Ruchika Social Service Organisation

The mission is to help the children deprived of normal conditions of life and create a society free from child labor, exploitation and abandonment. As the development of these children is worthwhile when they become active participants and positive contributors to their communities, it is aimed to provide joyful and innovative education, health care, supplementary nutrition, recreation, counseling, vocational training, rehabilitation and repatriation services to these children.
Nov 6, 2015

School where differently able children are welcome

Gudu Das welcomed to school by his friend&Teacher
Gudu Das welcomed to school by his friend&Teacher

By the government estimate, out of 200 million children in the age group of 6 to 14 in India, around 59 million do not attend school. Of the rest, who are currently in school, four out of every 10 children beginning to attend school will drop out before completing their primary school education. In addition, various studies of children's learning achievement indicates that the situation is actually grim. Recent community based surveys done in 28 cities and eight rural districts in the country find that not more than 30 per cent of school children in the age group 6 to 14, in an educationally advanced state like Maharashtra, can read simple text fluently or do basic arithmetic sums.

Ruchika, supported by PHF, MSDF & TMF works for creating an enabling environment in the slum communities and in schools to fire up the light of education in each child. Towards this end, training teachers in sound and creative pedagogy, providing appropriate teaching aids, improving infrastructure facilities, starting libraries, community mobilization, forming and educationg peoples groups to demand quality education, sensitizing the education service providers as well as literacy promotion are our priority.

We cannot ignore the limitations imposed by the realities of our systems nor do we aim to. Instead of creating parallel structures, Ruchika supplements and works in synergy with existing Government and other initiatives in providing education to all. Remedial Education is imparted to those who lag behind and to low achievers to enable him/her to join in the achievers club.

Ruchika Social Service Organisation has been running varieties of education programs for street and slum children for last 30 years and has adopted a holistic approach in imparting education. Presently it runs 95 Primary and 60 Elementary Remedial Education Centres in the slums of Bhubaneswar and gradually phasing out from the slums.

Activities with the Community

  • Basti Education Committees have been working effectively. They monitor the work of remedial centres running in their respective slums. Some of the BEC members are also the member of School Management Committee .They demand quality education and safety of the children in the school
  • Monthly meetings of BECs are conducted and resolutions are made unanimously. They help in repairing and electrifying of the centres. They monitor the govt. school as well as remedial centres with the help of RSSO remedial teachers
  • The members of basti education committee has been trained and oriented on the provision of RTE
  • RTE has been sensitized in all targeted 95 slums and 50 of them has been sensitized with full force.
  • Our supervisory staff has sensitized in the communities by sticking different stickers on the walls / doors of the slum houses and banners also have been displayed in the visibility area in the slums. The communities and BEC members helped our staff a lot.


Activities with Children

  • With intensive work of the teachers and cluster educators 98 % children are retained in the government schools, more percentages of which are girls.
  • Remedial coaching has been conducted with full force. The teachers are provided with training on the new methodologies, strategies of education, multi-grade teaching skills, remedial coaching skills, record maintenance and adolescence psychology.
  • Children are regularly attending the government schools. The teachers are visiting the home of the child to know if any child is not going to school. It has been noticed that the children's attendance has increased due to regular visits of teachers.
  • Re-integration of drop out children into the school has been conducted.
  • Evaluation and Assessment - 4 nos of competency test have been conducted during this period. About 80 % children have completed these competencies as planned.

Activities with Schools

The teachers maintain good rapport with the govt. school teachers. Whenever they are allowed, they demonstrate in the school with innovative methods. The school teachers are helped to conduct co-curricular activities. The test results of the students are shared with the government school teachers.

School Management Committees have been constituted in all the nearby schools. Our teachers and supervisory staff are meeting the members of SMCs and educating them about the RTE, explaining them various provisions laid down in the RTE and how these provisions can be realized for the children.



  1. 2305 primary children and 979 elementary students are studying in the remedial centers. All of them are studying in the government schools.
  2. All remedial teachers and other staff as proposed are in place. The project runs smoothly.
  3. 80% students have been completed 4 competencies in Math and English.
  4. An art competition and Fancy dress competition on Madhu Babu was held at Ekamra Hat Bhubaneswar, In which most of slum children had participated and got prizes.
  5. Basti Education Committees have been constituted at all targeted slums and monthly meetings are conducted regularly.
  6. The communities and parents of 10 slums where there were parents have been concerned about their children’s education ,they have become self sustained, providing private coaching and supplying extra study materials.

   7. All the records of the project are in place.

   8.      Teaching learning materials including first aid kit have been supplied to the centers as per need.    


  1. The academic proficiency of the targeted slum children have increased to a greater extent. Following is the academic record as assessed by third party.
  2. Dropout rate in the school has been checked almost completed
  3. 98 % Children are attending the school happily because all their home tasks are done in the remedial centres and all their learning problems are solved.
  4. The slum communities and BEC members are motivating the parents to send their children to school regularly.
  5. Our staff are visiting the Govt. School frequently.
  6. A positive environment has been created in the slum to send all the children to school.
  7. Govt. school teachers are gradually accepting our teachers and appreciating the methodology that Ruchika adopts to teach the children.


We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters for their magnanimous gesture towards the children living in oppressed and deprived of their minimum basic right to go to school.

Aug 5, 2015

Where there is a will, there is a way

Sulata - Marginalised outof school, readmitted
Sulata - Marginalised outof school, readmitted

Sulata  a girl of age 10, loves to sing song and learning has been out of school due to her socio economic ground. The parents of Sulata are daily workers and travel to the Bhubaneswar, Capital of Odisha in search of work. Like the numerous migrant they got a shed in a slum viz. Maa Patadevi Basti. Their poor economic condition and illiteracy dive them not to send Sulata to the school and engage her in house hold work and take care of her Youngers. Her parents think the cost of education is more and in absence of them during daily labour work , she  has to fulfill the responsibility of her young brother and sister.

During frequent visit and survey by the organization peers in the slum area, one of our Cluster Educator found this case. The first time counseling to the parents and child – Sulata for send her to the school gone in vanish. On next visit by the Head Educator with the Cluster Educator of Education programme brings a success, the child Sulata agreed to go to school but her parents not agreed. After continuous counseling to parents of Sulata and explaining about the Right To Education Act, benefits of girls education and all type of support by the organization to make the education free of cost with remedial education they agreed.


The child Sulata has been admitted to the nearby Government formal school in Class IV and requested to the school teachers for keep a close eye to the child for hurdle less, pleasant education. She is also provided free remedial education/ support classes after the schooling hours by the Ruchika Remedial Education Program. The regular follow up by the Cluster Educator result in continuous schooling of Sulata. In the words of Sulata - “I am reading in Chakeishiani Upper Primary school. My school is big and beautiful, where I learn & play  independently with my friends so I am proud of it. I never stop my study”

Like Sulata, every year the organization mainstreamed thousands of out of school marginalized children and fulfill the aim of Right To Education for every child in the age 6-14 years. The sponsors and supporters are request to spend their valuable sources to support more to such causes.


May 5, 2015

Education where learning is not limited with .....

Educate  Girl  Educate India-Painting competition
Educate Girl Educate India-Painting competition

Education where learning is not limited with mere Academic Proficiency

The organization who is working for the underprivileged children, with its 30 years of exertion it builds the future of the children with its most primitive weapon –‘Education’. It believes the education should not limit with the proficiency in Academic qualification but with all round development associated with the childhood to develop a responsible citizen. Along with the formal education it aims to widen the inner skill of the children. It elevates their spirit to participate in different competitions and win in the race of life.

‘Educate Girl Educate India’

 Out of 3000 slum children in the Remedial education centre majority are the girls. A painting Exhibition was organized by “Ruchika Social Service Organisation” on theme ‘Educate Girl Educate India’ on 21st February,2015. 300 remedial girl students from 105 centers were draw their painting and exhibit it at Ruchika SMART office. The Chief guest are Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Executive Vice Chairman of Tech Mahindra and Mrs. Reva Nayyar, Director in Essel Social Welfare Foundation, Sri B.K Mishra, Senior Vice President of Tech Mahindra ,Hyderabad and many associates of Tech Mahindra Foundation, Bhubaneswar were visited the painting exhibition and appreciated the endeavor. The best ones are praised to participate on next corporate painting competition


The Exhibition inaugurated by Mrs. Reva Nayyar, Director in Essel Social Welfare Foundation in the presence of the Mr. Vineet Nayyar, Executive Vice Chairman of Tech Mahindra. All of them visited the exhibition. They highly praised the painting of the students.


“Madhukatha Pratiyogita”

Know about the life sketch of eminent persons in the society / country and take part in the debate/ one act play / fancy competition relevant to these peoples – an initiation from the organization for these marginalized slum children.


In the eve of foundation day of Utkal Dibasa, “Madhukatha Pratiyogita” organized. Children from several organizations, schools and institutions participated in the competition. Topics are debate/ one act play / fancy dress competition on life sketch of Utkal Gourab Madhusudan Das  Known as 'Madhu Babu' by the common people. Madhu Babu worked for the political, social and economical upliftment of the people of Odisha and served the mother-nation as a lawyer, social reformer and patriot. He founded Utkal Sammilani which brought a revolution in the social and industrial development of Odisha. By his long political fight he unite Odisha & modern Odisha took birth on 1st April 1936. This date is celebrated as Utkal Dibasa. 18 numbers of remedial students participated in the events and Rojalini Sahoo from Narayan Basti remedial centre awarded with 3rd prize in one act play on Madhubabu Besa Posaka.


Taking part in different competitions not only build the self confidence among the children but also it accelerate their inner talents to become a successful & responsible citizen in the future. The organization in its day to day intervention with the children tried to fruitful the slogan “Today’s child is the future of tomorrow”.

Rojalini Sahoo as Madhu Babu One act play
Rojalini Sahoo as Madhu Babu One act play

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