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Nov 14, 2016

Cleanliness campaign at Tuticorin school!

Tuticorin students take part in cleanliness drive
Tuticorin students take part in cleanliness drive

Creating awareness about cleanliness

Isha Vidhya schools create awareness about cleanliness
not only among its students, who are from underprivileged
rural background, but, also make an impact on the
communities they serve in, around the schools.

We feel that it's pretty important to inculcate the importance
of cleanliness and hygiene in the minds of the students, so that,
they can carry this message wherever they go in the world,
and live in whichever circumstances that they are put in.

Tuticorin Isha Vidhya school's cleanliness initiative

One such cleanliness campaign was initiated by Tuticorin Isha
Vidhya school recently.  The students enthusiastically asked
about and decided to participate in a drive to clean the public
areas around the areas.  The students of the 8th and 9th grades
of the school, along with the class teachers participated in this
drive.  They were provided with gloves and masks to protect them
from dust and infections.

The Village Panchayat (administration) pitched in, by joining the
school in this drive, and collecting the bags containing the
garbage that was collected by the students.  Plastic waste, carry
bags, etc, which were collected by the students, were put in a large
bag, and removed by the village Panchayat for proper disposal.

Stagnant water in some areas were shown to the students, and they
were made aware of the dangers of such stagnant water, especially
during the rainy season, which becomes a breeding ground for
mosquitoes, which spread diseases like viral fever, dengue, malaria,

Active participation of the local public

The villagers, noticing the students cleaning the public area, also
engaged with them to participate in the awareness building aspect
of the drive. Without complete involvement of the general public,
the cleanliness drive could not have succeeded.

Sathya from 9th grade shares:

"I feel happy to share my participation in cleanliness campaign.
One day, we cleaned our school surroundings for about 100m. 
I and my friends were very happy to do that work. We didn’t feel
bored as we were enjoying it.  Our Principal gave us some
instruction for our safety. We felt very happy when we saw the place
that we cleaned. From that moment on wards we pledged to keep
our surroundings clean. We should be clean and make our
surroundings clean. We have to create awareness programme
among people. If we keep our surroundings clean we can maintain
good health."

Suresh from 8th grade shares:

"I would like to share my feeling about a rally on cleanliness
campaign. There were a lot of plastic covers and non-bio degradable
wastes which will not allow the rain water to reach the ground. If we
leave it as it is, it will cause many harmful disease. So my principal
said to clean all those things far away. 

My friends and I did the job perfect fully with joy. By hearing my
principal’swords I did not use plastic covers yet. I did not allow my
parents as well as my friends to use plastics. I create awareness
among students to clean our surroundings."

So, it looks like the environmental education along with cleanliness
and hygiene awarenes has indeed sinked in to our Tuticorin school
students.  What do you think, patrons?  Please do let us know your

For any suggestions, please email us at

Thanks & Best Regards,

Principal gives instructions
Principal gives instructions
Students walk to the area to be cleaned
Students walk to the area to be cleaned
The activity starts!
The activity starts!
Garbage collected
Garbage collected
Garbage collection
Garbage collection
Garbage collected in bags
Garbage collected in bags
Local people take part
Local people take part
Local people take part - 2
Local people take part - 2
Girl students take part in the activity
Girl students take part in the activity
Students work to collect...
Students work to collect...
Garbage bags consolidated
Garbage bags consolidated


Nov 4, 2016

Career guidance to seniors at Cuddalore school

Career in Project Management - session
Career in Project Management - session

Isha Vidhya's ten years towards India rural education

The first of the Isha Vidhya schools was started in Coimbatore
in 2006, and since then, 7 additional schools have been constructed
and being operated in Erode, Salem, Dharmapuri, Cuddalore,
Villupuram, Nagercoil and Tuticorin.

We have come a long way indeed.  One of the initial schools started
was the Nagercoil school which had 100+ students, which has grown
today to 800+ students!

Career guidance and 'Profession with Passion' series talks

As the children and the schools grow, the need for higher grades at
the schools, and guiding the students in their career becomes very

Profession with Passion, is a series of talks by individuals from
various professions, presenting about their career, and about the
career choices that the students can make.

Ranjeet Varhman's presentation

In one of such talks, Mr. Ranjeet Varhman, Project Manager at
Rees Elsevier India Private Limited, Chennai, conducted two
sessions for Cuddalore students, which covered:

  • A glimpse into Project Management in a publishing house
  • How to plan your career, and what are the possibilities

Students from 9th to 11th grades participated in these sessions.
The sessions were interactive, in which the students participated

Ranjeet shared: 

"I was surprised that the students promptly answered my questions
to them, as well as asked many sensible questions about the
publishing house careers."

The students expressed their satisfaction that the session was very
useful for them, and looked forward to many sessions like these in 
the future!

If you would like to do a 'Profession with Passion' talk at any of the
above mentioned schools, please send an email to expressing your interest. Thank you!

Presentation - 2
Presentation - 2
Presentation - 3
Presentation - 3
Question - 1
Question - 1
Question - 2
Question - 2
Question - 3
Question - 3
Question - 3
Question - 3


Oct 28, 2016

Saplings planting by Dharmapuri school / UK campaign!

Children on their way to sapling planting
Children on their way to sapling planting

Dear Patrons,

As you already know, creating awareness among the
students about nurturing the environment is one of
the top priorities at Isha Vidhya schools.

Towards this, Dharmapuri school planned last month
to plant saplings, so that it's timely for the planted
saplings to receive the monsoon rains that are
expected this month.

50 saplings were planted near and along the Dharmapuri
school compound.  The effort was arranged by the science
teachers, in which the students eagerly participated.

Office staff Mr. Arun and Mr. Muniappan put in a lot
of effort to make this happen. Our special thanks to them!

We are attaching the pictures of the planting. See the 
young students taking part in the activity with full 

Attention UK based patrons!

Global Giving UK's Little-by-Little-by-Little donation

Did you know that Isha Vidhya is registered with
Global Giving UK ?

Global Giving UK has announced a donation campaign
in which your donations up to 50 GBP (Great Britain
Pounds) are matched 50% by them till 31st October!

Please also note that if you are an UK tax payer, your
donation is eligible for Gift Aid !

So hurry, please donate and support Isha Vidhya before
the matching funds (a little over GBP 5500 as of writing
this article) run out!

We thank you for everything you did for Isha Vidhya,
and look forward for your continued patronage!

Best Regards,
Venkat Ramakrishnan

Planting happening with full enthusiasm!
Planting happening with full enthusiasm!
Watering the planted saplings
Watering the planted saplings
Planting along the compound
Planting along the compound
Student with sapling ready to plant
Student with sapling ready to plant
Student planting a sapling
Student planting a sapling
School team members help children in planting
School team members help children in planting


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