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Jan 12, 2015

Tiny Toones Christmas Report

Happy Holidays from Tiny Toones!
Happy Holidays from Tiny Toones!

A Tiny Toones Christmas

This past December generous people came together to donate $500 to Tiny Toones . Our first holiday themed fundraising campaign was a success and enabled us to save for a new school bus and also provide the kids with a small party where they showed off their breakdancing skills and were able to enjoy the spirit of the Holiday Season. 

We have high hopes for 2015 and have created a new Global Giving project which will have a more long term fundraising goal that will be active throughout the year.  One of our main goals this year is to purchase a new van to pick up and drop off the children. Our current van and tuk tuk are in rough shape and need constant repairs and maintenance.  The barriers in attending school are great enough as is, so this is a crucial service to provide.

Tiny Toones helps children focus their attention on create dance and music instead of slipping into more destructive paths, using this as a springboard for education and personal development. Our offer of creative arts, education and mentoring is unique in the slum areas in which we operates, as are the opportunities for expression we provide.

Why dancing?

The children that come to Tiny Toones receive little support or guidance at home, at school (for those that attend) or in their community. Meanwhile, hip-hop is immensely popular amongst Cambodian youth. Break-dancing hooks their interest because it’s part of a culture that feels young, exciting and relevant to their lives. Its appeal provides the basis for all of Tiny Toones wider work on personal development, social integration and education.

Break-dancing is physically and mentally demanding. It promotes active lifestyles, inner-strength and a sense of achievement and self-worth. The change that takes place in terms of confidence and self-esteem is visibly apparent and transformative for the children involved.

These children become part of a positive community. Our dancers perform throughout Cambodia and beyond. Their achievements – both as dancers and through the education they have gained – inspire the next generation.

Our kids

More than 40% of Cambodians are under 18 years of age. While 39% of children aged 5-14 are involved in child labour, only one in three stay in school beyond primary level. It is estimated that over 20,000 young people live and/or work on the streets.

Tiny Toones’ students are aged 5-24 and are particularly vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, sexual and labor exploitation, domestic violence, and gang involvement. A quarter of the children at Tiny Toones report never having attended school. They all face multiple barriers to attendance and progress as a result of their difficult backgrounds, the fees involved and being compelled to generate income. From as young as five many of these children are begging or collecting cans from garbage, or working as garment workers.

As the project has grown, Tiny Toones has maintained its grassroots appeal by employing former students in all of the creative teaching posts. They are perfectly placed to understand the needs of the next generation, to build strong relationships and to act as positive role models.

To help us keep this vital service into 2015, please consider making a donation at Global Giving or Global Giving UK again this year and telling your friends and family about our work.

Thank you for your support to date and all the best in 2015!


Tiny Toones

May 8, 2014

Changing Young Lives Through Dance And Music

Our tiny dancers
Our tiny dancers

Thank you for supporting Tiny Toones!

Thank you to all of our generous supporters who have helped us raise $4652.05 providing the Tiny Toones kids with not only an education but also the rare opportunity to be creative and have fun.

I’m happiest when I am teaching the kids new hip hope moves” – Diamond (20), former Tiny Toones student and current Tiny Toones teacher

This year, many of our kids are attending public school, which means that we have more places to fill in our class! Tiny Toones has focused on involving an additional 7 communities into our creative project with the emphasis on participation, creativity and most importantly, having fun! Tiny Toones runs 9-10 classes simultaneously throughout the day, with no more than 15 children in each class, allowing for personal and interactive support for each child attending our classes. The kids are picked up and driven to the Tiny Toones center twice a day (Monday – Friday).

"I didn’t know many of the kids at Tiny Toones and didn’t know how to dance like them but now I have lots of friends and I'm getting really good at hip hop! I hope I can be just like Diamond one day she’s been to many places – Srey Pov (11), Tiny Toones student

Now our classes are smaller, more varied, and better equipped, our teachers are really blossoming with the support provided to them. The last Friday of every month is now dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the kids. Guests are welcome so if you want to visit the centre and attend the next 'show and tell' please contact us.

Their inspiration
Their inspiration
Feb 14, 2014

Tiny Toones dance school challenge update

Tiny Toones kids in front of the new graffiti wall
Tiny Toones kids in front of the new graffiti wall

Thank you for supporting Tiny Toones!

"I'm so thankful to all of the teachers, they teach me about dancing, Khmer and English and they also give me new ideas. Tiny Toones is so important because they help kids with no money or school. I hope more and more kids come to Tiny Toones" – Phanna (12), Tiny Toones student

Thanks to your assistance, Tiny Toones provided over 700 children with not only education during 2013 but also opportunities to be creative and to have fun together.

Here at Tiny Toones it is my second family. We work together, dance, we show love to each other and always stick together” – Fresh (20), former Tiny Toones student and current Tiny Toones teacher

From May 2013, our 'new term' offering the kids more classes than ever before. With the emphasis on participation, creativity and – crucially – fun, we ran 9-10 classes simultaneously throughout the day. This also helped us to make the classrooms smaller – no more than 15 in a class – allowing for more personal support and increased the total number of teaching hours to over 11,000 across the year.

"I was scared when I first came to Tiny Toones but now I have friends and I'm so happy to study all of the classes, especially English, rap, dance and Khmer. I want Tiny Toones to help all the kids in Cambodia" - Dany (13), Tiny Toones student

Now our classes are smaller, more varied, and better equipped and our teachers are really blossoming with the support provided to them. The last Friday of every month is now dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the kids. Guests are welcome so if you want to visit the centre and attend the next 'show and tell' please contact us.

Tiny Toones teachers speak out

“I used to hate my life, my family and myself before I found Tiny Toones” – Voch (22), Tiny Toones music teacher and producer

During December we produced three short films telling the stories of Tiny Toones teachers. To find out how Tiny Toones helped Homie, Diamond and Voch to not only turn their own lives around but also inspire and educate the next generation at Tiny Toones visit

To support a former Tiny Toones student to become a teacher you can visit the campaign page at

For those based in the UK you can make your donation go further at Global Giving UK at

“I am so grateful to have been shown the right direction. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Tiny Toones, I would still be doing bad things or be in prison” – Homie (22), Tiny Toones Creative Program Coordinator and teacher


Ready to battle with Europe's finest

Tiny Toones will be sending three dancers to Denmark this March to compete in Europe's 'Floorwars.'

Floor Wars is a dance event based around a 3 vs 3 breakdance / bboying battle. Eight crews from all over the world are invited to the event where they will be challenged by the eight European crews who qualified by winning their national battle. Tiny Toones has been invited by the event coordinators Breakpoint who are generously covering all the costs involved.

From there our dancers will go on to meet the Norwegian-Cambodian Friendship Society in Kristiansand before heading to the Netherlands where they will be joined by five more 'Tiny Toones' and take part in the International Community Arts Festival (ICAF).

Tiny Toones has been invited to run a workshop and put on a dramatic performance. We're honoured to be invited to such a prestigious event and our special thanks go to the Prince Claus fund for helping us get there.

Plans for the year ahead...

We have exciting plans to free up more space for creativity and fun, to introduce more learning through play for the under 10s and to develop our own Tiny Toones curriculum. Most of all we want to continue delivering over 300 hours of classes to under privileged children every week. 2013 was a big step, now we want to help them to keep moving forward, keep learning and keep growing. With your continuing help we know we can do it.

To make a donation please visit or (for UK supporters)

Tiny Toones DJ class
Tiny Toones DJ class
A young 'Tiny Toon' showing off for the camera
A young 'Tiny Toon' showing off for the camera
Performers getting ready to take the stage
Performers getting ready to take the stage
Art class at Tiny Toones
Art class at Tiny Toones


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