Feb 10, 2021

Launching a new Entrepreneur Women forochat


After almost a year of facing flexible and not flexible weeks of obliged quarantine periods, some days have been dedicated to build a new  way to deliver Entrepreneur Women Committee, the program we had applied through the years to guide our women in building the blocks for their own businesses based on the best practices and skills needed to succeed in any productive area they are prepared for.

This initiative has not been an easy task considering the lack of a strong internet connectivity and other infrastructure weaknesses present and not avoidable in our country that are out of our control. However, when crisis is on the table, imagination blows-up for solutions, thus our team have worked to find teaching alternatives that have frequently exceeded our own expectations. Women Entrepreneur or Women for development are programs devoted to help women succeed in every commercial and small business areas. Some cohorts were graduated through the years thanks to the support received by donors on this platform helping many women to succesfully continue with producing and selling their goods and services.

The last two cohorts were held at the end of November and te first week of December 2020. Now we have launched a new opportunity for learning through an on line forum which will be held on February 21, 22 and 23 through a What's app chat. We expect to reach a group of at least 25 women connected to these series.

Thanks to the support of donors along 2020 we were able to promote entrepreneurship within the most vulnerable women population while persisting in the purpose originally described in the project content finding alternative connection ways.

Nov 30, 2020

14 more students to be prepared this week

This report is due for lack of internet services during the last 12 days. After 9 months of obliged quarantine and total paralization of a country, we are trying to recover the lost period through reaching the scarce number of students that count on an intelligent phone or laptop to receive our classes, considering just 10 to 12% of them count on an intelligent tool as the previously mentioned. However, going through this work frame, a total of 14 students will be reached along four days with the support of KPMG volunteers to go through a Finance, strategic planning, career orientation and soft sfills for these selected beneficiaries to be better prepared for their future.

Based on our Job Shadow program contents, and along four days of class sessions, these students will understand the required strengths to be a better professional, such as creative thinking, finance basic concepts and business strategies models to help them solve everyday challenges. Along this education intervention an individual partner is assigned to each of them to provide orientation, finance and entrepreneur capacities helping to define their career with this companion role model.

With this, we will invest the total donations received through this year by our generous donors.

Thanks very much for this opportunity. We hope you a merry Christmas season at home, enjoying the warmth of your family, taking care of your health.

Oct 12, 2020

20 women formed to take the entrepreneurial route

More than 7 months have gone away through the quarantine not yet released in our country. 7 months to reorganize our work, finding out solutions, preparing our staff to overcome the lack of IT education and experience, processing information, acquiring knowledge on new education platforms and learning from our organization worldwide contents.

These seven months have taught  each of us that external circumstances must be taken as opportunities for learning and improvement, as opportunities for innovation in our processes. During these times we have maintained our contacts with the different constituencies we have a relationship with, our sponsors and donors, our beneficiaries, schools and communities, by phone, mail or online social media. Now that the government has ordered a flexible pattern that permits one week of circulation and one week of absolute stopover we have made contacts with "preparation for work schools" that serve low income young adults who have not completed or not even initiated their studies for them to be formed to be included in the working field.

As a consequence of these efforts at the end of this month we will be dictating our "Women for development" program to a team of 20 women attending one of these schools located in a suburban area nearby the city.  This will permit us to honor the funds to be received in the near future from a kind donation deposited along the quarantine period.

Women for development is a comprehensive program that provide women beneficiaries with soft skills, communications, business strategy and cost efficiency, credit and sales' methodologies and speech (pitch) presentation for them  to be able to initiate their own small business working together with their program colleagues on innovative products and services for their communities .


We thank our donors for making this next cohort possible.

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