Mar 20, 2018

Changing lives of children with disabilities

Mahesh doing balance exercise
Mahesh doing balance exercise

Greetings from Nepal! We raised US $ 17,847 till now. Thank you so much for your donations and good wishes. We have been able to continue our services only because of you. Thank you for bringing positive changes in the lives of children with disabilities in Nepal. 

This time I am reporting about a child, Mahesh (name changed). Mahesh lives with his parents, a sister and a brother. His mother does tailoring work and his father is a sculpture. Mahesh has been visiting Patan CBR since 16 years but it is very difficult for him to come regularly without an escort.

Mahesh is getting physiotherapy services along with education at Patan CBR. He speaks basic English, Nepali and Newari languages. He has dysarthria (difficult or unclear articulation of speech that is otherwise linguistically normal).He is independent with toileting and eating; can get dressed by himself basically except  buttoning and tying shoe laces.

History of the child

The mother suffered from typhoid at 2nd month of pregnancy. He was born full term by forceps delivery. Doctors had indicated possible abnormality at the time of birth. He had stiff muscles and was slow to start sitting and standing. As an infant he was unable to speak and dependent for activities of daily living. He has ataxic cerebral palsy (Ataxia is a lack of muscle coordination which may affect speech, eye movements, the ability to swallow, walking, picking up objects and other voluntary movements. A person with persistent ataxia may have damage in the part of the brain that controls muscle coordination - the cerebellum). He also has intellectual disability and speech impairment.

Effects after intervention

After regular physiotherapy for so many years, he has improved significantly.

Mobility:  Mobility is independent but at times very unsteady. Before he used to have lot of falls when he started to walk. Now he is able to walk longer distances. But still he needs to be escorted to prevent any accident. There is hyper tonicity (fluctuating type) in left side more than the right side.

Balance:  As in ataxic C.P the children mostly have problem with balance and co-ordination. He had problems in static and dynamic balance before. After regular physiotherapy, balance in standing has improved a lot. Now, he is able to stand on one foot, feet together and maintain balance in dynamic settings.

Upper limb function: Hand eye coordination has improved a lot. He can do his activities of daily living and can help the mother in domestic chores by doing simple tasks. He is able to write with right hand.

Speech: Because of dysarthria, he had difficulty in speaking and he tend to use gesture more than verbal communication. Now he is able to speak more clearly.

Education: Now he is able to read and write simple words and can do basic calculations. Patan CBR tried a lot to admit him in normal school but the school denied admission due to his physical and intellectual disability. He participates in drawing competition and indoor sports like boaccia.

Mahesh's mother says, "There has been a lot of improvement in my son after attending Patan CBR regularly. My son is nearly independent in his activities of daily living and also tries to help me with simple house chores like making tea, giving water to plants, sweeping etc. He is very eager to learn and regularly does homework given by his siblings. Without the physiotherapy and education provided by Patan CBR, I can't imagine my child being what he is today. "

The Physiotherapist at Patan CBR says," He is a very motivated and active child. He is very serious about doing regular exercises. He daily exercises in home for 1 hour on self. When children are motivated and active, they improve surely."

Mahesh's father says," He had delayed development and did not walk till 6 years of age. After receiving daily physiotherapy at center and practicing it at home, now he is able to walk and do his Activities of Daily Living. It would not have been easy to raise him if we did not have all the support from Patan CBR."

studying in classroom
studying in classroom
doing coordination exercise
doing coordination exercise
Dec 22, 2017

Dance therapy for children with disabilities

children enjoying dancing
children enjoying dancing

As we have informed before,we are participating in the biggest fundraising season of the year, "Year-End Fundraising Campaign 2017" and "Christmus Giving 2017"organized by GlobalGiving. It started from November 28 and will last till end of December 2017. We hope that your support will continue and we can provide better rehabilitation services to these children.

This time I am going to report about dance therapy for children with disabilities running at Patan CBR Organization. The dance class is in operation twice a week.

Dancing is an effective way of combining physical activity (motoric skills, stability, resistance, muscle strength) with cognitive- and social skills learning and, of course, with cultural knowledge and pure enjoyment of good music and good company.

Children with disabilities are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of physical inactivity due to lack of adjustments to meet their special needs, lack of awareness and resources within professionals and parents working  with CWDs. Furthermore, infrastructure and sports facilities in Patan area are still developing. It’s not that easy to find safe and affordable sports and recreation facilities for anyone – not to even mention children with special needs.

Physical exercise helps to relieve stress, acquire mobility and muscle strength and prevents several health-conditions and obesity. Also, physical exercise can relieve pain and muscle tension, which are unfortunately common among children with (especially physical) disabilities.

Children participating in Patan CBR activities are of course lucky when it comes to their physical needs; the centre has its very own physiotherapy clinic with professional physiotherapist assisting not only the children in Patan CBR but also other clients in the community. Yet however, there is never too much movement and enjoyment!

A mother of child with disability says "My child keeps waiting for the day when they will have dance class". Children learn dancing and when they get to perform in public they feel so happy. Some of the children are regularly performing in different dance programmes.

The dance teacher says "I am very happy to teach dancing to the children with disabilities. Some of the students have intellectual disabilities so they keep forgetting the dance steps. But still they work harder."

Physiotherapist at Patan CBR adds "We warmly welcome and encourage everyone to give dance a go. It is a great hobby and opens up many opportunities for children to enjoy music, express themselves and exercise in a safe, accepting environment".

dance as therapy
dance as therapy
Dec 5, 2017

Dance performance by Children with Disabilities

Dance performance by Children with Disabilities
Dance performance by Children with Disabilities

We are very happy to share with you that till today, we have raised $ 16,760 with 181 donations. Patan CBR has been able to provide rehabilitative services to Children with Disabilities only because of your support. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the donors, supporters and well- wishers for their contribution.

We also want to share that we are participating in the biggest fundraising season of the year, "Year-End Fundraising Campaign 2017" organized by GlobalGiving. It started from November 28 and will last till end of December 2017. We want to appeal to all our donors that we need your support for this.

This Time I am going to report about Dance performance by Children with Disabilities. Rotaract club is an international club established under Rotary International with membership of youth -18 to 30. Rotaract club of Lalitpur hosted candle walk and cultural programme on new year eve of Nepal Sambat 1138 (19th October, 2017).Rotaract club has been organizing this programme since 12 years. The cultural program was organized at Mangalbazar, Patan. In the cultural program, there were dance performances by children with Intellectual Disabilities of Patan CBR Organization. 2 boys and 2 girls with disabilities performed dance in a popular Nepali song.

Children were very happy to give performance in front of the mass. One child who performed said "I like to learn dancing because then I get to perform in public in front of my parents". As we all know that dance is a very good form of therapy for the Children with Disabilities. The dance teacher at Patan CBR says "For children with physical impairment, dance helps to improve function. For children with intellectual disability, dancing helps to improve concentration and memory by serving as good mental exercise".

According to the mother of one participant "My child has performed in few programs. Performing in front of public has enhanced her confidence". Generally, children with disabilities are stigmatized by society, hence they have low self-esteem. The chairperson of the event said "programs like these help to increase acceptance for Children with Disabilities by society. The society will   realize   them as important member of society and that if proper environment is given they flourish like normal children". There is dance class at Patan CBR for children, every two days a week. Children are always eager to learn dancing.

children getting ready for dance performance
children getting ready for dance performance
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