Feb 18, 2014

Final Project Report

We would like to thank you for your donations. Received funds allowed us to buy all the necessary equipment for our exercise therapy class. Now, with a purchase of the special carpet our children have bigger training space. Cover is made of a soft fabric and totally safe for children. It is also nice to touch – kids get positive tactical sensations during their classes. This fact is highly important and for sure, has positive effects.

We also bought the training device for leg muscles development. A child can both sit on it and develop hands, legs and back muscles at the same time, though different games. The simulator also helps to keep balance, which is needful for most of our children, especially those with CP (cerebral palsy), who recently passed operations.

For balance trainings, medical swing was purchased. It allows improving motor functions, training movements difficult for our children and gives them opportunity to learn to control their bodies. As a result, children have improvements on mental processes.

For walking, training floor-standing bars were bought. With these bars, it gets easier for specialists to work with children. What is more important, now children go on classes with joy, they have motivation to train, and their mood positively changed. Classes became more diverse.

Almost all children of our Children’s Home have problems with legs, in particular, cyllosis. That is why, they constantly need to wear special orthopedic shoes. But some children have a strong cyllosis and they need individual orthopedic shoes, made taking into account all anatomical characteristics. These shoes relieve pressure what some of the parts of the footstep have. It gets easier for child to move, train and walk – quality of life improves remarkably. For all these reasons, we decided to order orthopedic shoes for children with strong cyllosis. Each of 22 kids received two pairs of shoes – one for indoors and the other one for outside walks. Children and “Shag Navstrechu”’s staff thank you for your participation.


Dec 2, 2013


Thanks to the funds received the physical therapy room was completely equipped. The  special flooring has been bought and it has given the space for movements,. It’s safe for children because it’s made of the soft material. Since that a child can do a lot of movements while lying on the floor. It’s also pleasant at touch so that children receive good tactile sensations while doing physical activities, which is very important. The bright blue flooring gives positive emotions to children as well.
Also the muscle trainer with appearance of little horse has been bought. It trains different muscle groups while a child sits on it. Also a kid can train the hand and back muscles while playing different games. The muscle trainer is also comfortable for training of equilibrium retention is needed for our kids as well, especially with cerebral palsy diagnosis after the surgery. And, of course, a kid gets positive emotional charge sitting on the “horse” and doing his favorite things.
The swing has been bought for balance training. Most of our children have problems with balance and coordination. This swing helps to learn to control their own bodies, to improve the motor skills, complex movements, mental processes and thinking activity.
The parallel bars are designed to train all muscle groups, especially the arms and back muscles. They are also used for gait training.
Additionally have been bought the yoga props for laying; the bicycle for walking. We have a few kids learning to walk and this bicycle, besides the baby walkers, is the best alternative for them.
Owing to this equipment our specialists have much more comfort to conduct exercises with children. Also now children are more engaged in exercises and their motivation and mood are improved. The exercises have become more diverse. By purchasing this equipment the influence to the important children skills development has been increased.


Aug 27, 2013

Partial Financial Report

On the 10th of april 2013 the donation of $2174,05 was received (67 852,10 rub.).
On this amount of money the following goods have been purchased for the room of adaptive and curative gymnastics:

- Support for the  «Horse» («») sitting. (21 143,00)
Purposed for the physical rehabilitation exercises with children who suffer musculoskeletal system abnormalities. It is used as an auxiliary mean during remedial gymnastics exercices to train motor skills. Applying the support makes it possible to teach a child step-by-step to stand up, sit down, maintain equilibrium in sitting and standing position. The sitting has a back that provides additional support.

- Wooden parallel bars. (22 500,00)
For walking skills training.

- Abdominal muscles trainer (including shipping). (2 790,00)
Used in exercises for developing muscles and as a foot rest.

- IKEA swing. (1 999,00)
Swaying develops the equilibrium sense and the coordination of movements. It also makes children feel calm.

- IKEA tools: bracketry, scissors, tape measure. (746,00)
Tools to fasten the swing.

- Wooden blocks for yoga exercises (2 pcs). (700,00)
A block facilitates performing of asanas. It is used as a support for reliable fixing of balance poses and some standing position poses; for making bends (in standing and sitting position) and arching exercises (in the lying position).
A pinewood block in comparison with other blocks revealed the best stability and ecological properties. Smooth ground surface and truncated facets make the block safe and ergonomic.

- Bostler «Madrem» («») (50 cm). (790,00)
- Bostler «Madrem» («») (70 cm) and a wooden brick. (1 490,00)
A bostler provides strong and steady support for a body, facilitates making slopes, invert and sitting poses and chest openings during yoga full breath exercises. Children who have limited muscle elasticity find them very useful. For instance, a bostler takes upon child's weight when he leans forward that allows him to relax leg and back muscles.
A wooden brick provides additional support in exercises in standing, sitting and lying positions. It is also helpful in other activities. Waxed, ecological.

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