Apr 8, 2019

You changed Amanda's life for the better

Thanks for helping kids like Amanda!
Thanks for helping kids like Amanda!

One of our long-time Club members, Amanda, recently spoke to a group of Boys & Girls Club supporters about how the Club has made a difference in her life. I'd like to share her story with you, because donors like you are who makes it possible for the Club to help kids like Amanda. Here's what she has to say. 

“I first walked through the doors of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley in 2008 to audition for a musical. My parents wanted a way to redirect my wild energy and introduce me to the performing arts, but it quickly became much more than that.

I discovered my passion for the arts and took advantage of opportunities to shine both on and off the stage. Not only was I taking dance and theater classes, I soon began to lead them, too, first as a teacher’s assistant, then as a choreographer, teacher, and director. Through leading classes for younger children, I found my sense of direction in life. That direction and purpose, along with support from the Club, got me through the toughest parts of my life.

During my junior year of high school, I wanted to be a perfect student while at the same time supporting my family through financial and medical struggles. All that pressure led to a series of horrible anxiety attacks. But the Club’s staff was my saving grace, always making sure that I was OK.

When you support the Boys & Girls Club, you’re helping kids like me find that support system when they need it most. From giving me a second home, to helping me discover my passion for the arts, to helping me develop the skills that I need to be a leader in my community, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington Valley has completely changed my life for the better.

With your support, the Club has opened the door to my great future. I hope to become an arts therapist and pay it forward to another generation of kids, helping them on the path to their great futures. Your support makes a big difference – thank you!”

Jan 4, 2019

How You Made a Difference in 2018

Thank you for starting great futures in 2018!
Thank you for starting great futures in 2018!

When you make a donation to the Boys & Girls Club, your gift makes a big impact on local families. We’d like to show you the numbers on how you’ve made a difference in 2018.

  • 559 scholarships were given to reduce children’s weekly fees by 50%, making sure families pay only what they can afford.
  • 351 extremely low income children attended the Oak View Branch for free.
  • 355 low-income English language learner children and parents attended the Twilight Education Project for free.

That’s 1,265 children’s lives you changed for the better through the Club’s free programs and scholarships. Just as important to our community, you are helping more than just the kids. 82% of parents in the Club’s scholarship program report that the scholarship program is what makes it possible for them to work at their current job. That makes our whole community stronger by building our workforce, helping families stay off public assistance, and giving parents a hand up when they need it most to lift themselves out of poverty and make a better life for their kids. Thank you!

A single dad named Ruben whose daughters participate in our scholarship program says, "The Club is a huge blessing. The Club actually cares about me. They relieve a lot of stress for me and my girls love it. But, I couldn’t do it without the scholarship program. Because of donors like you, the Club gives me 50% off and that’s something I can manage. It makes me heart so happy to know my girls are in a place they love every day. Thank you for all that you do to help people like me find a better life."

Thank you for helping change lives for the better in 2018!

Oct 12, 2018

How one mom is paying your generosity forward

Thanks for giving families a helping hand!
Thanks for giving families a helping hand!

A few years ago, Veronica Lake’s children Zack and Brianna joined the Club. Their family was struggling financially and Veronica was going back to school so that she could make a better life for herself and her kids. She counted on the Boys & Girls Club to give her kids a safe place to learn and play after school and the Club’s scholarship program - supported by generous donors like YOU - made it affordable, even on her tight budget.

Her kids loved coming to the Club and Veronica really appreciated the special extras that the Club staff included her kids in, like the annual Toys for Tots party that helped give her children holiday gifts when she couldn’t afford to give them much herself. While Veronica was working and going to school, she also made time to volunteer as a basketball coach for the kids at the Club, because giving back to the community and doing her best for her kids have always been her priorities.

Now, a few years later, Veronica has started her own human resources business. Veronica has become successful as a business owner and HR professional, using the MBA that she earned while her kids were at the Boys & Girls Club. She remembers the Club with a lot of gratitude for being there for her when her family needed it the most. She says, “I opened my company a year and half ago and it’s been doing really well. I am a true believer in giving back and the Boys & Girls Club was there for us when I didn’t have much.” So, this summer, she donated $5,000 to support the programs that meant the most to her family – the Club’s basketball league and the holiday party for kids in need. The Club is thrilled to have had a small part in Veronica’s success story and so grateful that she chose to pay it forward to the next group of families who need a helping hand.

Veronica knows that the Club’s scholarship program is not giving a hand-out. It’s giving a hand up to families who are working hard to provide for their families, to make a better life for themselves, and ultimately to make our whole community a better place.

Would you like to be the person that gets another family on the path to a great future? Please make a donation to the Club’s scholarship program today.

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