Apr 1, 2021

Cooked Meals for Sukabumi's and Banten's Community

Our Respected Donors 

Today I am reaching you kindly to inform you that on the ground teams response on the flooding across Sukabumi, Bogor and Banten regions. 

The funds that we have received to response on the the flashflood that occured late year 2020 and early year 2021.  The program that we have delivered for the community was the Humanity food truck program for the flood survivors of Ciemas Sukabumi and other regions. The location has been flooded for days and ACT's program has been implemented for the first time in this area and for the first time the residents have received assistance in the form of free food aid.

The community rarely receive the assistance because their location is very remote that is difficult to reach the location. The beneficiaries are very grateful to the donors who provided assistance during the natural disasters occured in Indonesia. The survivors have been living in the uncertain time due of  the Covid-19 and most of them are unemployed due to laid off from the work-place, etc. 

There was an elderly called Marsitoh who is 80 years old and expressed her emotional feeling on the aid assisatance that so meaningful for her. She was not the one who expressed their feelings on the aid distribution. Thanks a lot to GlobalGiving donors who always with Indonesian coomunity at any circumstances. 

Indeed, please stay safe and healthy fro everyone. 

Mar 25, 2021

A Water Well is the Basic Need For Families

Our Respected Donors

I hope this letter finds you well.

The necessity of water well in some regions in Indonesia is very important for the community. The community have to find the water by walking on foot for long distance to get clean water. To support the necessity of water well ACT Foundation keep continue to build the water well.

The latest one in Serapung Village, Kuala Kampar District, Pelalawan, in 2020.  The water that flows from the well is allocated to support the community activities. However, in practice, the benefits of water are widespread because it is also used by residents for their daily needs.

Usually, Serapung residents start to fetch water from the Water Well at dusk or around 5 in the afternoon. At that time, residents usually queue up jerry cans to be filled with water suitable for consumption. This was done by the residents because the water source in Serapung for consumption was very rare, so before the Water Well was established, residents had to buy water to enjoy it.

"Since there is a Water Well here, it is easier for the residents to collect the water for the consumption. Previously, it was difficult to get water here, ”said Zaujar, Head of Serapung Village in mid-March.

In Serapung, water suitable for consumption is very difficult to find, so residents have to reach into their pockets to buy it. The location adjacent to the sea makes groundwater sources salty, while digging fresh water sources requires even more budget.

Thank you so much for your sincere corporation and kind support for Indonesian community.

Mar 11, 2021

ACT's Response to Natural Disasters in Jakarta

Respected Donors Across The Globe

I am reaching you again today, kindly inform you that the updates on the emergency response on flooding across Jakarta that occured early 2021.

Once again and just like last year, Indonesia has been repeatedly hit by natural disasters, from massive flooding in South Kalimantan, earthquake in West Sulawesi, to various other natural disasters in other areas. In response, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)’s Emergency Response Team has activated the National Disaster Humanitarian Post and 225 other regional posts over the past 2 months. In addition,  tens of thousands of aid packages have been distributed.

Recently, the heavy rain that fell from Friday (2/19/2021) to Saturday (2/20/2021) in the Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabodetabek) resulted in flooding at over 123 points in the region.

ACT’s Emergency Response Team has been on standby at the flood-affected locations for three days to ensure that the evacuation of the victims and the aid distribution go quickly and smoothly. Responding to the flood, ACT has activated the National Disaster Humanitarian Post and a number of regional posts in affected points and has prepared the assistance that is to be given.

"We have prepared 14 main regional humanitarian posts in cities and regencies in Jabodetabek, followed by the establishment of 123 unit posts spread over 123 flood-hit locations in Jabodetabek. And we are grateful for the tough volunteers that we deploy from West Java, Banten, and Jakarta. A total of 1,230 volunteers responded very quickly to the flood to help evacuate the victims from flood-hit locations,” said ACT President Ibnu Khajar, Saturday (2/20/2021). As many as 5,000 volunteers have gotten themselves ready to face the high rain intensity, as forecasted by the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG).

The National Disaster Post will provide updated information to the public about the latest conditions and ongoing actions. "Every day, from the National Disaster Post, we will continue to report the latest conditions and actions 2-3 times a day to ensure that our brothers and sisters at the disaster-hit sites receive their needed assistance," said Ibnu.

More than 1,000 tons of aid were already prepared at the Waqf Distribution Center (WDC) in the Gunung Sindur and Gunung Putri areas in Bogor. For the initial stage, ACT has prepared to distribute 100 tons of aid. To anticipate the high urgency for food, ACT is also working with surrounding restaurants through the Free Meal Operation. Meal packages will also be distributed through the Humanity Food Truck which operates in severely affected areas such as East Jakarta and Bekasi. Public kitchens will also be established in a number of locations.

Moreover, medical services will be provided by the Humanity Medical Services team especially to vulnerable groups like children and the elderly These humanitarian works will be supported by 86 other units of ACT's humanitarian vehicles.

With such a massive disaster management, Ibnu hoped that the survivors will continue to be optimistic that they can pass this tribulation. He also invited generous people to always support their disaster-hit brothers and sisters.

“Never feel alone because there are volunteers and those who dedicate themselves to humanitarianism at every disaster-hit location. And, Insha Allah, we can also contribute to this great humanitarian work through our best donations, through our best prayers, through the sincerity of those working in the field, through all the facilities we have to help our brothers and sisters in disaster-hit areas," said Ibnu.

Thank you for your kindness and sincere help for Indonesian community. Please stay safe and healthy and have a great day there. 

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