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Dec 2, 2016

Thank you donors but the campaign is not over yet!

Spell Bee - 1
Spell Bee - 1

Dear Patrons,

Our heart-felt gratitude for your phenomenal support
with donations on GivingTuesday on Nov. 29th, when
Isha Vidhya raised around $27,000 (with around $21,800
as donations, and around $5,700 as matching) !  This
would enable us in a significant way to fund the critical
infrastructure needs at the Isha Vidhya schools and the
support for the Government schools, this year!  Thank you!

The campaign is not over yet!  If you missed donating
to Isha Vidhya on Nov. 29th, and would like to donate,
we recommend you make recurring donation for small
amounts like $25 and carry it on for a minimum 3 months.
Global Giving is currently matching one of those donations
200%!  That means, Isha Vidhya will be getting double
the amount of donation that you have made!

This campaign runs till December 31st, but don't wait as
the matching funds are running out fast!  We recommend
that you donate immediately!

Link to donate :

Project Update:

As the funds are being raised, the schools are busy as ever
with their activities!  Dharmapuri school recently conducted
Spell-Bee Excel competitions on November 15th, in which
58 students registered and 57 students participated.  We are
attaching the photos of the event and the sharings for your viewing!

For any questions, please email

We thank you for everything that you did for Isha Vidhya,
and looking forward to your continued patronage!

Spell Bee - 2
Spell Bee - 2
Spell Bee - 3
Spell Bee - 3
Spell Bee - 4
Spell Bee - 4
Sharing of Keerthana
Sharing of Keerthana
Sharing of Mahalakshmi
Sharing of Mahalakshmi

Nov 25, 2016

Microsoft volunteers for Isha Vidhya & Bill Gates Fdn. matches donations!

Microsoft employee prepares learning materials!
Microsoft employee prepares learning materials!

Over 30 employees from Microsoft India Development Center
Hyderabad volunteered on 9th November to creating learning aids.

Ankitkumar, an associate at MS Hyd shares: "This is something
very important. The kind of satisfaction that I got from doing something
for the children & the community cannot be measured. Thank for the

We are attaching awesome pictures from the event for your viewing!

Bill Gates Foundation matching donations on November 29th!

We thank you from our bottom of our heart for all the support
that you have provided till now to Isha Vidhya!  We fondly
remember the solid backing you provided in Global Giving's
Photo Contest 2016 in which Isha Vidhya won the first prize!

Our infrastructure requirements continue to remain, as well as
our requirements to support the Govt. School Support Program,
which provide teacher augmentation, English and remedial teaching.

In order to support the ongoing requirements, Isha Vidhya takes part
in a few select fund-raising campaigns of Global Giving every year.

One such important campaign is GivingTuesday, that falls on 
November 29th.

The great news is that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will 
be matching your donations by 50% on Nov. 29th. That means, if
you donate $20 to Isha Vidhya, the Foundation will add $10 to the
donation, thus Isha Vidhya will be getting $30 !

We request you to come forward and donate on GivingTuesday to
support Isha Vidhya's efforts.  Please mark your calendars with the
details below:

Link to donate


India: Nov 29th 10:31 AM to Nov 30th 10:29 AM

USA Eastern Standard Time: Nov 29th 12:01 AM (midnight) to
                                                 Nov 30th 11:59 PM (Midnight)

USA Pacific Standard Time: Nov 28th 21:01 PM to
                                                Nov 29th 20:59 PM

We strongly recommend that you donate within 2 hours of the
campaign start
, as many organizations worldwide participate in
this campaign, and matching funds might run out soon.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, we request
you feel free to email to

Please share this message with your circles so that they too get to
know about the work that Isha Vidhya is accomplishing.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward for your continued
support for Isha Vidhya!

Charts being prepared
Charts being prepared
Prepared chart!
Prepared chart!
Chart prep - 2
Chart prep - 2
Chart prep - 3
Chart prep - 3
Chart prep - 4
Chart prep - 4
Chart prep - 5
Chart prep - 5
Chart prep - 6
Chart prep - 6
Chart prep - 7
Chart prep - 7
Chart prep - 8
Chart prep - 8
Prepared chart - 2
Prepared chart - 2
Happy employee with completed work!
Happy employee with completed work!


Nov 22, 2016

Food Awareness at Salem school

The feast!
The feast!

A lot of food wisdom is present in the food that Indian grandmoms
used to cook at home. Over years though, with globalization and brilliant
marketing of fast food, current generation is preferring to eat junk food.

They are forgoing localized, weather appropriate home cooked fresh food
and adopting packaged food. This change in dietary habit is causing many
health issues in modern India.

To remind students about the value our grandmother’s wisdom and develop
love for indigenous food, Isha Vidhya schools run several food based programs.

Recently Vanavasi School’s 5th grade students organized a Food Festival to learn
these food items and nutrients present in them. Students brought dishes
prepared at home for the event. The teachers enquired each student about
the nutrient list in the dish they had brought.

Tamilnadu has numerous types of food preparations as each section of the
society has its own method and the ingredients.  This food festival introduced
many of those food items to the students and school staff!

One of the eachers shared:

"By reading from the lesson, student will not be able to know about the
traditional food. In order to know about those varieties, food festival was
conducted by our students.   We asked the students to bring the different
kinds of grains. The student came to know about grains like thenai,varagu,
samai,koralli, pannivaragu etc. We asked the student to prepare varieties
of food items and we planned to conduct the food festival. The students
explained the nutrients which is present in the food items to the principal
and teachers.

From the food festival, we feel happy, students came to know about what
are the nutrients present, its value and importance. Our student Muhruth
had brought tender rice & venn pongal which was really admired by our

The blackboard decoration!
The blackboard decoration!
Students narrate their food items - 1
Students narrate their food items - 1
Students narrate their food items - 1
Students narrate their food items - 1
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