Jun 27, 2019

Veronika helps terminally ill children and their families ease their pain every day

Dr. Veronika with a patient
Dr. Veronika with a patient

The work of a doctor in Plamienok is a mission and a journey.
Veronika Jandová (28) decided to work as a doctor in Plamienok four years ago. Today she claims it is a job for courageous people with humility and a sense of adventure who want to work on themselves.
What is the work of a doctor in Plamienok like?
It's diverse. If I compare it with the work of a doctor in the hospital, which I had the opportunity to experience, working in Plamienok is much more personal and in a good way forces one to grow personally. If I look back at where I was three years ago, it's I see quite a nice journey.

If we met three years ago, our conversation would certainly look different. I would say less confidently, less thought-out, I would hardly be told of my losses and I think the first impression would be different. At Plamienok we work a lot with emotions and find ourselves in no easy situations. This leads a person to look inside himself and to look more into himself. He examines how he himself is set in life, where his priorities are, what his experience is. He certainly knows himself more and finds the resources of his power. It detects where it is going and understands what is going on around it and in it. As a result, she knows herself better and feels better about her life.

What is another work for an institution that provides children's home hospice care compared to hospital work?

It's a completely different system of work. I am more free in Plamienok and I appreciate  the length of time we visit families. We visit one family a day we can spend an hour or more. This is incomparable with a hospital where you can have twenty minutes for a child.

What are you looking forward to doing for Plamienok?

Probably just contact with people. Many people think that our work is very sad and depressing. They ask us how we can do it. They think that we are working with dying children and their families, who are desperate and all just crying ... But often it is the other way around. I perceive that the people we meet can live and be happy despite the fact that they are in a difficult situation and despite what they are waiting for. It fills me with energy, too. Also, I am more aware of the joys of life and the little things I can look forward to.

Was there anything you were not prepared for in the medical work for Plamienok? Something that was an adventure?
Certainly, you cannot be completely prepared for this kind of job. Already when a person decides to study to medicine, he or she chooses a certain mission. It is also about what their preferences. Whether they prefer more practical work in a hospital or a job where people also accompany and can help patients in ways other than medical. Surely there are doctors who are more attracted to saving lives than accompanying. But for me accompanying patients and their families is a fascinating part of this work. It is surely beautiful to bring children into the world - it is a secret to the birth of life. But the same secret is also leaving them. And perhaps I myself am also looking for answers to what will happen next ... It is perhaps about accepting one's own finality.

What makes doctor's work different from the work of other employees in the organization?

We mainly deal with health issues. We are those who are on duty 24 hours a day. We are on the phone solving the current children's health problems. But it's not just about it. There will also be unexpected, sudden events, and then creativity. The whole accompaniment is creative activity.

Many people may think that such work cannot be sustained. After all, you have contact with the suffering of children, with dying ... What is your way to relax and decompress?
It is partly about the personal setting of how one perceives suffering. I think our work makes a lot of sense. It is precisely this suffering that we are eliminating to a great extent. I'm a pretty active person. When I have a bad day, I'm going to go jogging. Nature helps me. Plus the silence and loneliness I experience there.

Jun 11, 2019

Coding clubs for girls spread in Slovakia

Thank you for keeping up with project managed by non-profit organization Aj Ty v IT (You too in IT). Let us present you latest news from the world of Slovak girls and women in IT.

Young girls

Final of ScratchMatch competition– for third year, we have organized a ScratchMatch competition for girls from 8 to 16 years. They have competed in two categories – younger and older ones, as individuals or as a team of 3 participants.

68 girls presented their project, so the jury had a hard time to select the best ones. We can see the rising quality of project and the strong motivation of girls to have good outcomes. It’s a big pleasure to participate at such competition!

High school girls

Coding Clubs on their way– the new creative content and rising number of girls participating at Coding Clubs are important for the future development. What is even more important, we can develop our presence in different regions, where the girls don’t have so many opportunities to develop their IT skills. So, after Bratislava, we have Coding Clubs in Trencin, Martin, Kosice and Banska Bystrica.

Mature women

New Academies for women – new topics bring us new students. The real uprising movement of women it IT starts with us. Lot of positives feedback is important to show us if we are on good way. UX development, eshop creation, SQL academy, PPC and SEO. New topics which attract lot of ladies.

IT Companies

On the other side, we start to work closely with IT companies, we bring them support and guidance how to attract and sustain women on IT positions.

Jun 3, 2019

We did it! 3 counselling weekends in 2 weeks

This spring we spent a lot of time counselling, our centres were full of parent and child clients. We were working on personal history of adopted children. It is crucial for them to know as much as possible about their past and biological parents. We spend hours of time on firming their personality and positive identity and teaching their parents how to work on it at home.

Except of individual counselling in our regional centres, in May we organised three counselling weekends for adoptive and foster families, each of them in other region of Slovakia.

In the North of Slovakia our team from Zilina prepared a three day program with the topics according to the demand of parents. They spoke about spiritual dimension of parenting, they invited an expert on human brain and how it reacts to trauma and how parents can use the knowledge about brain when calming or challenging kids. More than 30 families were involved and expressed that it was very useful and encouraging.

In the East of Slovakia the team from Presov prepared a weekend in the heart of nature and spoke about the strenght of relationship in the healing proccess of the traumatised child. One of the aims of the weekend was relaxing time for foster and adoptive parents who are often in a risk of burn-out. Therefore our team of volunteers took care of the children so they let their parents relax.

The team from Banska Bystrica organised weekend in the middle of Slovakia, which was especially focused on adoptive and foster families who don´t have easily approachable services. The aim was to make an opportunity to know each other and networking. We believe that sometimes the relationships between people in similar situation can have better impact than hours of professional counselling. These families live in regions far from our centres and during the weekend they had an opportunity for individual counselling as well.

„We met the same people as we are. In our neighbourhood we feel alone and just a few friends understand us. We really want to be in touch with other adoptive families we met here. It gives us strength,“ said one of adoptive mother who was for the first time with us. We are very glad to prepare such opportunities for adoptive and foster families.

Thank you for keeping up with us. The project is managed by non-profit organization Návrat (Return).

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