Jul 6, 2021

Keeping our children connected

Education must continue

Education underwent an important change as a result of the situation caused by the COVID-19 health emergency. Children and young people in Colombia have had to adapt to new educational methods that have been taught virtually, bringing with them new needs and challenges for education.

Currently, the CRAN Foundation has 42 children in school, who continued their educational process during the last semester in virtual mode, taking into account that not all schools are authorized to open their facilities. In order for our children to continue their educational process, equipment and a good internet connection are required to fulfill their academic obligations.

Our Connected with the world project has allowed us to receive the solidarity of our donors, who have been concerned about guaranteeing the future of our children and adolescents. With their donations we have acquired new technological equipment, the internet wiring has been maintained and new spaces have been adapted to ensure that our children have all the necessary tools to continue learning.

Now our children return to classes after a two-week holiday break, this return to classes will continue virtually, so they will need a stable internet connection, as well as equipment to meet the needs of all the children in our care, to ensure an uninterrupted education.

For us it is of great help to count on your donation, so we can guarantee that our children can study without any complications. For this reason we continue to count on your support and we invite you to continue to be part of the healthy development of our children in CRAN.

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La educación debe continuar 

La educación tuvo un cambio importante a raíz de la coyuntura que ha ocasionado la emergencia sanitaria por COVID-19. Niños y jóvenes en Colombia han tenido que adaptarse a nuevos métodos educativos que han sido impartidos mediante la virtualidad, trayendo consigo nuevas necesidades y retos para la educación.

Actualmente, la Fundación CRAN cuenta con 42 niños escolarizados, quienes continuaron su proceso educativo durante el último semestre en modalidad virtual, teniendo en cuenta que no todos los colegios tienen autorizado abrir sus instalaciones. Para que nuestros niños y niñas puedan continuar su proceso educativo se requiere de equipos y de una buena conexión a internet, esto para cumplir con sus obligaciones académicas. 

Nuestro proyecto Conectados con el mundo nos ha permitido recibir la solidaridad de nuestros donantes, quienes se han preocupado por garantizar el futuro de nuestros niños, niñas y adolescentes. Con sus donaciones hemos adquirido nuevos equipos tecnológicos, se ha realizado mantenimiento al cableado de internet y se han adaptado nuevos espacios para garantizar que nuestros niños tengan todas las herramientas necesarias para seguir aprendiendo.

Ahora nuestros niños y niñas regresan a clases tras dos semanas de receso vacacional, este regreso a clases continuará de manera virtual, por lo que necesitarán de una conexión a internet estable, además de equipos que suplan la necesidad de todos los niños a nuestro cuidado, para así asegurar una educación sin interrupciones.

Para nosotros es de gran  ayuda contar con tu donación, así garantizamos que nuestros niños estudien sin ninguna complicación. Por esta razón seguimos contando con tu apoyo y te invitamos para que sigas haciendo parte del sano desarrollo de nuestros niños y niñas en CRAN.


Jun 23, 2021

We work on our childrens safety

Renovations for the safety of our children

For CRAN it is essential to have a safe space to ensure a loving environment where our children and adolescents can have a training and stay adequate to their needs.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to carry out different maintenance and cleaning activities in our facilities during the last months.

In the month of March, we changed and fixed the electrical connections of the isolation house, we also installed new lamps in the bathrooms of the offices and renewed the electrical outlets for the computers. On the other hand, since we have a large green space for our children's recreation, in April the garden was repaired, including cutting the grass and spraying the paths and stairs.

General maintenance of the foundation's infrastructure was carried out, including repairs to the roofs and gutters of the offices, as well as repairs due to leaks and humidity. Maintenance of the hydraulic and electrical systems in the houses where the children live and the kiosks were done, the roofs and walls with humidity were painted and fixed, rods were installed in the windows of the children's rooms for their safety and the washing machines and dryers were checked and maintained.

With your support we have been able to improve all the spaces so that our children can continue to play and develop fully, so we count on you and invite you to continue supporting us and thus continue to maintain the CRAN Foundation headquarters as a safe and protective space for children and adolescents.

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Trabajamos para la seguridad de nuestros niños y niñas


Para CRAN es fundamental contar con un espacio seguro para así garantizar un ambiente amoroso, donde nuestros niños, niñas y adolescentes, puedan tener una formación y estadía adecuada a sus necesidades. 

Gracias a tus donaciones, logramos realizar diferentes actividades de mantenimiento y limpieza en nuestras instalaciones durante los últimos meses.

En el mes de marzo, realizamos el cambio y arreglo de las acometidas eléctricas de la casa de aislamiento, además se instalaron nuevas lámparas en los baños de los consultorios y se renovaron las tomas eléctricas para los computadores. Por otro lado, ya que contamos con un espacio verde amplio para el esparcimiento de nuestros niños, en el mes de abril se realizó el arreglo del jardín, incluyendo el corte del pasto y la fumigación de los caminos y escaleras.

Se llevó a cabo el mantenimiento general de la infraestructura de la fundación, incluyendo arreglos en los techos y canales de las oficinas, además de reparaciones debido a goteras y humedad. Se hizo mantenimiento del sistema hidráulico y eléctrico en las casas donde residen los niños y los kioscos, en estas se pintaron y arreglaron los techos y paredes con humedad, se instalaron varillas en las ventanas de las habitaciones de los niños para su seguridad y se realizó la revisión y mantenimiento de lavadoras y secadoras.

Con tu apoyo hemos logrado mejorar todos los espacios para que nuestros niños y niñas puedan continuar jugando y desarrollándose plenamente, por eso contamos contigo y te invitamos para que nos sigas apoyando y de esta manera seguir manteniendo la sede de la fundación CRAN como un espacio seguro y protector para los niños, niñas y adolescentes.


May 25, 2021

Maria, an extraordinary fighter

Maria, an extraordinary fighter

Maria entered the protection program due to abuse and neglect from birth by her biological family. At only three years and five months old, this little girl has faced different health problems, such as acute malnutrition, an alteration in head circumference, a risk condition for her neurodevelopment, as well as Turner syndrome.

Maria came to us thanks to the adoption assessment strategy that is responsible for finding children in difficult adoption conditions throughout the country, and then prepare them for the adoption process, providing the necessary care while a family is found. In CRAN we seek that all children have the opportunity to be loved by a family that provides them with all the tools for their healthy development and growth.

This little fighter, was declared in adoptability condition, so she was transferred to CRAN Foundation on February 12, 2021. Due to her health condition, Maria has needed the attention of different specialists, neuropediatrics, neuropsychology, genetics, in addition to comprehensive therapies. Maria comes from another region and her access to health services due to the transfer between regions has been hindered by legal issues, added to this the contingency for Covid 19, in addition to the public order problems that have been occurring in the country; Maria's health condition could not wait, so the Foundation resorted to private specialists to meet the special needs of Maria in a timely manner.

Upon her arrival at CRAN, Maria found a different, loving and caring environment, with green areas, parks and play spaces that have contributed to her adequate adaptation and improvement in her level of development. After these advances, CRAN Foundation finally found a family that is willing to love and care for her, so Maria will have a second chance with loving and responsible parents.

It is thanks to the support of our donors that CRAN is able to offer Maria and other children the health care they need while they regain the right to have a family that will love and care for them forever.

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