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Jan 8, 2020

25 years of preserving exceptional history ... by volunteers

The last quarter of year 2019 was full of events at Katarinka. At the end of season, we also evaluated and summarized all the conservation work, which we managed to finish. This year, the summer season was mainly marked by conservation work on the monastery ruins and archeology work. The volunteers have been working in the southeast part of the monastery ruins, which were partially fitted with scaffolding since the 2018 season. We have reconstructed two window arches and replanted grass on the upper part of the remaining walls of monastery ruins. The volunteers also added hand-carved oak beams into the stone walls at the floor level - these were subsequently masoned, thus completing the original static system. For the first time, we also worked on the southern wall of the monastery garden, which originally enclosed the whole monastery grounds. We also performed archaelogical research there, conservated its parts and planted grass on its upper part to protect the remaining wall from falling apart.

Smaller voluntary works were also performed in the church – we managed to install air-conditioning system small crypt and repair the entrance and staircase into the large crypt. In the presbyterium area, a temporary staircase was built and the blocks of the older passage were restored. There was also archaeological research carried out in the church in three areas - in the northeast corner we found remains of the original paving of the church, the paving of one of the side altars and a coin. We also discovered the remains of original entrance from the courtyard to the monastery in the southwerst corner of the monastery courtyard. Work on the monastery and archaeological research will also continue in the following season.

As project Katarinka celebrated 25 years since its beginning, we marked this special occasion with a festive gala evening, where more than 230 questes took a look back at the history, remembered the beginnings of the project, all the conservation work that has been done so far and also thanked all the friends, supporters and experts, who helped us with the project throughout the years. Apart from the speeches and presentations, there was also a lot of dancing and fun – everyone had a wonderful time.

The last public event of the year, which was officially closing the season, was the Feast of St Catherine - the patron of the church and monastery. - at the end of November. The feast began with the holy mass at the Franciscan Church in Bratislava and was followed by refreshments in the refectory of the Franciscan monastery, where tables were filled with traditional onion breads, as well as various cakes and other delicacies. In addition, guests were able to see screenings and presentations of photos from the summer voluntary workshops . This event was attended by more than 150 volunteers, enthusiasts and supporters of the project.

All in all, we had a great year 2019 – and we are already looking forward to year 2020 :)

Project is managed by OZ Katarinka. Thank you for supporting us in preserving the exceptional history.

Jan 8, 2020

Planets and Galaxies - Therapeutic weekend for grieving families

This year thanks to support of many people and institutions we were able to organize Therapeutic weekend for grieving families. From 27th till 29st of September, 2019 in Podkylava 14 families from all over Slovakia (24 adults and 21 children) attended weekend activities led by team of Plamienok professionals (therapists and psychologists) and trained volunteers.

Through the theme “Planets and Galaxies“ we tried to help families in their bereavement process. We prepared a program with many activities: trip to the castle, yoga, sport, music concert, sharing and talking about the loss through the topic of planets and galaxies. Families with their children could symbolically create their own planet and be part of the Universe where also other planets move. We tried to show the families that they are not alone, we can inspire each other how to move forward in life and still there is a possibility to experience nice and joyful moments in their lives.

We are pleased to be able to publish these pictures that demonstrate wisdom and inner transformation of many children and give us a lot of satisfaction.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

MUDr. Mária Jasenková, CEO of PLAMIENOK n.o.


Dec 11, 2019

New development

High school girls

Coding Clubs –Aj Ty v IT Coding club - were focused on creative electronics. We programmed small handy devices called “micro:bit” at a workshop led by skilled lecturer. All the participants were introduced to the logic of micro:bit and were able to code simple tasks thanks to graphic blocks. The course was aimed to all curious high school girls - age 15-19 years, who are interested in the magic of IT world. We worked on 3D printers and girls created very beautiful bags in Bratislava.


Mature women

New Academies for women


We prepared very beautiful and inspirated event- Frida. There were around one hundread participants and Women speakres who talked abou their carreer in IT.

For all women that have an interest in the world of IT, data and analysis, we are setting up a new project - Women data academy.


Those curious women who are interested in the IT world and do not know where and how to begin, can sign up for Women Tester Academy. The aim of the course is to prepare the participants for software testing of various applications and greater functional modules. .


In addition to the new academies, we also organized workshops that can not only improve the skills of our graduates, but also raise the success rate of getting a job. The courses were designed for women interested in technologies, UX and various soft-skills as well.

 Project is managed by Aj ty v IT. Thank you for keeping up with us.

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