Dec 7, 2020

Big Smiles from the Beneficiaries

Our respected donors across the globe, 

I hope this letter finds you, your family are doing very well. 
I am reaching you today to kindly update on the aid distribution in Indonesia. After the ground team have been completed the 412 food packages aid distribution in Surabaya and Malang, East Java Province, then the ground team move forward to Special Region of Yogyakarta to deliver 205 food aid packages. 

Yogyakarta is a central region on the Indonesian island of Java. Its capital, also called Yogyakarta, is a cultural hub known for its traditional crafts and performing arts. The city is home to the 18th-century royal complex, or kraton, known for its still-inhabited Sultan’s Palace as well as open-air pavilions that host events like gamelan concerts and Javanese dance performances

The Special Region of Yogyakarta (Indonesian: Daerah Istimewa (D.I.) Yogyakarta, is a provincial-level autonomous region of Indonesia in the southern Java. It is bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south, as well as sharing all the land borders to the province of Central Java. Ruled by the Yogyakarta Sultanate, the region is the only officially recognised monarchy within the government of Indonesia. The city of Yogyakarta is a popular tourist destination and cultural centre of the region.

The Yogyakarta Sultanate has been established since 1755 and provided an unwavering support for Indonesia's independence during the Indonesian National Revolution (1945–1949). As a first-level division in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is governed by Sultan Hamengkubuwono as the governor and Prince Paku Alam as the vice governor. With a land area of 3,185.8 km², it is the second-smallest province of Indonesia after Jakarta.

As of today, total cases Covid-19 in Special Region of Yogyakarta 6.384 positive, 4.573 recovered, 148 deaths and affected for vulnerable families.  Then, it was Saturday, November 7th, 2020 at 7am, the ground team started drive to Kulonprogo city which is 30 kilometers away from the downtown to deliver the aid distribution for vulnerable families, widows and senior citizen. It takes about 1 hour to drive to the location, then the team distribute the food aid and one of beneficiaries who 85 years of age cried while receive the aid from GlobalGiving donors, and the ground team visited her house that made by woods, no floors, and the roofs are leaking during the rainy. 

After completed at Kulonprogo city, the team drove the car on Sunday, November 8th, 2020 at 7 am in the morning to deliver the aid to several villages called Ngawen and Tepus south-mountain (gunung kidul) villages which are 40 kilometers away from the city or two hours driving by car.  The beneficiaries are vulnerable families and senior citizen who are living in rural areas and who can not afford for their daily life. For daily life, most of them are hoping the aid from the neigbourhood where their live in. 

Finally, all the benefiaciries huge thanks to GlobalGiving donors across the globe. Your generousity is very helpful for Indonesian people and please stay safe and healthy. 

Dec 3, 2020

Your Happiness Received by the Needy Families

Our respected donors across the globe

I hope this letter finds you and your family are doing very well. 

It's almost one year that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is defined as illness caused by a novel coronavirus now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2; formerly called 2019-nCoV), which was first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China.  It was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, its first such designation since declaring H1N1 influenza a pandemic in 2009. 

Till today, the situation across the globe still at uncertain time and the Covid-19 has been affected to all sectors especially in Indonesia which has 34 provinces. Earlier November 2020, we have distributed the aid packages in Surabaya City -the second city after Jakarta- East Java Province and the distribution continued in Malang City, East Java Provice.  

Malang City is a city located in the province of East Java , Indonesia, the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya , and the 12th largest city in Indonesia . The city was founded during the Kanjuruhan Kingdom era and is situated on a plateau covering an area of 145.28 km 2 located in the middle of Malang Regency . Together with Batu City and Malang Regency, Malang City is part of a regional unit known as Malang Raya .

Malang City has various kinds of people from various ethnic groups and cultures . The population of Malang city reaches 895,387 people with the majority ethnic Javanese, followed by Madurese . The Malang Metropolitan Area ( Malang Raya ) is the second largest metropolitan area in East Java after Gerbangkertosusila . When viewed from a cultural perspective , Malang City is included in the Arek Cultural Area. 

The Covid-19 case in Malang, East Java are 2304 positive, 2060 recovered, 237 deaths. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is still being felt today by inhabitants in Malang East Java. The aid distributon delivered on November 9th, 2020 to 150 vulnerable families are (a) Senior citizen who does not have any income anymore; (b) Employee who got laid-off from factory; (c) Women as head household. To supply the basic needs are the most important and valuable aid for the community who affected by Covid-19. The supply could last for 2 weeks for family (5 family-members). 

Indeed, the community delivered warm greets to all donors across the globe, and your donation will always remembered by communities in Indonesia. Please stay safe and healthy.

Nov 30, 2020

Water Wells for Families in Pandeglang Banten

Dear our respected donors across the globe, 

I am reaching you out today, to inform you that water wells program for unfortunate famlies keep continue for families or community across Indonesia. 
After nearly a month of construction, now all the Family Wells in Kadugadung and Kaducekek Villages, Cipeucang Subdistrict, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, have finally been completed. A total of 10 Family Wells have been able to be used since August 27th.

"On August 27, all the inscriptions and all the Family Wells have been installed, and the wells could finally be used by the beneficiaries," Sukma from ACT team said on Thursday (8/29).

Sukma revealed that the presence of the Water Wells was to support the community’s personal hygiene activities and make it more comfortable. This is because people usually use water from rivers for various purposes.

"So this Family Wells are used for a more personal use. In this village, the people like to use water in the river. So, they also do their personal hygiene activities on the river bank. By making the Wells for the families here, we hope that they will facilitate the personal hygiene activities," Sukma said.

Rofiudin as one of the heads of the neighborhood associations (RT) in Kadugadung Village, confirmed the behavior of the residents who often take the water for their daily activities from the river. Rofiudin's own home does not yet have its own bathroom. Along with seven other houses in his area, he relies on the river as a source of water.

"We use the water from the river for bathing, defecation, laundry, and dish washing. For cooking and drinking, we use the water that we buy for IDR 5,000 each gallon or 50 cent. The delivery cost is IDR 10,000 or 75 cent. Two gallons of water will last about two to three days," said Rofi in early August.

Rofiudin is grateful that Wells can help the locals to get water. He hoped, that the Wells can change the personal hygiene habits of the local villagers.

Almuktarodi as Head of Karanggadung Village, also welcomed the Well program. He thanked the entire ACT team who initiate the construction of the Well. He also hopes that the Well can also create awareness in the community to do personal hygiene activities more regularly.

"With this program, hopefully the community can no longer do their personal hygiene activities in the river, but at home. And in the future, hopefully the community can pay more attention to cleanliness, using clean water, "Almuktarodi said.

We kindly thank you for your generous contribution to support Indonesian community to consume clean water.

#Please stay safe and healthy, and have a wonderful day there. 

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