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The American Foundation for Children with AIDS (AFCA) is a non-profit organization providing critical comprehensive services to infected and affected HIV+ children and their caregivers. Our programs are efficient, promoting self-reliance and sustainability. Since 2005, in collaboration with our in-country partners, we have served tens of thousands of families in some of the most underserved and marginalized communities in Africa. Our areas of impact include: medical support, livelihoods, educational support and emergency relief.
Apr 16, 2013

What's the Big Deal About Angels?

Thank you for caring for me!
Thank you for caring for me!

What IS the big deal about angels, anyway?  Some people believe in them.  Some people don't.  But, many of the children in our programs do believe in them - but in the form of humans who care for them and who provide them with things their parents can't, either because they are not able to financially or because they are no longer here.  So many little ones are grateful for the fact that someone cared enough for them to send them medicine, food, school supplies, and hope.  You are one of those people!

This Mother's Day, will you be an angel to our kids once again?  Will you make a donation which will allow us to purchase and deliver two months of life-saving medicine for children for whom we care?  If you do, we will send you a beautiful silver angel pendant and necklace to give to someone special in your life.  Maybe someone who cared for you and who showed you kindness -a grandmother, your mother, a friend, a cousin, a sister, or a co-worker.  With one gesture, you'll be bestowing gifts to two important people. What could be better than that?

Thanks for being an angel today,



Apr 15, 2013

The Borehole was a Dream

Sometimes we like to dream big.

So, we started dreaming of drilling a borehole in one of the farms we work on in Mombasa, Kenya in an area known as LungaLunga.  This land is 50 acres large and has so much potential for maize, sorghum, potatoes, melons, and all sorts of amazing things to grow.  But, year after year, trial after trial, our crops fail because the rains never come and when they do come, they are just not enough. 

The dreaming began and we decided that we couldn't just dream...we needed to act.  So, this year, we sent funds to our friends in Mombasa to start drilling a borehole that will provide water and nutrients for the plants we want to grow on the land.  The borehole is being dug, friends.  It is happening!  It really is happening.

I find it hard to believe the things that a small organization takes on sometimes.  WHAT in the world made us believe we coudl get a project that costs close to $20k done when we have all the expenses of medicine, food, school fees and supplies, medical equipment, and livestock to deal with?  I think the reason we believe we can do this is dual - faith and hope.  We have the faith to believe that the project will work.  We also have the faith that people will give because they care.  And, we have the faith that the project will be successful and that many, many children will receive good veggies and fruit due to this generosity and hard work.  Where does hope come in?  It is seen all over the faces of tired mothers who want to feed their little ones well, who work hard to provide for their families but yet, cannot affort a tomato.  It is in the handshakes and hugs we receive when we visit - the hope that their children will have a better, more healthy future than they did.  How in the world couldn't we keep that hope alive? 

Well, thanks to you and to so many others, we are doing it.  We are getting that borehole dug, friends, and soon, I'll send you a photo of it, producing water on the scorched land.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for being part of a dream. Thank you for helping our faith grow and for keeping hope alive.

Apr 8, 2013

Rabbits for Children are Growing!

Uncle Tarirai and children
Uncle Tarirai and children

Uncle Tarirai was born on in October 1940. He got married in 1964. His wife was born in 1947. They two had eleven children but they have lost six already because of HIV/AIDS. He is taking care of three of his grandchildren whose parents are now deceased. Some of the other orphaned grandchildren are staying with relatives from the extended family.

The children are Leonard, Liberty, and Nyasha. Even though Tarirayi is seventy three years old, he is responsible for the three children’s welfare.  Sadly, on March 18, 2013, his house was burnt by a fire which they could not traced and all his belongings were destroyed. Now, he is struggling to find blankets, clothes and other needed items for himself and his children.

They have benefited from the rabbits project under AFCA. Their hope now lies with the rabbits project. Tarirai is expecting nothing from his fields from the 2012-2013 agricultural season due to bad rains, but Tarirai hopes to see the rabbits multiply so he will sell some of the rabbits to buy food and pay school fees for the children.

Thank you for being part in changing lives!

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