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Oct 31, 2018

Early detection and awareness can bring hope

Tanaka wheel chair assistance
Tanaka wheel chair assistance

Story of Tanatswa

Kidzcan continues to strive in provision of chemotherapy drugs and psychosocial support with the aim of Reducing childhoodcancer morbidity and mortality through implementation of evidence based, cost-effective prevention and control interventions and providing palliative care to improve quality of life of children living with cancer and their families.

Born( 9) nine years ago  in Harare Tanatswa which means” we have been blessed and life has been perfected in our lives by having a child and a boy child for that matter as per Shona culture the family name will go forward.

 Tanatswa had a normal development in the first two years of growing up however he only walked at 2 years. Parents also noticed that his feet were not of the same size, when this was mentioned to the family elders mum was told that even Tanatswa’ s father had the same problem as a child of one bigger foot than the other which he overcame as he grew up. This kind of message left the mother content and did not seek any medical interventions. Parents got used to buy two pairs of shoes of different sizes but was able to use one shoe from each pair. As he grew up Tanatswa’s right leg and foot continued to grow longer than the other.

Tanatswa’s maternal grandmother decided to help by taking Tanatswa into her care since mum had another young child sibling to Tanatswa. Grand mother lives in the same area and this did not strain the parents to visit their son. As he grew older the right leg continued to grow long. He is big for his age and was walking using a broken walking frame and sometimes they would use a wheelbarrow to get him to school when they do not have money to hire a car.

Early this year they took him to the Doctor for investigations because the femur bone of the right leg just went long. As a family they have managed to take him to the doctors and were told he has a problem of overgrowing bones but needed more tests to establish the problem. Tests were done a few months ago now awaiting results as these are done in South Africa.   

A friend from Grandmother’s church posted Tanatswa’s plight on Face book and that’s how Kidzcan came to know about his needs. Kidzcan visited Tanatswa’s mum and grandmother at home who took us to the School and we met Tanatswa and his teacher. Tanatswa was given the wheelchair and walking frame and everyone present were so happy. Tanatswa actually said “Now I can go and buy airtime for Grandma” Grandmother was all tears and thanked Kidzcan saying “now I don’t have to lift him up he can get himself to places”. This is the work of Kidzcan alleviating pain and suffering for both child and caregivers in the community.  

To alleviate such problems of late detections, Kidzcan is embarking on a Cancer awareness campaign in two cities, as a pilot. 310 from 50 clinics will be trained on early detection and symptoms. A cancer detection card will then be attached to the baby vaccination card that every mother has in Zimbabwe. Hence every mother will now be aware of childhood cancers and demand to be screened with any fear of cancer as a stigma. This will then reduce the number late presentations in years to come.

Please see the attached flyer on the campaign. 

PLease continue to support Kidzcan to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancers in Zimbabwe,continue to GIVE through Global Giving and MOST of all THANK YOU


Aug 2, 2018

Kidzcan Youth Week Campaign Appeal

KIDZCAN ZIMBABWEChildren’s cancer relief


We are grateful to every single organisation and individuals that showed the courage to step up and give of themselves to raise funds for KIDZCAN. We are especially thankful to the Ministry of Health, for leading and managing the patients, our corporate sponsors for their generous financial support, professionals from the Media, without whom we would not be able cascade vital information, our volunteers with their relentless energy and selfless giving, to our staff and representatives who carry our name with dignity and pride, and our survivors and caregivers for showing us the way.

Let’s continue to fight Childhood cancer!

May 16, 2018

Save the lives of children with cancer in Zimbabwe


  Kidzcan’s new protocol

Kidzcan continues to support vulnerable children suffering from Cancer within the Health delivery system by supplying Chemotherapy drugs. In February 2018 Professor Bhakta from St Jude’s Children Cancer Research Hospital visited Parirenyatwa Hospital and recommended high doses of the drug Cytarabine. This special new protocol as recommended by St Jude was commenced in March 2018. From the recommendation two children with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (a boy and a girl) were selected to undergo this treatment. The children are now on their 4th cycle (this the fourth time they have had these medications intravenously in high doses constituting a cycle) and so far they are responding positively. They have their bad days, but soon recover after two to three days of receiving the drug. (This is very expensive at a cost of $900 per child per dosage). We are very pleased that they are both responding well to the new treatment and wish them a full recovery.

Kidzcan Cancer awareness campaign 2018

This Kidzcan’s cancer campaign, is on raising awareness and early detection of childhood cancer, focusing on retinoblastoma and Wilms tumour. A total of 50 clinics will be targeted. The campaign seeks to raise the awareness and knowledge for professional health practitioners on how to detect childhood cancer in its early stages and refer the affected children to appropriate health centres for diagnosis and treatment.

The main strategies that are to be employed in the campaign are training on types, signs and symptoms of retinoblastoma and wilms tumour and the referral system, provision of supportive learning materials to trained health practitioners. It will also improve the environment in which the affected children live while getting treatment. One hundred professional nurses from fifty clinics will be trained in the pilot phase from Harare. The trained medical staff will target patients coming for daily treatment and children coming to the baby clinic. Since every child in Zimbabwe has a vaccination card, a cancer diagnosis card will then be attached to it. This will ensure that every child who comes to the clinic will be screened for cancer and those suspected will be referred to the A4 Ward Special that looks after children with cancer and is sponsored by Kidzcan. This will prevent children presenting late in years to come and hopefully increasing the survival rate of children with these two types of cancer in Zimbabwe.

Know that every contribution you make is gratefully appreciated. Your support is giving hope to children who would not have this real chance to survive.


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