Jul 25, 2018

The Magic Of Long Story Card Teaching!


Learning methodologies that are appropriate for children who have learning disadvantages are very helpful. We share the story of Poorvika, a 4th grade student in the Isha Vidhya Villupuram school on how it transformed her from being non-attentive to being a interested learner.

Poorvika had difficulties in comprehending Tamil. When the Long Story Card methodology was introduced to her, she surprised her Tamil Teacher Esther by narrating the story line by line as it was taught! Noticing this change in Poorvika, the teacher had a meeting with her parents to share observations and to find out how Poorvika is doing at home. Poorvika’s father shared that she is implementing some methods that she learnt with the Long Story Card at home! For example, Poorvika cleaned the cobwebs in the ceiling by tying a string to a wash cloth and attempting to reach to the ceiling to clean it! When her father asked why she was doing that, she replied that she is doing what she learnt from the card class!

It showed that Poorvika not only attempted to implement what was taught as a lesson in the class, but also communicated that to her father. Her father is pretty happy noticing the change as she never used to interact much with her parents about anything.

The Long Story Card methodology is offered in classes from Kindergarten to the 4th grade. Students learn words, letters and poems via this teaching method. For each class, a manual is designed with characters, their activities and life situations. These are divided into chapters which the teacher reads out in the class. Through this method, the student first learns the sentence, then the words, and finally the individual letters.

That’s a pretty amazing methodology to teach the slow learners, you would agree. Did you know that your donations in the past financial year (2017-18) are contributing towards procuring Long Story Cards?! Yes, you are making an impact!

For a continued impact on Isha Vidhya learning aids, please consider a $20 monthly recurring donation here:


Our heart-felt gratitude for your continued support!


Jul 18, 2018

Start a recurring donation on July 18th!

Our Heart-felt Gratitude!
Our Heart-felt Gratitude!

Dear Patrons,

At the outset, our heart-felt gratitude to all of you for your continued support of Isha Vidhya! The academic year 2018-19 has started, and the students are joyfully learning in all of our 9 schools.

Utilization of donations:

With the funds donated by you till March 31st, 2018, we have initiated procurement of the following items for the schools as mentioned below:

1. Arts & Craft stationery items in 4 schools: INR 77,308

2. Tamil language long story cards in 7 schools: INR 3,60,520

3. Karadi Path in 5 schools: INR 2,47,873

4. Science lab materials (6 to 8) in 8 schools: INR 3,30,958

5. Science lab materials (Hr. Sec) in 6 schools: INR 3,23,485

6. Math Learning material: INR 1,80,744

We are glad to share that we are working on planning for the library books. We will be submitting one more project report on the split-ups of all the above items (school-wise) and the library books along with students’ sharing and photographs pretty soon.

Participation in GG Rewards Bonus Day

At this juncture, we are glad to share that we are participating in Globalgiving’s GG Rewards Bonus Day on July 18th! The first month donation of the new recurring donations started on this day will be eligible for a 100% match, provided it’s continued for 3 more months! That means, if you start a recurring donation for $30, another $30 will be added to your donation by Globalgiving, so, Isha Vidhya will get $60, and you have to continue the recurring donation for next 3 months.

We strongly encourage you to start a recurring donation if you have not done so already. This will help you contribute to Isha Vidhya’s cause on a continual basis, helping the children with academic and infrastructure needs!

Link to donate: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ishavidhya?show=recurring

When to donate:

USA Eastern Time: July 18th between 9:00 AM and 11:59 PM

India Time: July 18th between 6:30 PM and July 19th 9:30 AM

We really appreciate all you have done for Isha Vidhya, and look forward for your continued support!

Best Regards.


Jul 2, 2018

Kartik's fundraiser for Isha Vidhya!

Dear Patrons,

Kartik is a great supporter of our project. He raises
funds for Isha Vidhya every year around his birthday
that falls on July 11th by raising $1107. He has done
this great effort for the past few years, and now it’s that
time of the year this year too!

You can find Kartik’s fundraiser at Globalgiving at

We encourage you to check out that fundraiser page,
and donate to celebrate Kartik’s birthday by the way
of supporting India’s rural children’s education!

It would be fabulous, if you could also do a fundraiser
for the project around your birthday, anniversary or an
important date for you! You can find more details at:

If you have any questions about starting a fundraiser,
please feel free to email global.giving@ishavidhya.org

Once again, let’s celebrate Kartik’s birthday this month!

We wish you a very happy birthday, Kartik, on July 11th!

Thanks & Best Regards


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