Sep 30, 2020

Jyoti has overcome hardship because of you!

Jyoti is a young ambitious woman who had been working hard towards completing her 12th grade so she could continue to pursue her higher education. She had been living in another city and had the opportunity to complete her schooling from a good English medium school there. 

Unexpected circumstances forced her to move to Mumbai and as a result of that transition, she had to drop out of studying and become a year behind in her education.This put her in a stressful situation, as desperation often leads women to the red light districts.

She needed a source of income while she studied and our jewelry-making program was able to give her that option. The first few months in our program were a challenging transition for Jyoti and she struggled to balance her studies and professional training. 

Now, a change in the positive direction is visible in Jyotis approach. Theres a proactive approach to her life here that was missing previously. Her attendance has improved and there is a marked increase in her sense of responsibility and engagement which was something she struggled with when she arrived. Previously, she was seemingly apathetic towards herself and work. Theres a marked difference in her attitude to work - shes very organised, shares her daily goals with the team at the morning assembly and is seen as being very focussed in her tasks. She has taken her studies seriously and we know shes on the path to a great future. 

We were reminded of that saying, just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly, and we believe Jyoti is well on that journey! 

Your donations are changing the lives of women like Jyoti. Thank you!


*Name and photo changed to protect identity

Jun 9, 2020

Anjali has a job AND is helping others!

Dear Friend,


I am so thankful for your generosity! Sewing machines empower women to create their own income, opening up a multitude of opportunities for them and their families. 

As I'm sure you're aware, Covid-19 has effectively shut down the country of India. A nation-wide shut down has prevented people from working, traveling, and even getting groceries. But because of you, families in poverty still have hope.

Anjali's family was in a lot of debt, so they could not afford to send her to school. Without education, it was very hard for Anjali to get a job that would help her family get out of debt. But then, she joined the tailoring school and was equipped with amazing sewing skills and a machine of her own!

But then, another setback hit: the virus. But, because of your generosity, Anjali was ready. She was able to produce masks for those living in her community! Here's what she has to say about her experience:

"As soon as the lockdown was implemented due to corona outbreak, I had no work to stitch as there are no schools, no marriages, no functions, no festivals. There was nothing to do except stay at home.

But I am thankful that India Partners approached me and encouraged me to help them in stitching masks and they are paying for masks and I also feel blessed that I get to be part of this amazing work going on in the communities here. In this critical condition you have given us hope and relief."

Thank you for changing the life of Anjali! Even in some of the scariest moments, you have provided hope. 

To continue empowering women and their communities, please consider providing another sewing machine today.




May 20, 2020

Ribika has started a new journey

Dear Friend,

Your gifts are empowering women and children that are at risk of entering the sex trade every day in amazing ways. One way is through a program that teaches women how to make jewelry so they have another way to make an income!

Having lost both her parents when she was very young, and living with her alcohol-dependent grandmother in the margins of Mumbai’s poorest, made Ribika part of a community that's very vulnerable to joining the sex trade.

She needed to work as domestic help in several houses to meet their basic food requirements and started to pitch in with her grandmother’s job of collecting garbage from residential societies and sweeping their compounds. Studying was no longer possible. While the homes she worked in offered to pay her to continue studying, they were unwilling to give her the time she needed to go to school or study.

Another woman who went through the jewelry program met Ribika and suggested she should consider joining. She was so grateful for the idea that she would be able to study and work at the same time - that we encouraged it and made provision for it!

She has been here a couple of months and we can see her determination and commitment to both the work and the pursuit of her education. Everyday she travels a fair distance to attend her classes, and then she takes over an hour-long train ride to the office where she works through the afternoon. She is extremely honest and if there is no class, she is in our office first thing in the morning. Her determination to complete her 10th and work towards the 12th grade while balancing the challenges of life at home is inspiring.

We have been nurturing this determination through our programme and have also helped her with a loan so she can focus on studying without the pressure of where the money for the fees will come. She is doing well in her jewellery making skills too and has moved from an apprentice to artisan trainee.

Not having to choose between her everyday necessities and her desire to learn and grow has helped build her confidence. From a girl who shied away from speaking to people, she is now confident about speaking in groups and sharing her thoughts and opinions. The holistic approach of our programme has, in her own words, given her the opportunity of freedom.

Because of you, entering the red-light district doesn't have to be an option for Ribika! There are many other women in similar situations to Ribika, and I hope you consider continuing to change lives.

Thank you again,



*Name and photo changed for safety


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