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Mar 5, 2019

Sibel wants to be like me

All over the 2019 we were very focused on support of foster care because it has a great potential for hundreds of abbandoned children raised in institutional care instead of families. We have very strong belief for the foster care and parental abilities of many foster parents.

Let’s read a few lines from the notes of one foster mom, she wrote for herself, but let us publish it.

Sibel wants to be like me

Notes of foster mommy

Kids have fallen asleep finally and I put on my soft headphones and switch on my favourite music. Time for candle and silence in our home. Today we’ve said good-bye to the Christmas tree. The very first Christmas with our Sibel. She’s been with us for 8 months.

Just a few weeks ago she stopped using isolation strategy every time she got emotional. Every time I saw her running away to hide somewhere I stopped her, embrace her gently and I didn’t let her be alone.

From time to time she use this strategy again, but she doesn’t hide anymore, she comes to me instead. She lays her overloaded little arms and body full of sorrow, anger or fear on me. And my task is to be there, with all my possible empathy, just for her.

It’s not always that easy. Kids overstimulate my senses so that I’m really irritated sometimes. Once, in such a moment, I was so angry, I didn’t let kids come to me. My boys respected it, but Sibel… She started to cry and ran to me nevertheless. In that moment I melted down. I recognized she’s over the worst period, but I can’t make it worse. In that very moment she gave me back everything I’d been giving her patiently the previous months. Being with me in my tough time. Oh, what a marvelous mirror can kids hold.

But my highlight is, that Sibel wants to be like me. She wants my dress. She’s smiling and dreaming. I love her dreaming eyes. I use to tell her, that when she’ll grow up, I give her that dress. One day, I tell her, she’s got nice skirt. She replies me softly, “mommy, when you grow up, I’ll give it to you”.

Sibel is three. But she’s with us for less than a year. So in something, she’s just one. The “something”is vulnerability. And inner insecureness. She loves cuddling with me. But I cuddle to her too. She has something I need too. We have our mutual saturation.

Feb 27, 2019

Bringing back happiness to grieving and incurably ill children thanks to YOU

505 visits to families with incurably ill children around Slovakia

During the past year (2018) thanks to our home care palliative program 26 incurable children could safely stay with their families at home. Our home care professional team (doctors, nurses, social worker) visited them regularly in their natural family environment. More life, less pain for children and families, for us and for our donors and supporters is our vision we want to achieve. During the whole year, we visited families 505 times. We also provided 24 hrs phone medical consultation for parents during the whole year in order to improve their care and comfort at home.

We comprehensively approached the families and paid attention to every member of the household. In total, we spent 462 hours with the families at home. We offered them professional medical, nursing care, psychological support and social counselling. If needed, we facilitated communication with schools, employers and other governmental authorities.

Grieving children overcome their pain thanks to you

The Centre of Grief Therapy provides professional psychological and psychotherapeutic help for children and families who suffer the loss of a loved one (father, mother, sibling, child, etc.)  We also provide social counselling. Centre offers its services to children and adolescents all around Slovakia who have lost a loved one under any circumstance, as well as to families who have lost a child. Our aim is to help bereaved children and their families to overcome feelings of isolation, pain, guilt, anxiety and other feelings which occur after the death of a loved one. We help them to cope with the loss of a loved one and rediscover colors of life. We try to create a safe space where children, adolescents and families could be free to share their feelings, memories and thoughts. In 2018 in Centre of Grief Therapy we helped 116 clients (49 children and 67 adults ) during 759 individual and family therapeutic sessions.

All services, home visits as well as all services of Centre of Grief therapy are free of charge. Professional help could be offered to incurable and bereaved children only thanks to trust and generous support of our donors.

Thank you very much for helping us! We do help together!

Words of thanks we received from a family are words they wrote also for all our donors:

We have received more than we had hoped for. I think that in the beginning, we had no expectations. We just knew that our aim was to have Ondrejko at home. As a family, we wished to be at home, together. And it is true, that we were vulnerable. We were vulnerable and we didn’t know “what”, we didn’t know “how” but the help came from you. And not only the physical help, that you came to our house, checked Ondrejko’s chest, measured his oxygen saturation, etc. You also listened to us and I always felt a little stronger when you were leaving. You showed me how to massage him so he could breath better. We arranged with your doctors to create together some kind of a carousel for him. That was not a standard medical aid. You’ve provided us with above standard services. And it was always so pleasant, I always looked forward to your visit. I don’t even know how to express it. It was very enjoyable. We were here with Hanka and Ondrejko and you were here for us. I always looked forward to meeting you so much!” Katarína K.

Feb 22, 2019

They need friends too

We were not thinking that it will be so difficult. Our goal was to teach kids and public about the connection between  our food and pollination. But, it was not only about education. We found that it´s very important also to help children loose their fear from bees. This important step was the missing piece of bees education, and now we finished our puzzle. We are not teaching, we are creating friends of bees. 

We had finished our sixth beekeeping season in our apiary, and we are proud, that we made hundreds and thousands kids and adult friends of bees. Now is the time to go further.

From this year we extend our program on solitary bees, butterflies and bumble bees. We are preparing new experiences to make new friends of all pollinators. They will see how solitary bees are securing future for their posterity, how colony of bumblebees is building their home and how is it possible that this beautiful butterfly used to be ugly caterpillar. Cross your fingers for us to make year 2019 a year of pollinators. Because they also need friends. Thank you. 

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