Apr 4, 2013

Report on Community Innovation Resource Centre

Some of the students at the Centre studying
Some of the students at the Centre studying

Since we started the campaign for fundraising for the resource Centre, I have been reflecting and evaluating the love, generosity, knowledge, advice and guidance support you rendered to us to start the community resource Centre. I again thought of finding appropriate words to say thank you but failed, but I would only say thank you very much for what you have done for us so far, the community is very grateful with all what you have done.

Allow us to wish you and your families a very wonderful Easter season.

We are so excited to have the doors of the Resource Centre open and farmers, students and community members going through computer literacy courses. But we lack the consistent funding to fill the modems to connect the Internet and internet services in the resource centre for the entire community.

 The center was launched on 20/12/2012 and is doing well with a lot of challenges. It is a multi-purpose Centre where information is generated, disseminated, managed and shared. It is a place of reference and referral whose main target is the local community, researchers, and government and non-government organizations.

It is equipped with 5 computers though to serve the community we need at least 10 computers. We recruited 10 students and 5 farmers on full scholarship and are training to be computer literate and will be graduating at the end of April 2013.We have registered 45 youth and 20 farmer who want to become computer literate but without more funding to facilitate the centre, we cannot go ahead with the programme, therefore we are soon to be stuck. 


  1. The community has responded well to the opening of the resource center and more and more people are coming to the center to get first class services offered by the resource center.
  2. We are training 15 people to become computer literate and they have started to learn to use computers in their day to day lives. They have learnt to use both software and hardware and how to use IT to earn a living.
  3. Students are now able to use computers with relative ease as opposed to when the center started the computer training.


Since the time we opened up the resource center, we met a lot of challenges. These ranged from financial to every day challenges that arise from change of environment.

  1. Our main objective of starting the resource Centre was to provide internet services to the community to save them from moving 60 kilometers to the capital city to access such services, we also need regular funding to fill the modems for access but we have run out of fund.
  2. We lack money to facilitate the volunteer resource Centre attendants (2 people) and to service the equipment at the Centre (computers and printers) every month.
  3. One of the toughest the staff face is transport to the center. They have to walk a very long distance (more than 16 km to and fro) every day to be able to deliver the services to the students. This distance most times took a toll on their bodies daily as they had to adjust to walking almost a third of the day and we do not have the money to rent for them a nearby room where they can stay.

Due to the above mentioned challenges, we have decided   launch a second campaign to solicit more fund and to recruit at least 50 recurring donors by 31st 15th 2013 who can give $10 or $ 25 or more every month through GlobalGiving so that we can meet some of the above mentioned challenges. It will be an exciting day - we can have consistent Internet and know that the Community Innovation Resource Centre can be open every day to provide services to the community. 

We are so thankful for your support. So thankful! Your  donation is so exciting to the whole community each time we receive it. I want to humbly ask you if you would be able to donate to us more and also become our recurring donor and again help us to recruit 2 or more donors who are your friend and willing to help people in great need like us so that we can achieve our objectives.

That is why we are launching another campaign to get 50 recurring donors by 15th April 2013 who can donate to the Centre at least $10, $25, $50, $100 or more per month or once, get more computer, get a photocopying machine and 2 bicycles for the volunteers. These donations will help us to connect to the Internet, service computers every month, and ensure our resource Centre tutors (attendants) can be there every day, in order to serve our community diligently.

We want you to join the struggle to make the Kikandwa community computer literate and also help us to sustain our services. Please write me back with questions or responses. I would love to stay in contact, send photos, and send our financial plans if you would like to see as our partner.


The whole of the future is built in global partnerships and we are so honored to have this relationship.


Items which are urgently needed per year for the resource Centre to be fully operational.


  Subtotal per year

Cost of internet setup


Cost of internet services


Allowances for the computer trainer


Cost of electricity


Cost of stationery, computer repairs, printer and photocopier maintenance


Binding machine


Radio and television


Daily newspapers both English and local languages


Educational magazines and books


Purchasing of 4 new computers


Deficit from expenditures


Transport (2 bicycles)


Grand total



Best regards from

Kaganga John

Computer training
Computer training
Board members of the Centre briefing the students
Board members of the Centre briefing the students
One student saying NO to computer illiteracy
One student saying NO to computer illiteracy


Dec 31, 2012

Launching the community innovation resource center

our first student
our first student

People of Kikandwa community will celebrate the new year 2013 with a lot of joy and jubilation due to the opening of the long awaited community innovation resource center which was launched on 20th December 2012.

The people along with their lead person and community leaders have been working hard to build a resource center in Kikandwa Sub County so that local residents can have access to internet, media and up to date information not only in the field of computing but also in the field of farming since Kikandwa is an agricultural oriented sub county.

The resource center will be a multi-purpose center where information will be generated, disseminated, managed and shared. The center will be a place of reference and referral whose main target is the local community, researchers, government and non-government institutions, nationals and people from outside the country.

With the resource center which is equipped with computers and other secretarial tools, people will be able to access internet where they can access new farming practices and ideas for low cost green construction, natural ways to fight pests and diseases. People through the resource center will be able to establish working relationships with farmers from around the world and join networks that have information on everything on sustainable development from food diversity to primary education curriculum.

Within the radius of 50 kilometers of Kikandwa, there has been no resource center of this kind. Currently Kikandwa residents have been travelling 3.5 hours by bus to the capital city of Kampala to access internet services.

The center will therefore cut on people’s expenditure on transport to the city since it is open to the public and it is easy to access as it situated along the main road from Kampala to Hoima district in Uganda. It will serve more than 15000 people when it is fully operational.

So far the resource center has furnished premises with its rent fully paid for one year. It is equipped with five computers which will be used for computer training, a photocopying machine and a printer which will be used for secretarial services where a small fee will be charged on the public in order to generate income for the resource center sustainability.

   The resource center will act as an information Centre for a number of activities including agriculture and food security, environmental awareness and sustainability, climate change adaptation, marketing and marketing skills, policies and laws in applicable sectors, education, health, land and food rights, gender and gender main-streaming and the promotion of local innovation.

    During the opening of the resource center, the political head and the chairman of Kikandwa Sub County said that “generating, dissemination, managing and sharing of knowledge on various pillars of development is the key to economic, social, political and environmental sustainability”. He urged the community to utilize the resource to improve and sustain their livelihood.

He also requested the community to join him to thank all the people who donated the funds, time and knowledge to the establishment of the resource center. He thanked Kaganga John who came up with the wonderful initiative which will contribute a lot to local, national and international sustainable development.

He said that “the resource center is not fully equipped as it was planned therefore he requested all parties who donated the resources to continue and donate more.”  He also requested those who did not donate on the first round to donate so that the resource Centre can be fully equipped with what is remaining such as internet, radio and television where the community will access current information from their local areas and around the world through books and e-books, newspapers and other publications such as newsletters, factsheets, posters, policy beliefs and position papers.

The community innovation center received a donation of $4305 while it was forecast to cost $8750 dollars to be fully functional.


 Item                                     Particulars and Price per unit                                     Total

Rent for premises                       From December 2012 to                                       $1300

                                                   December 2013


2 used computers                       In very good condition                                            $700

                                                 each $350

1 new computer                                                                                                       $500


Repairs                                    On one computer, one printer                                      $350

                                                 and one photocopier

Office furniture                                New furniture                                                       $450


Airtime bills for internet             For October, November                                              $360

on modems                                   and December   

                                                  $ 120 per month    


Allowances for two trainers             For  two months at $400                                      $800


                                                         total                                                         $4460 

Deficit as per now                                                                                            $155

Items which are urgently needed for the resource Centre to be fully operational.

  • The center needs an internet setup from the service providers which will cost $900.
  • Internet services per month cost $150 and for 12 months that will cost $1800.
  • Allowances for resource center attendant and a trainer from February 2013 to December 2013 for each month will cost $400 totaling to $4400 a year.
  • Cost of electricity per month is $50 totaling to $600 a year.
  • Cost of stationery, computer, printer and photocopier maintenance per month is estimated to be $120 which totals to $3600 a year.
  • Binding machine costing $200
  • Radio and television costing $950
  • Daily newspapers
  • purchasing of 4 new computers $500 each totalling to $2000
  • Local language costs $30 per month equaling to $360 a year
  • English versions cost $30 per month equating to $360 a year
  • Educational books and magazines costing $750 per year

Total amount we are requesting as per item is as follows  

Item                                                                                                                   Subtotal per year

Cost of internet setup                                                                                             $900

Cost of internet services                                                                                         $1800

purchasing of 4 new computers                                                                               $2000

Allowances for the computer trainer                                                                         $2400

Cost of electricity                                                                                                   $600

Cost of stationery, computer repairs, printer and photocopier maintenance                  $3600

Binding machine                                                                                                    $200

Radio and television                                                                                               $950

Daily newspapers both English and local languages                                  Other students getting some hands on training

Other students getting some hands on training
Students and their instructor.
Students and their instructor.
Community leaders during the grand opening
Community leaders during the grand opening
Kaganga John and one of the community members
Kaganga John and one of the community members
Students having a group discussion at the center
Students having a group discussion at the center
staff and community leaders at the grand launch
staff and community leaders at the grand launch
A lady farmer admiring the trainees at the center
A lady farmer admiring the trainees at the center
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