Feb 26, 2014

Second Chance Education- Changing Lives


The year 2014 started on a high note at  Chiedza Child Care Center. Children and staff members had a good rest in December and came prepared for the new year! Instead of loitering in the streets, children who had missed out grades or dropped out of school came with renewed energy to attend the second chance accelerated learning program classes at the center. The program is continuing to make an impact in the community as more and more parents and caregivers are identifying children who were just idle and bringing them to the center to attend classes.

When we closed last year, we had 124 children attending the second chance education.  We have 130 children at the moment. This year, we managed to reintegrate 24 children into formal schools. We are excited as we send them off into the mainstream schools where they will learn the formal syllabus with other children in a school environment. We feel a sense of achievement as they graduate out of the second chance education classes, where we prepare them. We also feel bit sad to part ways and also hope the schools will continue to nurture the skills and talents of children who had lost hope in their lives.

One of the children who were reintegrated into the formal school this year is Leeroy; who is a double orphan and live with his aunt. His aunt is a petty trader and struggles to make ends meet with the income she gets from her merchandise. When Leeroy spends time away from his books, he takes time to help her aunt with her stall where she sells her goods. Leeroy joined the Chiedza Child Care Center Out of School Study Group in January 2013 and excelled in all the subjects and was eventually reintegrated into a formal school; Shingirayi Primary School.  Leeroy remains grateful to the second chance education program.

Despite the problems his family continually endured day by day, he will persistently work hard and has a clear goal as to where he wants his studies to take him. For Leeroy , the sky is the limit!

We have shared with you the story of Leeroy, to show you how big an impact your contribution is making in the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children. To support the Second Chance education program, we are running a micro-project ending this March on Global Giving to Build a Classroom Block for the children attending classes. Kindly support us, tell your friends and networks to support the Chiedza Child Care Center Second Chance Education-Build a Classroom Campaign.  Thank you all our partners and friends for supporting this worthy cause.

Children attending second chance education reading
Children attending second chance education reading


Nov 27, 2013

Second Chance Education-Life Changing for Girls

Shamiso and the Out of School teacher
Shamiso and the Out of School teacher

My name is Shamiso  Tirimuta* I am girl aged 13 years. I was born on the 14th of March 1999, in the village of Murewa in Mashonaland East Province, here in Zimbabwe. My father’s name was Nhamo (poverty). My mother was called Grace Tirimuta*. I do not know my father’s surname that is why I used my mother’s surname. We were four in our family, and I am the third born.


I started going to school in 2006 at Chipembere primary school in Murewa. I used to stay with my grandparents.  In 2009, I stopped going to school because my grandfather had stopped working. When my grandfather left formal employment, life became difficult and the four of us stopped going to school.  The first few days, we continued to go to school but were continuously sent away. The school fees per term were $45/child. My grandparents then moved to Harare town and we are staying in Block 7 at Matapi Flats (this is a high density oldest suburb of Harare characterized by overcrowding and poverty). One of my grandfather’s daughters is helping with rent and our upkeep. 

When we moved to Harare, I continued to stay home due to lack of school fees, but because of some miracle, I met Shanty Sasa, who was once learning at Chiedza Child Care Center and told me that they are assisting children who are not going to school due to lack of school fees.  I felt very happy and went and told my grandmother.  My grandmother sought clarification from Shanty’s granny who accepted to accompany us to Chiedza Child Care Center.


When we got to Chiedza Child Care Center, we saw Mr. Makoni, the Out of School Teacher Supervisor, and we told him our problem and he accepted to enroll me.  That’s how I came to Chiedza Child Care Center.

Before I came to Chiedza, I used to feel very sad and troubled but because I am just a child, there was nothing I could do and I felt left behind. I want to thank Chiedza Child Care for accepting me; because if I check on some the girls of my age who are not going to school have already eloped or have children out of wedlock. Now I want to focus on my studies so that I bring change into our lives and look after my grandparents.  Of the four siblings, three of us are here at Chiedza Child Care Center.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for the help that you are offering me and my 2 siblings!

For girls like Shamiso to benefit, we need funds to construct a classroom block so that the children can learn under a roof, funds to pay for her school fees to the send her back to a formal school, funds to buy furniture and stationery for teachers and pupils.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality

Shamiso, siblings and the out of school teacher
Shamiso, siblings and the out of school teacher
Out of school children in class
Out of school children in class
Sep 6, 2013




 In Zimbabwe, the schools have opened for the third term beginning on the 3rd of September until early December. Children, parents and teachers are busy getting ready for the last lap of the education calendar for 2013.

 However, there are orphans and other vulnerable children who are not even aware of the school calendar. Some have never been to school, and some have dropped out of school before they even completed the infant stage of
their education. Such is the impact of economic hardships and HIV and AIDS.  They have lost hope in this  competitive era, where education can open opportunities for better lives and combat poverty.

 At Chiedza, the third term for the 102 children who dropped out of school or never been to school has started with hope and renewed energy. Through the hardworking and passionate retired teachers from the surrounding community, Chiedza is operating an Out of School Programme at the Center, where the orphans and other
vulnerable children are attending lessons. We put the children in 3 levels and their education is fast tracked in line with their ages and levels of understanding.   We call it Accelerated Learning Programme. We utilize an educational curriculum for non-formal education. The children learn in groups under a big shade, there are no classrooms. But under that big shade, there is renewed hope!

 We were also innovative enough to give the children at the community center a school identity. The caregivers sew uniforms using the Chiedza colors for the out of school children. This gives them confidence and a sense of identity. The community center here at Chiedza gives the children a safe and free environment where children learn without fear of being stigmatised due to their age and level of understanding. When they are ready and confidence is boosted, they join the masses in the formal schools.

 We conduct assessments when children are in level 3 to check whether they are ready for reintegration
into the formal schools. The aim is to ensure that the children are able to read, write and attain primary education. To date we have reintegrated 70 children in the main schools.  We have restored  lost hope for these children. More are still coming seeking places at the center for the accelerated learning, however resources are strained.   We are the bridging gap between the lost hope in the community and the formal school. This model for us is unique, as there was no recognition of non-formal education for young children in Zimbabwe.  It was meant for adults only. At Chiedza we realized that we cannot ignore the challenge of school drop outs, it is a reality for orphans and vulnerable children.

 With the generous support from yourselves we continue to solder on despite the challenges of limited furniture, reading books, classrooms, teacher stipend, school fees for reintegration, school uniforms and teaching materials. It gives us strength to know that we are a center of restoring hope at Chiedza Child Care Center.

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