Jan 13, 2016

A happy message from a Child with Disability,Nepal

Rama (name changed)
Rama (name changed)

Thank you very much for your continuous support to our project. Special thanks from the children of Nepal and from our side for those who donated for the December 2015 “Year End fundraising Campaign” in which you gave more than $2000!. We expect continued cooperation from you during the days to come.

Rama (name changed), a child with disability identified as Diplegic Spastic CP, joined Patan CBR 4 years back . When she joined she couldn’t walk without support and couldn’t communicate well. She required bilateral hands support, feet are internally rotated and flexion of toes of bilateral feet while walking.  Yet, she has difficulty to change posture from kneeling to half kneeling .

We started our work with number of goals like,

  • To make her able to walk independently by improving her kneeling position from kneeling to half kneeling and then standing.
  • Improve gait pattern
  • Prevent deformity of bilateral feet
  • Make her functionally active

Recent Exercises we provided are

  • Stretching of bilateral calf
  • Stretching of toes of bilateral foot
  • Standing with foot flat with minimal support
  • Balance exercises- standing without AFO and reach out activities with minimal support
  • Walking independently
  • Sit to stand with AFO
  • Bridging

Her treatment of Physiotherapy gained momentum especially from two years back when we started to hire a professional physiotherapist with support from donation made by the Global Giving donors. Our Therapist measured the change as

“Now she can walk at least 500 meters independently without support if there are no obstacles. Also her speech has improved and can communicate with others now. Also she can stand independently without support with foot flat on ground. Usually, improvements of these types of children are very slow but her improvement made her parents very happy”. Her mother has to say this:

“I’m very happy that my daughter is on the way to start walking. I know it still takes a lot of time to make her walk but due to the regular physiotherapy work carried out by Patan CBR Organization, it became easier for me to make walk during her school time. Before, I had to carry her with me. Thank you donors of Global Giving of Patan CBR Organization”

Our physiotherapy coordinator has these words “I have been continuously watching her development, I’m quite happy that she improved a lot within a short period of time. I would like to extend thanks to the donors of Global Giving without support  of whom the change was not possible”.

Besides these, 4 children from Patan CBR performed a dance in Convention on the Rights of the Child day in . Also, this time kids from CBR performed dance on the Talent Show program on December 2015 on the occasion of the World Disable Day 2015.

Rama getting Physiotherapy
Rama getting Physiotherapy
Performing dance at Talent Show program
Performing dance at Talent Show program
Dance at CRC day
Dance at CRC day
Oct 27, 2015

Assistive Devices distribution

Wheel Chair to Prabu with his mother
Wheel Chair to Prabu with his mother

I’m writing to let you know that we are participating in “Little by Little by Little Match Campaign” by Global Giving UK (www.globalgiving.co.uk) going to start from 26th Oct 2015 to 2nd Nov. 2015. In this campaign we have to raise at least £ 3000 from at least 30 people.GG UK will match 50% for the donation amount.Matching is applied at 50% up to £50 maximum per unique donor per project during the campaign. Also, the £500, £300 and £150 cash bonuses will be awarded to the top three projects that generate the largest number of unique donors.

We hope this will help us in continuing our centre in the near future. We are experiencing difficulty to run our centre for the last five years as we do not have permanent donors. This is our project link in GG UK (https://www.globalgiving.co.uk/projects/rehabilitation-patan-cbr/). Please share this link in your social media network, friends, families and work place and help our project in raising at least £ 3000 from at least 30 unique donors so that we can continue our service to one of the neediest people of the society of Nepal. It is my great pleasure to let you know that we have placed donate now button in our website specially targeting to the UK donors so that you can donate in UK Pound without any difficulty.

This time the report is about the distribution of assistive devices to our children. Apart from our regular services provided with the help of Globalgiving, we provided wheel chair, AFO and tent.

Prabu (name changed), a child at the age 12 with Cerebral Palsy, with no walk at all, used to stay home with his room locked all the day. Because his mother has to go to office and there is no source of income of his mother except the office as his father already divorced with his mother.  She has difficulty in bringing Prabu out of the room as there was no wheelchair with them. When he admitted here in Patan CBR some 2 years back, he was very happy and her mother expressed view that she can work without any tension of taking her son because he would going to be served by Patan CBR Organization at least during the day time.

Now there is no problem for his mother because he has been served by Patan CBR for whole day. In addition to that with the new wheelchair provided, he can now go outside with his mother without difficulty. His mother expressed deep gratitude that with this wheel chair his participation to the social event will be increased.

Similarly, for the fourth time, we provided orthosis for one CwD. This time we provided Plastic Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) for her. With this device she can walk from CBR school to her home easily. Actually with these helps from CBR time to time she has been able to come to the school.

Also, this time we distributed a tent to cover roof of the house fractured by an earthquake to a needy family of a child of our school. 

School coordinator, Ram Kumar said just because of the donors from the Global Giving we are able to provide services to the needy children with disabilities even with no in

Plastic AFO distribution
Plastic AFO distribution
Tent distribution to a family of a child
Tent distribution to a family of a child


Aug 14, 2015

Activity report from 1st June to 14th August

Running at paralympic game
Running at paralympic game

Earthquake special report

  • This time with the help of organization named Lakash Nepal, we  supported with temporary shelter to five children who lost their house.
  • 3 community physiotherapy camps have been organized targeting  those who became disable due to Earthquake and also to general people.
  • One child has been supported with cash to manage debries of the house. Now we are planning to make at least one storied shelter for her.
  • Medicine to some field children and relief materials have been distributed this time also.  

General activity report

Thank you all for donating our project. We are able to provide services to our children due to your continuous help. We hope this help will continue in the near future also. We have raised some $10000, which became possible, only with the help of your support.  Now we can accept the RECURRING MONTHLY DONATIONS (many donations can be given with one name, monthly) and that will add the points to our project, thus making our project more visible in search. In turn, it will help us in securing “Superstar” level partner of Globalgiving.

  • This time our children participated in one day sports program organized by Paralympic committee, Nepal  governmentwith technical support of Patan CBR Organization. All together 6 children from Patan CBR participated the program.3 of them bagged medal also.
  • With continuous support from all of you, we are able to continue physiotherapist this year also. This year we hired new physiotherapist as the term of the old physiotherapist expired and she migrated to the other place.

The new therapist is very happy to be a part of this project. She expressed “I feel immense pleasure to be a part of this project and would like to provide thanks to all the donors due to whom this project is continuing. I got chance to serve these types of children and got chance to sharpen my knowledge in disability.”

  • This time we provided some playing materials to one child so that it helps in heating up in providing physiotherapy at home. Her parent expressed the gratitude and extended thanks to all the donors for the continuous support to Patan CBR project.   
  • Also, this time, with your support, we were able to provide with some cash to other child which helped the child in treating the mouth injury caused by of epilepsy.

Success story

A youth of age 43 with disability type Kyphosis and mental retardation, joined Patan CBR Organization on 5th August 2014. Our aim was to provide vocational training and some sort of education needed to run his small shop after providing skill training. By the end of one year, he can now make some products like various kinds of candles, necklace, envelops. Also, he can understand some mathematical skills necessary to run his small shop. Despite being mentally retarded, due to the effort of teachers, he can make some vocational products. We are now searching a donor for him to run a small shop so that he can lead his life independently.


Besides this, it is my great pleasure to let you know that even close to 2nd year of our relationship with Globalgiving we are able to continue past supports like :

  • Lunch for 3 children
  • Service/education, transportation for 5 children
  • Medicine distribution for 4 children

GREAT THANK YOU once again all of you for your continuous support. Hope for your recurring donations to our project.

New physiotherapist in action
New physiotherapist in action
Mass exercise for amusement
Mass exercise for amusement
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