Oct 11, 2021

Hopefully new donations will make us succeed

The project we have managed for four years has continued to be taugh to several women groups using the most innovative ways for deployment.

In our last report we have posted a success story reaching more women than expected while the few remaining funds were used to implement new designed contents tfor these to be posted through what's app using forochats. We have counted on the innovative thinking of a group of University graduates volunteering and concentrated to reach our common purpose.

Although new funds have not been received until now afer several months we are waiting for it to happen and are hopeful for new donations to provide opportunities to the wide sepectrum of women waiting for guidance to initiate their own entrepreneurial project.

As this happens we continue to add interesting contents to enhance the present ones and still keep the highest expectations on continuing to provide women in scarcity with the ignition to turn on their lives counting with equal opportunities as men have and they deserve.

We are sure of GlobalGiving and its donors to be sensitive to women in poverty, mostly after the strongest pandemic period they have gone through.


As we believe in the goodwill of the human beings, we are confident of your generosity and hopeful on your continuous support.


Ileana Leyba

Project Leader

Jul 30, 2021

Waiting for new oppportunities

Dear donors, is a pleasure to let you know that we have accomplished more than expected although we have not received any more donations since the beginning of 2020. 

Times have been strong for all NGO's - included ours - along the pandemic period, while some measurements imposed by the local government have extremely affected the way we work preventing to directly reach our beneficiaries. However as our education programs have been converted to on-line ones in a variety of digital platforms, savings have provided the necessary funds to continue with our financial education classes  until the first 2020 quarter, but are already finished so we cannot continue to operate while reaching students has come to be more difficult every day due to the worst internet services in the planet we count on in Venezuela. Not only our students and teachers at schools do not count on funds to buy a computer nor a smart phone, there also is a lack of internet structure in most of the low income areas. Students have been forced to using their parents equipments to afford the available contents.For this to be possible we have not only converted some of these to What's App contents but also have prepared teachers on these for them to support the project implementing classes with these valuable knowledge. BNonetheless, at the end, financial support is needed to continue the job and administrative operation.

Times are not going to change by the moment, but we count on your generosity to continue our work.  We are deeply thankful for the aid received until last year, but require of continuous support for implementation of more updated contents we count on. We are sure you will understand this fact and act upon to help us work.

Wishing you the best!


Ileana Leyba

Project coordinator

JA Venezuela

Jun 10, 2021

Achieving the promise

"La Venezolana" a pastries Entrepreneur in charge!
"La Venezolana" a pastries Entrepreneur in charge!

After a quarter of preparation we were enabled to complete our promise, our commitment to the donors who believed in our purpose and have generously donated for us to achieve results.

As we informed in the last report, the new digital ways have helped us to improve the numbers at reaching our population of low income women who counted on knowledge or abilities for these to be developed  and strengthen to create their own business. These digital social media have provided us with major opportunities to deploy our contents and follow these actions with continous guidance for our beneficiaries. A final of 75 women who integrated the last cohort completed the online classes divided into 12 sessions in which contents including soft skills, communications abilities, credit, debit, cost structrure, even point, sales propositions, personnel selection, business model and business proposals for financial support were taught through what's app forum-chats by 26 university volunteers counting on Economics, Mass Communications, social workers and Administrators. An initial recruitment process was addressed to a total of 120 women in need, but just 75 of them could complete the course due to lack of an smart phone, possibililty to pay for a cybercafe or lack of a laptop.  However, reaching more than 50% of the contacted women is a great number during these times of pandemic with constant lack of resources.

To complete this report we are attaching an image of a teacher who desperately required business skills to develop her own pastry business. At the beginning she's declared to be losing money with her cakes and pastries, now she's pointed out to have registered her "company", and being promoting and delivering services through the instagram. 

It is important to let you all know  that in Venezuela the basic salary is US$ 3, not enough to buy a dozen of eggs. There is no difference for our teachers, who are starving, while the education system is simply falling down due to their massive exodus looking forward for better jobs as a way to feed their families.  We have focused our last classes in searching these teachers to expand our offer for them to gain entrepreneurship abilities as a way to allow them to remain in their homes and country.

We sincerely elevate our enormeous gratitude to the few donors who have consistently support our cause to make our projects happen. Thanks with capital letters. We continue to answer and be responsive with our initial proposal. Spread the word to your friends and families for them to iunderstand that a little help to your friends can create development and happiness to many familes all over the world.

Thanks GLOBAL GIVING fro making this action possible.

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