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Oct 4, 2016

Mad? So what!

Students that joined our project "Mad? So what!"
Students that joined our project "Mad? So what!"

"Students initial response is usually accompanied by surprise and slight shyness," says Zina H. from a social care center - MOST. 

And what has even managed to surprise students from Bratislava? Authenticity and direct touch with reality. And those are the ingredients that project "Mad? So what!" definitely contains.

"You reach out to young people because they are more open to talk about "taboos" and prejudices than grown ups?"

- The causes are manifold. Young people in the age between 15 and 20 years are at the stage when the question of the meaning of life and identity becomes an important theme in their lives. They are in the process of creation of the attitudes and behaviors. That is why it is important to have information and experiences that can expand their mindsets and should help them face the myths and prejudices against people with mental disorders.The project will also improve the awareness of mental health itself. Young people are at the same risk of mental health problems as adults. During the project they talk about where to seek help, what is the difference between psychology and psychiatry and they can hear about various symptoms of mental disorders.It is important to talk about taboos aloud. Even more when the topic is about mental disorders that can affect anyone of us.

Aug 24, 2016

Late summer events at Katarinka Monastery

We had a busy summer here at Katarinka Monastery, and it is all thanks to your support!


In July we hosted our annual Open Day events, as we have been doing each year since the beginning of the project in 1994.

But this year was exceptionnal, because we had our best participation rate so far: more than 1300 people came to meet us! We are very proud to be able to attract so many people to come and discover our wonderful monastery.


And on August 12th, we welcomed visitors in the monastery for a special night event.

We participated in this event for the fourth time, with the help of the Slovak association Save the castles. We were very happy to be able to have a musical and magical evening and to enjoy the night atmosphere of our premises. Despite the rain and cold weather, about 250 people joined us and sahered the evening with us!


We want to send a warm thank you to all the people who joined us throughout the summer and shared nice moments with us, and we wnat to thank you all for all your support and donation! Without your donations, we wouldn´t be able to host all those amazing events and to make people aware of the historical treasures they have to preserve.

We are hoping to see you again during our next events, and we will keep you updated about our next achievements!

Aug 23, 2016

A vegetables festival to empower Orava families

I was in Tvrdosin (Orava region) on August 7th, on the occasion of the vegetables festival organized by the NGO Misia Mladych (Mission of the youth), which is taking care of needy single-mother families in the Orava region. What struck me was the motivation of the women I met there. I saw Gitka, a single mother with 11 children, selling vegetables she grew herself and cooking for the festival. I witnessed how motivated all those women were, and why it is of vital importance to lend them a helping hand in what they are trying to achieve. They were sharing their experience with the people present during the festival, and all of them shared a nice 

All of this sounds pretty basic, but it is indeed very important for them, and they truly need what we can help them with.

The Misia Mladych is a wind of change for those families. They are given the chance to save money and to offer a better life to their children.

The problem in the Orava region is that a lot of men die from cancer caused by mine digging or by accident, leaving families with a lot of children without a breadwinner.

The principle of the project is to give those families the resources and the knowledge to meet their needs by themselves. They are offered food trees, seeds, breeding animals, and they are participating in workshops about do-it-yourself techniques. This allows them to save money by buying less in the supermarket, and also to adopt a healthier and eco-friendly lifestyle.

We are able to offer them those opportunities thanks to your help, and we wish to continue giving them the possibility of showing their willingness to face their difficult situation. Thanks to your donations, we will be able to get them more help and to organize more events and workshops for them.

Thank you very much for all you have done so far, and continue to support so that we can do even more together!

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