Jan 24, 2020

Small steps make a big difference for Stuti!

Stuti believes in herself now!
Stuti believes in herself now!

The gifts you provide to women rescued from the flesh trade can be seen working in small but very significant ways!

Stuti, one of our newer participants, comes from a traumatic past and currently lives in an after care home. She is quiet and tends to keep to herself. Stemming from the scars of a difficult past, she struggles with any confidence in herself and her ability to make decisions or do things independent of others.

 When she joined the program, it was the first time she was venturing out of the aftercare home and even though her caregivers were convinced the program provided her with the safe space she needed, they were unsure if she could handle the travel on her own (around 30 - 40 minutes). They paired Stuti with another girl so they could be part of the program together.  

The team spent time working with Stuti to get her to think about the steps she could take to start becoming more independent. Through regular encouragements and mentoring, she started to think about the possibility of trying to do things on her own.

 One day her travel partner was unable to make it and Stuti decided, through all the conversations and counselling she had received, that  she would try to make the commute herself. It was the first time she had done it and it opened the door to her belief in herself. She expressed the pride she felt in having accomplished this on her own - something that she watched her peers do with ease but that she couldn’t imagine doing herself.

Because of your generosity, a shift in Stuti's thinking has occured! A commute may seem like a small step, but for women who have been rescued from trafficking, independence can be an intimidating goal. 

Again, thank you for allowing women like Stuti to work towards her goal of total freedom!


*Name and photo changed to protect identity

Jan 24, 2020

Aruna has gained physical and emotional wellness

Aruna practicing her computer skills
Aruna practicing her computer skills

Finding a job can be challenging for anyone, but for those with disabilites in India, it can be almost impossible. Social stigmas can create obstacles for them that can result in emotional turmoil along with their physical problems.

This was the case wit Aruna. Because of a bout with polio, Aruna uses crutches and calipers. She wanted computer training to increase her chances of getting a job, but was very sad when she entered the hostel and had to leave the comfort of her own home.

However, as she began to take classes, she excelled! She was in the top of her class and received second place in a local typing competition. Along with that, she made good use of physiotherapy sessions at the hostel where her walking improved as well.

Upon graduation from the program, this is what Aruna had to say:

"This program gave me two things: a good education and confidence. Thank you for giving these to me!"

Education and care makes a huge difference in the lives of those with disabilities in India. Your gifts are providing life-changing opportunities - thank you!

Jan 24, 2020

Posamma has the supplies she needs to learn

Posamma with her new backpack and supplies
Posamma with her new backpack and supplies

In India, convenient and consistent access to education is not something children can always take for granted.

This was the case for Posamma, who's parents are migrant workers, following what jobs they could, wherever they could get them. Because of this, Posamma moved with them, rarely able to settle into a new school. 

But then your generosity changed everything. Your gifts provided a permanent spot for Posamma in school! Not only is she able to attend school, but she also has all the supplies she needs to succeed: a new book bag, pencils, crayons, water bottle, and more!

She says:

"Going to school with my new supplies is really thrilling. I am so happy to have all this in my new class. Thank you so much for providing all these things."

Thank you for allowing Posamma to excel in the 5th grade. Your gifts are providing a brighter future for her and so many other children!

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