Oct 12, 2020

20 women formed to take the entrepreneurial route

More than 7 months have gone away through the quarantine not yet released in our country. 7 months to reorganize our work, finding out solutions, preparing our staff to overcome the lack of IT education and experience, processing information, acquiring knowledge on new education platforms and learning from our organization worldwide contents.

These seven months have taught  each of us that external circumstances must be taken as opportunities for learning and improvement, as opportunities for innovation in our processes. During these times we have maintained our contacts with the different constituencies we have a relationship with, our sponsors and donors, our beneficiaries, schools and communities, by phone, mail or online social media. Now that the government has ordered a flexible pattern that permits one week of circulation and one week of absolute stopover we have made contacts with "preparation for work schools" that serve low income young adults who have not completed or not even initiated their studies for them to be formed to be included in the working field.

As a consequence of these efforts at the end of this month we will be dictating our "Women for development" program to a team of 20 women attending one of these schools located in a suburban area nearby the city.  This will permit us to honor the funds to be received in the near future from a kind donation deposited along the quarantine period.

Women for development is a comprehensive program that provide women beneficiaries with soft skills, communications, business strategy and cost efficiency, credit and sales' methodologies and speech (pitch) presentation for them  to be able to initiate their own small business working together with their program colleagues on innovative products and services for their communities .


We thank our donors for making this next cohort possible.

Jul 14, 2020

Redesigning our project to cope with a new reality

Since March 15 our operation as all of the worlds' other have changed and have had to move forward to adapt our education contents to this new reality.

Though we count on new platforms, implementation problems are stopped due to lack of an efficient IT structure and internet availability on the side of our beneficiaries. The situation extends to all the country schools and community sites, while government commands have been to finish the school calendar on line resulting on lack of quality in the contents provided, a deep lack of preparation from the educators's side conducting to poor results based on a very weak and improvised education system that was not prepared for this impact. By the way, after expecting wifi for a week I was unable to send this report on time because I could not count with wifi or data service at home for the last week and had to obtain a permission to complete it in my office which is now close.

Though our organization have offered contents without charge, just a few youngsters have been able to enroll in some of the courses available. We hope for school or a least a few sessions in direct contact with them to continue our impact.  Nowadays we are trying to organize a small group of ten young students for them to be formed with the financial tools programs we are offering in order to continue with this program for the ones who count with an IT tool. We hope to reach this small objective during the summer season.

Hard times have not yet ended. We assume the pandemic will continue impacting our country at least till september because it is now climbing to the exponential phase. Quarantine was applied two months in advance to the virus progress within the country and is just now, after four months when cases are growing unexpectedly. Nonetheless, our work has not stopped and we are sure we will emerge with more strength once we overcome this unfortunate situation.

Thanks very much to our donors for their contribution and patience at odd times.

Jun 12, 2020

Project on hold until quarantine permits to afford

We have had all our projects on hold until imposed quarantine permits to continue with our agenda.  Conversations had been completed with the Municipality to attend at least a group of 20 women during this quarter. However neither our team nor the beneficiaries have ben able to reach the office not only for the imposed quarantine but also for lack of gas or transportation available for these 90 days period that has been extended by government without previous notice not following the schedule initially provided for a scaled return to the regular operation.

We expect to overcome this unexpected situation in the near future and be able to provide a good report which complies with our commitment with women to be prepared to face their livelihood challenges.

We must thank and express gratitude to the three donors who have made their generous donations along this terrible period. We would like them to be sure that these will be applied to provide the materials needed to suport the classes for our target group during the summer season.

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