Oct 30, 2017


Group II
Group II

The season of the summer camps for children and teenagers from Central Italy formally ended on the 27th of July but the collaboration and the relations are going on, generating new projects and opportunities!

The summer camps have been a successful result both for IBO and for the young participants and their families.

Almost 50 youngs ( from 11 to 17 years old) participated to the experience in three different shifts in the months of June and July. Children and teenagers came from different provinces (Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Perugia, teramo and Rieti) of the four regions most affected by the earthquake: Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzo.

Three young educators coordinated the daily programme and logistical aspects and leaded the participants to a range of different activities: ice-breaking and team building activities, naturalistic trips, environmental care activities, visits to the local historical heritage, leasure activities at the local beach.

Educators and participants have shared daily life and activities for over 7 days, creating new relations and friendships. For example, after the end of the camp, a group of teenagers attending the second shift invited educators and local volunteers of the camps to visit their village, Montegallo, in the Umbria Region.
The best way to share the emotions and the feelings about the experiences, is to quote the individual comments of the participants, as following:

Arianna: It was beautiful and I would did it a thousand times. I met fantastic guys, I enjoyed a lot and spent a wonderful birthday."

Alice: "In these nine days I had a lot of fun. I have learned to be less prejudiced and to be a little less selfish, helping people alongside me and the environment as well.I hope I can repeat such an enjoyable experience in the future. "

Sabrina: "It was an experience that allowed us to have fun in a very difficult time for many of us. We can only thank you. "

Nicolò: “Thank you IBO because you thought of people from the Central Italy”

Sandro: “It was a wonderful, fun, meaningful and educational experience”

And IBO thanks GlobalGiving and all our donors for their contribution to this opportunity!

Sep 8, 2017

When the Centre Pinocchio changes a life...

playing together
playing together

Sorin* is born in 1992 in Panciu, in a family that cannot offer him what he desires and dreams, in a small house halfway between the Centre Pinocchio and the volunteers' home. A strategic position for being immediately involved in the creative workshops, in the afterschool activities and in the international atmosphere you breathe at the Centre.


Sorin is a young boy, shy and sometimes insecure; nonetheless at the Centre Pinocchio, little by little, he finds out that he can count on his sport skills and on his talent for theatre, that confrontation is an interesting way to discover oneself and other people.


Like a lot of young boys, he dreams to become a football player. Even though he's selected for a sports' school, he has to deal with his first huge disillusion: his family cannot afford the school expenses. The same happens with the end-of-the-school year party.


However, one surrender after another, Sorin also finds some open doors in his way. The Centre Pinocchio offers him the opportunity to take part in two youth exchange experiences: he flies in Italy for short periods, gets in touch with a lot of youngsters, learns chunks of a foreign language, watches his first football match in a real stadium. He continues attending the Centre, always having in mind how would it be to live far from Panciu. A thought blocks him: he has a little brother, Tibi*, that he takes care of since he was a baby. From diaper change to meals, from lullabies to the first day at the Centre Pinocchio. For Tibi, Sorin is half a brother, half a father.


Among the international volunteers in Panciu, one is special for Sorin. Three years ago they moved to Bucharest together, where he had the opportunity (and the capacity) to get a diploma in floor tiling. Today he works within a team of professional tilers. But he's used to say that this is only the beginning. The will to build up new things and the thirst of discovering can bring you everywhere.


Now its' Tibi's turn. He's 8 years old, lives in a small house halfway between the Centre Pinocchio and the volunteers' home. An older brother living in Bucharest, the staff and the volunteers of the Centre to speak with. The creative workshops, the afterschool activities, the games, the numbers and the letters. And a new story to write!


*The names are invented for privacy reasons.

Jul 21, 2017


Firs day of summer camp
Firs day of summer camp

The season of the summer camps for children from Central Italy is almost to an end. Two camps were completed and the third one is in progress in these days.

The opportunity, launched by IBO Italia and FederGev in the early Spring, has been positively welcomed by families and all the camp shifts had full of enrollments.

In the first shift, from 20th to 29th June, the participants were 14 coming mainly from the province of Macerata, in the Marche region.

The second shift, from 4th to 13th July, saw the participation of 20 teenagers (15 – 17 years old) mainly from the provinces of Macerata and Perugia (Umbria Region).

In these days, 17 children from 11 to 14 years old are spending their last days of camp in Ferrara. They come mainly from the areas of Perugia, Ascoli Piceno, Teramo and Rieti.

Participants have been hosted in a big house located some kilometers from the city of Ferrara.

Below, you can read a summary of the interesting activities in which teenagers have been involved, thanks to the precious support and collaboration of our educators Silvia, Chiara and Elisa!


Arrival - Each summer camp started on Tuesday when some staff's members of IBO Italia and FederGev volunteers went from Ferrara with three vans to collect participants from their place of residence. Due to the distance, participants reached the location of the camp in the late afternoon.


Morning: Presentation of camp program: daily activities, outdoor visits, organization of housekeeping management in shifts.
Afternoon: Guided Visit to the Pomposa Abbey. A religious and historical place of interest located some kilometers from the sea. The Abbey is famous for its wall paintings dating back from the Middle Ages.


Morning: presentation of Federgev Emilia Romagna, the partner association of this project. Federgev Emilia Romagna is an accreditated association of the National Civil Protection and it had been an important role in the relief activities in the areas of Central Italy affected by the earthquake. The participants had the opportunity to learn more about National  Civil Protection, its institutional tasks and its methodology to intervene in natural disasters.  

Afternoon: visit to the Dunes of Massanzatica. Not far from the location of the camp, it is an example of the local eco system in the Po Delta, the most important river in Italy. An eco guide illustrated to participants the geological explanation of the dunes and the main specimen of the local flora. Participants had been involved in an environmental care activity as the eradication of weed plants.

Morning: Federgev Emilia Romagna involved participants in an environmental education activity in the local Forest of Porporana, an area near the city but with a high environmental value, biodiversity tanks and ecological nodes important for its maintenance. Participants had been involved in cleaning some areas and paths of the Forest from garbage.  

Afternoon: visit to a local center of environmental protection, the Nutcracker center. Activity of wooden bird nest restoration and installation.

Morning: guided visit of the city of Comacchio. A small city far few kilometers from the sea that is famous for the canals that cross the city center, like a small Venice. Visit to the local Museum of marinated fish: Comacchio is well-known for the breeding and the processing of the eels.

Afternoon: Free time at the beach.

Federgev Emilia Romagna organized a visit to the Park of Gessi Bolognesi. The park, situated on the first hills of the city of Bologna, includes a strip of chalky outcrops, which gave birth to a karst complex of extreme interest. As far as the past mining activities are concerned, the Bolognese plaster is one of the main naturalistic areas of the region, with valleys, plateaus, rocky valleys and cliffs that shape the landscape and have a vegetation characterized by Mediterranean variety and species linked to higher altitudes.

Full day to the beach.

Guided visit to the city of Ferrara and its main famous monuments. The Castle and the Diamond Palace. The guide led participants through the city center and its Middle Ages and Renaissance districts.
Treasure hunt through the streets of the center.

Wednesday - Full day to the beach.

Thursday - Return to home. IBO staff and FederGev provided the transport.

Educators and participants have shared daily life and activities for over 7 days, creating new relations and friendships. Each participant has brought an adding value, with his/her experiences, expectations, attitudes as, for example, the two boys of the second shift camp who often played music with their accordions in the evenings.

Thanks to GlobalGiving and all our donors to support this opportunity for young people from Central Italy!

Pomposa Abbey
Pomposa Abbey
Cleaning the environment
Cleaning the environment
Walking in the nature
Walking in the nature
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