Nov 27, 2017

Physiotherapy Workshop

Trent speaking to parents and teachers
Trent speaking to parents and teachers

We are very happy to share with you that till today, we have raised $ 16,760.We got 181 donations. 135 donors have supported our cause and we have 2 monthly donors. Patan CBR has been able to provide rehabilitative services to children with disabilities only because of your support. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the donors, supporters and well- wishers for their contribution. We also want to share that we are participating in the biggest fundraising season of the year, #Giving Tuesday organized by GlobalGiving. It will start from November 28 tomorrow and last till end of December 2017. We want to appeal to all our donors that we need your support to win bonus prizes in addition to incentive fund of #Giving Tuesday.

This time I am going to report about physiotherapy workshop. The workshop was held on November 3, 2017 at Patan CBR. The main speaker of the event was Trent, a Physiotherapist from Australia. Trent is a passionate and enthusiastic Physiotherapist based in Australia. He has a broad range of experience in treating clients of all ages and at all physical levels. He has been practising for 11 years. The workshop was mainly targeted for carers, parents of children with disabilities who are involved in the daily taking care of Children With Disabilities (CWDs). Daily taking care of CWDs is an arduous task. Parents and caregivers whose children are grown up suffer from back pain, knee pain etc. due to daily caregiving. Teachers and caretakers working at Patan CBR also participated in the workshop.

Trent taught about proper lifting techniques for transferring the child from one surface to another such as floor, bed, toilet seat, chair etc. These techniques help to transfer the CWDs easily and are more comfortable for caretakers. Trent also gave talk on importance of maintaining proper posture during activities of daily life. Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. Maintaining proper posture during activities of daily living helps to prevent stress in different joints that lead to back pain, neck pain etc. The programme was very interactive and the parents were very interested to know more

Some of the children with disabilities were assessed by Trent. After assessment, he suggested on physiotherapy exercises. He interacted with parents on importance of home program. Home program is the set of exercises to be continued at home to get maximum benefits of rehabilitation exercises. The physiotherapist working with Patan CBR expressed" It was really nice opportunity for exchange of ideas and knowledge". Parents were very happy and grateful to Trent for teaching so many things. They said that such programs should continue in future.

Trent expressed "I am very happy to come here today and share some of my knowledge with the people here. It is really nice to see that Patan CBR is providing rehabilitation services, education and vocational training with such limited resources. Their work is really recommendable. I hope to meet these wonderful people again in future."

At the end, we like to say that without your donations, Patan CBR would not have been able to do what it is doing today. Because of your donations only Patan CBR exists and we are able to organize workshops like these. Thank you all for your great support.

Trent demonstrating effective transfer
Trent demonstrating effective transfer
Trent demonstrating with patient
Trent demonstrating with patient
Nov 13, 2017

Eye camp for children with disabilities

Eye camp for Children with Disabilities
Eye camp for Children with Disabilities

Eye camp at Patan CBR

On 2017/09/22, free one day eye camp was conducted at Patan CBR for children with disabilities, their parents and staffs with the joint effort of Patan CBR organization and Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh.

The main objectives were

  • To creat awareness about different diseases affecting eyes
  • To teach on the ways to protect eyes
  • To counsel people on the importance of seeking treatment early to prevent simple eye problems leading to lifelong vision loss or deficiency
  • To conduct eye check-up, distribute medicine, visual aid like spectacles free of cost and to refer for surgery for the children with disabilities who have eye problems.

Evaluation of the programme

The eye camp was organized jointly by Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh and Patan CBR with the aim of preventing and curing eye problems in children who already have physical and intellectual disabilities. The services provided were free eye check-up by specialist, medicines and spectacles. The clients said that this sort of eye camp should be held every six months. The major problems seen were redness, allergy, itching and dryness of eyes caused mainly by air pollution, exposure to smoke, dust and prolonged use of mobile phones.

The clients said they were greatly benefitted by camp because medicines cured their eye problems and they are now aware about taking care of eyes and seeking treatment timely. Parents of the children said "When the child who already has disability suffers from eye problem it is more difficult in daily taking care. If we go to seek treatment at other centers, it is too expensive. The camp has given priority to children with disabilities. We are very happy with the services and we request the organizers to continue these type of programs in future".

The coordinator of the camp said "We are very happy that today this eye camp has been conducted successfully. The children with disabilities and their parents belong to poor socio economic groups, hence they can't seek timely treatment. Also due to low level of awareness they can't teach their children on how to maintain eye hygiene. I feel the parents and children with disabilities have got maximum benefits from the camp and we are happy to provide services to the neediest group of people".

It was stressed by everybody that this sort of programme should continue in future so that the CWDs can get timely treatment and they will not lose their vision permanently because of simple eye illnesses.

children with disabilities attending the eye camp
children with disabilities attending the eye camp
eye check up by specialist
eye check up by specialist
eye check up
eye check up
participants of eye camp
participants of eye camp
Aug 17, 2017

Radha's progress

client doing physiotherapy
client doing physiotherapy

Greetings to all from children of Patan CBR , Thank you very much for your great support to Children of Disabilities of Nepal. It is my great pleasure to let you know that all together you gave US $ 15,417.06. Due to this, we fill encouraged to continue our work with one of the needy and marginalized group of community. Hope for your continue support in the near future. Great THANK YOU to all. This time, I’m writing you about the development of one client named Radha (Name Changed. You can view the list of the donors till date to our website

Basic Information:

 Name: Radha (name changed)

Sex: Female

Type of disability:

  • Low vision
  • Mental Disability
  • Epilepsy

Activity Limitation: The client has learning disability. The client cannot perform her own activity by herself and cannot be independent.

 History of Impairment, disability:

 When the mother of the client was pregnant she took medicine to abort the client which was not a successful one and the client was born. At 4 years old, after the client was born, she suffered from goiter and took excessive medicine. Due to the excessive medicine the client suffered from mental disability.

 Goals, activities and achievements planned for the client:

  Short-term goals (6 months);

  1. In the area of awareness and counseling, the goal is to make the client socially acceptable.
  2. In the areas of impairment, the goal is to make her do her own activities, manage her stuffs and do household works.
  3. In the areas of disability, the goal of the agency is to involve her in physical activities.

Long-term goals;

  1. Make her able to read and write.
  2. Make her participate in social activities and do her own activities.
  3. Involve her in vocational activities.

      Activities planned for the achievement of the goals:

  1. Teach her to perform her own activities and manage her things in class.
  2. Vocational training activities such as;

o   Candle making

o   Cleaning activities

 Daily activity record:

  1. Reading and writing.
  2. Drawing and coloring.
  3. Recreational activities.

 Goals and activities that have been achieved for the student:

 The activities that have been planned for the student at the class for her daily routine has been observed to be implemented and improved quiet well than her initial stage. There have been positive changes in the student. The student herself have seen trying her best to learn and improvised. As mentioned the student’s daily activity record are;

o   Reading and writing,

o   Drawing and coloring,

o   Recreational activities,

The student has been doing well in her writing and reading works. Her daily class routine covers classes of Mathematics, English and Nepali. And her personal activities in Mathematics include simple addition and subtraction, in English and Nepali includes writing general words and its explanations, spellings and handwritings.

The student has also been showing interest in drawing and coloring even she cannot give her full attention and concentrations. She tries to draw what her teachers or her volunteers directs in the class and colors as she wishes.

The recreational activities in her class includes playing indoor games, making puzzles, finding word games, dancing, singing, outing to park, movie watching and  more. In these activities the student does not really show interest and cannot give her time in it fully. She gets easily distracted.

She has not been able to do her vocational activities and trainings. She cannot learn properly and do not show interest in these activities at all. So, she has not been doing vocational activities lately.

The student’s short-term and long-term goals were to make her involve in physical activities such as doing her own work, doing household chores, making her responsible of her own stuffs. The goal of the agency was also to make her responsible of her own activities and behavior and with time making her learn good habits and actions.

The goal has been achieved to some extent, as she is able to do her household chores, looks after her own things in the classroom, does her own activities and knows what should be done to have good habits. She can distinguish between what is wrong and what is right so her actions are shaped according to it. She mostly have mood swings because of which her actions are rude and negative sometimes but she is learning to control her actions.

The student has been helping in the class to look after the students and class. She also helps to look supervise the students of other classes whenever the teachers are busy. She does few simple tasks that have been directed from the teachers, volunteers and staff members.

Overall, till date the activities of the students have been developing in a positive way and she has been contributing in her activities as much as she can.


Physiotherapist teaching Physio
Physiotherapist teaching Physio
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