Apr 23, 2021

Another Food Distribution For Izmir Survivors

Dear our respected donors,

I am reaching you today to deliver the updates from the ACT ground teams on the aid delivery for Izmir's survivor. 

It was the earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 (centered on the Aegean Sea at a depth of 16.5 kilometers) rocked Turkey's third largest city with 4.5 million inhabitants. The earthquake that hit the western province of Izmir, Turkey occurred on Friday, October 30 2020 at 14:51 local time. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center said the quake was centered 13 km northeast of the Greek island of Samos. The quake was felt in provinces as far away as Istanbul, Bodrum, Mugla and Manisa. To date, the quake has killed 119 people and injured more than 1.053. Several buildings collapsed and there were many people waiting to be rescued under the rubble. The inhabitants of Izmir also faced minor tsunami flooding after the sea experienced a rise due to the effects of the strong earthquake.

After the main earthquake occurred, according to a report by the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority / AFAD about 1,120 aftershocks had hit the Izmir region, 43 of which were above the magnitude 4.0 magnitude.
Izmir is home to 4.5 million people and serves as a gateway to several tourist and holiday resorts. The earthquake originated about 11 miles (17 km) from the province of Izmir and eight miles north of Samos, at a relatively shallow depth of about 10 miles. This earthquake was triggered by the Sisam Fault activity, an active fault with a downward movement mechanism (normal fault) with a fault line length of about 30 km. The Sisam Fault, which is located near Samos Island, "broke" near Menderes Graben, an area with a long history of earthquakes with normal faults. Because the fault mechanism moves down and the hypocenter of the earthquake is very shallow, only about 6 km, this earthquake triggers a tsunami.

Since then the ACT teams keep distribute the aid for the survivors. The basic need such as food package distributed to the survivors of the Izmir earthquake who lived in relocation areas such as homes after having had to live in tents for a few weeks before. This assistance is very well targeted because the beneficiaries are those who lost their property and homes and until now have only relied on the support of the Turkish government and NGOs for rental and food in the relocation area.

The 93 food packages that were distributed targeted 93 beneficiary families in the area around Bornova, Izmir, Turkey with the contents of food packages in the form of sugar, rice, cooking oil, canned food and snacks needed for them to be able to use the assistance for 3 weeks to 1 month.

Fatma, one of the beneficiaries of GlobalGiving's emergency response food package program, told about the traumatic experience faced when the earthquake took place, and was quite surprised by the assistance from outside Turkey, which shows that humanity does not know the boundaries of countries and continents, where donors from America and the distribution team in Turkey from various countries touched her heart. "We are not alone, the world shows that they are with us, hopefully there will be no more natural disasters and may all your families be protected from disasters", Fatma added.

Finally, thank you so much for GlobalGiving donors who always support the needy across the globe. Your geneousity will always remembered by the beneficiaries. Stay safe and healthy!

Apr 23, 2021

Emergency Aid Distribution Phase 1

Dear our respected donors,

I am reaching you today to updates our response on the Sulawaesi's earthquake that occured in January 15th, 2021. 

An earthquake struck Majene Regency in the province of West Sulawesi, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on 15 January 2021, at 02:28 WITA (18:28 UTC), with a moment magnitude of 6.2. This earthquake was felt as far away as Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi, and Palu in Central Sulawesi. Strong shaking was reported in Majene and the provincial capital Mamuju for at least 5-7 seconds. It was preceded by a foreshock measuring 5.7 magnitude a few hours earlier.

Widespread damage was reported throughout 4 out of 5 regencies in the province. More than 6,000 structures were damaged or destroyed in region. Officials estimated that the earthquake caused damages amounting to Rp829.1 billion rupiah.At least 105 people were confirmed dead and more than 3,300 were injured, while thousands of residents were displaced due to the quake. An aftershock struck on 3 February 2021, killing a man and causing further damage.

Severe damage was reported across Majene Regency and in several areas in Mamuju Regency. West Sulawesi's Gubernatorial Building, which was located in West Sulawesi's capital Mamuju, was destroyed in the earthquake. Two people were reportedly trapped beneath the ruins.Parts of Hotel Maleo in Mamuju also reportedly collapsed. Meanwhile, a section of Mirta Manakarra Hospital, a main hospital in Majene also collapsed, trapping at least 6 people inside. Mamuju's main hospital also reportedly suffered extensive damage, with 50% of its structure damaged by the earthquake. Hundreds of patients had to be treated outside of the hospital due to fear of collapse.

The Mamuju penitentiary facility suffered damage as well, injuring at least 3 people. The perimeter fence of the penitentiary was reportedly destroyed. At least one Community Health Centre (Puskesmas) was destroyed in the earthquake. A military district office in Malunda was also severely damaged. At least two main hospitals in West Sulawesi were destroyed in the earthquake, while three hospitals remain operational. Further assessment revealed that three Community Health Centres had been destroyed by the earthquake.

The Ministry of Education reported that at least 15 schools were either damaged or destroyed in the earthquake, most of which were in Majene. At least one elementary school and two high schools in Majene were destroyed while the others suffered damage ranging from slight to heavy. In Mamuju, at least six schools were damaged by the earthquake. An updated assessment revealed that at least 27 schools in Mamuju, Majene, and Mamasa had been damaged. Seven schools and preschools were destroyed in the earthquake, while the other 20 suffered slight to moderate damage. At least 3 schools in Mamasa Regency were damaged due to the earthquake. The number of damaged schools later rose to 103 as more reports came from Mamuju, Majene, Mamasa and even in Polewali Mandar. At least 37 schools were heavily damaged by the quake, including 2 schools in Polewali Mandar Regency.

A preliminary assessment revealed that the quake caused damage amounting to more than Rp821.9 billion rupiah. Damage in Majene Regency was estimated to be as high as Rp449.8 billion rupiah while in Mamuju, damages of Rp379.3 billion rupiah were inflicted. The assessment stated that more than 7,000 homes, 21 health facilities and numerous structures including a supermarket, a harbour and public offices were damaged or destroyed by the quake.

The ACT teams have distributed the food emergency aid for 320 families who temporary stay at turpulin tent at: (1) Camp 1, Village Tadui, Sub-District Mamuju, District Mamuju 60 packages; (2) Camp 2 Village Tadui Sub-District Mamuju District Mamuju 50 packages; (3) Camp 3 Village Binanga Sub-District  Mamuju District Mamuju 110 packages; (4) Camp 4 Village Rangas, Sub-Distrct Simboro District Mamuju100 packages. 

One of beneficairies expressed his happiness  and said that thousand thank to donors who support him and others at this difficult condition and he and other survivors still unable to start the daily life just before the earthquake. Your generousity is so meaningful for the survivors. 

Apr 7, 2021

Unfinished The Humanitarian Mission......


Our respected donors

It has been more than one year, every country across the globe face the Covid-19 and millions of live have been passed away, and there are million unemployment numbers and face the difficulty in "new-life". Indonesia is one of the country in the world which is struggling hard to stop, to localize the outbreak because the Covid-19 has been affected to all sectors in Indonesia and the new variant of virus also exist in Indonesia. ACT Foundation as a non profit organization must not stop to distribute the humanitarian aid for the affected community in Indonesia.  

In Indonesia, natural disasters occured frequently during the outbreak and the situation more difficult for vulnerable families to face daily life. The latest earthquake occured last January 15th, 2021 and ACT Foundation have been involved to distriubute the Covid-19 aid program for survivors. 

The program that ACT  Foundation distributed was the hygyne kits for survivors. The main reason is that the hygyne kits distribution is essential need for the survivors who lost their houses that damaged by the earthquake. There were 100 beneficiaries and the location called Kalubibing-Mamunyu, Sub-District Mamuju, District Mamuju, West Sulawesi. 

The beneficiaries highly thank to GlobalGiving donors across the globe who generously support them at difficult time (natural disasters and the Covid-19).  Finally, all of your contribution really direct for the Indonesian community and we hope that the Covid-19 could end soon. Stay safe and healhty....

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