Week, where we imparted a cycle of talks about the topic and organized a job fair with companies and economic opportunities available. Likewise, we gave a series of other conferences on different issues: maintaining inclusion in the network, meaningful encounters with companies, professionals, and other interested audiences. With OSJC, we managed to carry out various webinars, some related to technology and others about artificial intelligence. All these efforts have impacted thousands of people, giving many a second chance to grow and move forward in life.

As we know, 2020 was a year full of obstacles, challenges, and many difficult decisions to make, but without a doubt, it was also a year full of lessons. We had to rethink our strategies and move forward to meet the virtual demand. Moreover, we realized that these difficult times help us to grow, reinforce our mission, and to value the impact that we are generating in the region through our local allies and, above all, you. This 2021, we will continue to grow and expand in Brazil. Still, we will continue to leave a mark on vulnerable communities, as we went from having three, to having five, local partners in Brazil.

Thank YOU


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