Pan African Sanctuary Alliance

PASA works with local communities and global experts to protect Africa's primates and their wild forest homes. The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) is the only network of wildlife sanctuaries and global experts working across Africa to care for and rehabilitate apes and monkeys confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. Illegal hunting takes a huge toll on wild primate populations. The captured monkeys and apes are sold for bushmeat, and younger animals are often illegally sold as pets. PASA and its member sanctuaries go beyond just p...
Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary, Nigeria
Ikom - Abanliko Road, Cross River National Park, Nigeria
(6.24568, 8.96965)
Nouvelle route Bonaberi, Limbe, Cameroon
(4.02112, 9.19384)
Conkuati National Park, Republic of Congo
N5, Conkouati Reserve, Congo
(-3.89440, 11.42441)
DR Congo
Tshuapa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(.87448, 22.36816)
Democratic Republic of Congo
Sankuru, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-2.99521, 24.39700)
Fernan-Vaz, Gabon
Etimboue, Gabon
(-1.65459, 9.33529)
Komo-Mondah, Gabon
(-.39596, 9.51468)
S Bank Rd, The Gambia
(13.46442, -15.38086)
N.29, Guinea
(10.59420, -11.08092)
Haut Niger National Park, Guinea
Faranah Prefecture, Guinea
(10.28790, -10.31891)
Kahuzi-Beiga National Park, DRC
North-Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-1.93872, 27.94098)
A 2, Kenya
(.09842, 37.39798)
Lilongwe, Malawi
Kenyatta, Lilongwe, Malawi
(-13.95895, 33.78296)
Limbe, Cameroon
N3, Limbe, Cameroon
(4.02866, 9.19281)
Lola ya Bonobo, DRC
Unnamed Road, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
(-4.48919, 15.26668)
Mount Cameroon National Park
Great Soppo, Buea, Cameroon
(4.17248, 9.20139)
Ngamba Island, Uganda
Elevated Viewing, Uganda
(-.10458, 32.65225)
Ekong Eta St, Calabar, Nigeria
(4.96573, 8.33873)
PASA's meeting with primate sanctuaries
P 16, Cameroon
(4.35006, 10.33447)
Boulevard de la Reunification, Yaounde, Cameroon
(3.85329, 11.51642)
Republic of Congo
P34, Congo
(-.93111, 15.34426)
Sanaga-Yong region, Cameroon
D 30, Goyoum, Cameroon
(5.20037, 13.37517)
Sierra Leone
Masiaka-Yonibana Hwy, Sierra Leone
(8.39535, -13.02134)
South Africa
Benede, South Africa
(-28.96009, 20.45654)
The Gambia
S Bank Rd, The Gambia
(13.55001, -15.26619)
Elevated Viewing, Uganda
(-.11068, 32.61606)
Vervet Monkey Foundation, South Africa
Unnamed Road, Tzaneen, South Africa
(-23.87579, 30.17395)
Yaounde, Cameroon
Unnamed Road, Yaounde, Cameroon
(3.92454, 11.51367)
M8, Zambia
(-12.87699, 25.34445)

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