Dec 18, 2017

The Centre Pinocchio, a nice place to stay!

Playing at the Centre Pinocchio
Playing at the Centre Pinocchio

Dear donors and friends,

we send you all of our positive energy from Panciu and we thank you wholeheartedly for your support, as we feel that every time you get closer to us.

Since it's Christmas, a period full of emotions, we have chosen to tell you the history of two little brothers. In a way, it'a "sad" story, made out of difficulties and obstacles that are bigger than these two children. Nonetheless, we consider that it's also a story made out of hope and faith in a better future. That's why we are are sending it to you so close to Christmas time!
It's the story of Eliza and Alin, respectively 10 and 11 years old.

In 2012 they started attending daily the Centre Pinocchio. In that period their mother went to Italy for work and decided to leave the two brothers with their father, that unfortunately has never guaranteed to his children enough attention, neither has took care of them in a suitable way.
Eliza and Alin, like many other children of their age, bagan to spend a lot of their time on the road, smoking and consuming energizing drinks. Luckily they "discovered" the Centre Pinocchio, where they could stay safe and where they could learn, play and grow together with other children.
Three years ago their mother decided to move to UK and to bring there also her children; their arrival in an unknown country and the fear of a new place forced her to hide Eliza and Alin inside their house for almost a year. The difficult life in UK and the absence of relevant relationships led the family back in Panciu.
In 2016, Eliza and Alina started once again to attend the Centre Pinocchio. They were disoeriented and afraid of restarting everything from the beginning. The local staff was ready to welcome them back and support their re-enrollment at school. Even if, unfortunately, they couldn't be reinserted in the class corresponding to their age, they little by little "fought" to recover what they've lost, to rebuild their friendships and to become self-confident.
The Centre Pinocchio has become for them a strong point of reference, a family and a home. This is particularly important for two children, whose life has been subjected to changes and transfers. Undoubtedly, the presence of a rather untrustworthy father still has some negative repercussions in the behaviours and in the emotions of Eliza and Alin. But they always know that the doors of the Centre Pinocchio are open and that here they can find a warm environment, healthy food and, above all, someone that take care of them. We are aware that our support still needs to be improved, for example throught the provision of professional psychological support. We are working, step by step, in this direction. The contribution of many donors and friends is precious for us, for enhancing the quality of the services provided to children like Eliza and Alin. We hope to have you close to us also in the future!
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the Centre Pinocchio!

party time
party time
Oct 30, 2017


Group II
Group II

The season of the summer camps for children and teenagers from Central Italy formally ended on the 27th of July but the collaboration and the relations are going on, generating new projects and opportunities!

The summer camps have been a successful result both for IBO and for the young participants and their families.

Almost 50 youngs ( from 11 to 17 years old) participated to the experience in three different shifts in the months of June and July. Children and teenagers came from different provinces (Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Perugia, teramo and Rieti) of the four regions most affected by the earthquake: Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo.

Three young educators coordinated the daily programme and logistical aspects and leaded the participants to a range of different activities: ice-breaking and team building activities, naturalistic trips, environmental care activities, visits to the local historical heritage, leasure activities at the local beach.

Educators and participants have shared daily life and activities for over 7 days, creating new relations and friendships. For example, after the end of the camp, a group of teenagers attending the second shift invited educators and local volunteers of the camps to visit their village, Montegallo, in the Umbria Region.
The best way to share the emotions and the feelings about the experiences, is to quote the individual comments of the participants, as following:

Arianna: It was beautiful and I would did it a thousand times. I met fantastic guys, I enjoyed a lot and spent a wonderful birthday."

Alice: "In these nine days I had a lot of fun. I have learned to be less prejudiced and to be a little less selfish, helping people alongside me and the environment as well.I hope I can repeat such an enjoyable experience in the future. "

Sabrina: "It was an experience that allowed us to have fun in a very difficult time for many of us. We can only thank you. "

Nicolò: “Thank you IBO because you thought of people from the Central Italy”

Sandro: “It was a wonderful, fun, meaningful and educational experience”

And IBO thanks GlobalGiving and all our donors for their contribution to this opportunity!

Sep 8, 2017

When the Centre Pinocchio changes a life...

playing together
playing together

Sorin* is born in 1992 in Panciu, in a family that cannot offer him what he desires and dreams, in a small house halfway between the Centre Pinocchio and the volunteers' home. A strategic position for being immediately involved in the creative workshops, in the afterschool activities and in the international atmosphere you breathe at the Centre.


Sorin is a young boy, shy and sometimes insecure; nonetheless at the Centre Pinocchio, little by little, he finds out that he can count on his sport skills and on his talent for theatre, that confrontation is an interesting way to discover oneself and other people.


Like a lot of young boys, he dreams to become a football player. Even though he's selected for a sports' school, he has to deal with his first huge disillusion: his family cannot afford the school expenses. The same happens with the end-of-the-school year party.


However, one surrender after another, Sorin also finds some open doors in his way. The Centre Pinocchio offers him the opportunity to take part in two youth exchange experiences: he flies in Italy for short periods, gets in touch with a lot of youngsters, learns chunks of a foreign language, watches his first football match in a real stadium. He continues attending the Centre, always having in mind how would it be to live far from Panciu. A thought blocks him: he has a little brother, Tibi*, that he takes care of since he was a baby. From diaper change to meals, from lullabies to the first day at the Centre Pinocchio. For Tibi, Sorin is half a brother, half a father.


Among the international volunteers in Panciu, one is special for Sorin. Three years ago they moved to Bucharest together, where he had the opportunity (and the capacity) to get a diploma in floor tiling. Today he works within a team of professional tilers. But he's used to say that this is only the beginning. The will to build up new things and the thirst of discovering can bring you everywhere.


Now its' Tibi's turn. He's 8 years old, lives in a small house halfway between the Centre Pinocchio and the volunteers' home. An older brother living in Bucharest, the staff and the volunteers of the Centre to speak with. The creative workshops, the afterschool activities, the games, the numbers and the letters. And a new story to write!


*The names are invented for privacy reasons.

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