Jun 12, 2017

Centre Pinocchio: time for balance and reflection!

Cooking workshop
Cooking workshop

The last two months at the Centre Pinocchio have been an occasion to stop, take a breath, look back at all the activities realized in 2016 -2017 and reflect upon achieved results. Of course, also about next steps and new projects!

For what concerns the socio-educational services offered by the Centre Pinocchio, these are the major results of our work:

  • enrollment of all beneficiary children in the scholastic year 2016-2017: everyone was ready to start, clean, well-dressed and with his/her backpack. Now that we are almost at the end of the year, we're looking forward to celebrate with the children and to discover final evaluations;
  • weekly monitoring of school attendance, constant dialogue with teachers and families, educators' interventions whenever needed (long absence from school, scarce learning results, sanitary/health problems);
  • realization of workshops on education to hygiene and on the discover of human body, also providing children with toothpaste and toothbrushes, anti-lice treatments (when needed), soaps. Main objective of this action is to sensitize beneficiaries about the importance of taking care of themselves, of preventing health problems;
  • daily service of canteen, offering a medium of 30 lunchs and snacks per day;
  • daily service of “breakfast at the statue” for the children attending the school;
  • cooking workshops (fruit salad, pizza, typical Romanian dishes) with the children for fostering education to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle;
  • weekly home visits to the Roma families of the children attending the centre, realized by the social worker together with the sanitary mediator (dialogue with parents, monitoring of socio-educational situations, etc.);
  • participation in 2 European mobility projects for teenagers, allowing disadvantaged youngsters to take part in youth exchnages experiences in Romania and abroad;
  • 2 donations of didactic material to 40 children needing support to be enrolled and to attend school: watercolors, glue sticks, markers, pencils, pens, notebooks, sketchbooks, scissors, ruler, pencil sharpener, etc.;
  • weekly donations of clothes for the children, in order to facilitate their regular attendance at school;
  • 2 donations of food to the beneficiary families of the centre. On the occasion of Easter and Christmas, we managed to donate a “food box” to the 24 families containing flour, chicken, oil, eggs, rice, tomato sauce, sweets;
  • 1 excursion in the sorroundings of Panciu, attended by 24 children, the local staff and a group of 10 international volunteers. Dynamic games, a bath in the river, a pic-nic all together: just some simple ingredients for a special day;
  • 3 meetings with parents about the importance of education and school, about rules and positive behaviours with children, about individual and group counselling sessions, prevention of scholastic drop-out, vagrancy and youth delinquency;
  • 2 “Open Lunch” events for mothers, offering children and mums the possibility to stay together for a serene day, to talk and play, to show children's learning achievements;
  • opening of a “Social Laundry Space”, where the families of the Centre Pinocchio can come to wash and dry their clothes and home linen. This new service has been conceived as another further instrument for the prevention of scholastic dropout. Too often, indeed, Roma children don't go to school because they have dirty clothes or because they washed their clothes but they didn't dry them off in time for lessons. Up to now, it's still a pilot project, taht needs to be further promoted, but a couple of families already started benefitting from it.

A lot of the mentioned achievements have been possibile thanks to the kind and trustful support of GlobalGiving's donors. We are pleased and happy to have donors interested in fostering the right to education and to a better future for everybody. We'll continue walking on this route, with the hope of being continuously supported by hearty people!

We would like to add that the Centre Pinocchio is also strongly committed in promoting volunteering: in the last year more than 100 volunteers form Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany have been involved in socio-educational activities for the benefit of the children. This constitutes an added value for the children's future, for opening their minds to new cultures and people. As one of ours long-term volunteers, Elisa form Italy, wrote: “I understood that I didn't need a lot of words because with the children is always simple to know each other. When they hold you hand, they have already choosen to trust you (Valvirdis). The Centre Pinocchio is a second family not only for the children, but also for volunteers. When you are away from home, for a long time, you need to find someone who fills in the love that you temporarily lost. I found it here, with the local staff and the copii (children). They fill every piece of void inside me. To take care of someone who needs your help is a magnificient experience, among the most fulfilling that can happen in your life; in addittion, it is even more beautiful if you are repaid with hugs and smiles”.

Discover human body
Discover human body
Workshop with mums and children
Workshop with mums and children
Home visit to families
Home visit to families
Let's paint!
Let's paint!
Jun 8, 2017

Final report: last news from IBO Italia

Dear GlobalGiving friends and donors,

we are happy to inform you that our project "Minivans for Italy earthquake relief activities" has been totally funded thanks to a contribution donated by a private donor.

We are happy to share some accomplishments we have achieved with you:

  • support our partner, FederGev Emilia Romagna, in the relief activities after the earthquakes and the winter emergency for the snow
  • implement field visits in the affected local community to collect data, information and mapping basic needs of the population
  • transport of material and other supplies to the affected areas.

We want to thank all of our friends, who have contributed in many ways to this project: by donating, asking for information, spreading word about it....

We also thanks GlobalGiving organization and staff, who has allowed us reaching these results.

If you wish, you may give a look at another project we are running in favour of young people from the affected areas: Earthquake in Italy: Restarting from children! https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/earthquake-in-italy-re-starting-from-children/


See you soon!

Apr 24, 2017


Hosting house for summer camps
Hosting house for summer camps

Since the first earthquake in Central Italy occured on 24th August 2016, IBO Italia has been supporting the relief activities of FederGev Emilia Romagna, one of the many Italian associations involved in emergency activities under the coordination of the National Civil Protection Department.

After the emergency phase, it is now important to support local communities and population to re-constructe, not only buildings, but also a daily life as “ordinary” as possible.

IBO Italia, together with FEDERGEV Emilia Romagna, is committed to keep on supporting those communities and people living in the affected regions, on the basis of the core activities of our organization.

For that reason, IBO Italia and FEDERGEV Emilia Romagna have organized, for the next summer, some opportunities of voluntary and educational experiences for children and teenagers aged 11-17 living in municipalities affected by the earthquakes. The goal is to give them a chance for a different summer experience based on volunteering and recreational activities, as an opportunity to take a short break from the “ordinary” complexity of their new living conditions.

A similar experience took place in the summer 2012, after that an earthquake hit some areas of the province of Ferrara. Thanks to the support of local associations of neighbouring provinces, IBO Italia promoted a summer recreational camp when groups of children could spent some days far from relief camps and temporary houses. The experience helped children to relax and to suffer less from the psychological stress due to the post – disasters conditions.

The next summer camps will be organized in three different shifts form the 20th of June until the 27th of July. Each shift will last 10 days and will host a group of maximum 20 children supported by a camp leader and two educators. The children will be hosted in a big house located some kilometers from the city center of Ferrara. The house, belonging to a local parish, has been recently renovated and it is equipped for the hosting oflarge groups of people(up to 42 beds and a big kitchen with canteen are available). Outside there is a large garden and a green park with a soccer field for outdoors activities.

The scheduled daily programme will be a mix of leasure activities, volunteering and visits to local interesting places. Following FEDERGEV's core mission on environment issues, children will be involved in environmental care activities as cleaning of the paths in a local small forest not far from Ferrara and they will meet local volunteers and association involved in this field. Local environmental associations will also lead the visits to the cities of Comacchio and Bologna with this "natural" point of view. Two days will be spent to the sea and local beaches as leasure times. A guided visit of the city of Ferrara will be also planned. Furthermore, a day will be dedicated to the National Civil Protection system: its organization and management and how it works in case of natural disaster and emergency as earthquake. National Civil Protection and its hundreds of local associations had been a fundamental actor in the first emergency phase and we think it will be an opportunity of civic education for children to be more aware of this important social player.

IBO Italia and FEDERGEV will provide the transport of the children from their cities to Ferrara through minivans that will be used also for local transport during the camps.

In these weeks, IBO Italia is forming the groups of children for each shifts. Several municipalities, schools, parishes and local associations of the affected areas have been contacted to spread this opportunity.

Stay tuned on our website www.iboitalia.org for more news on this project!!!

Open spaces for outdoor activities
Open spaces for outdoor activities
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