Sep 21, 2021

Ira, you can walk!

Friends, let's share some news about our Ira - one of kids in our orphanage.

Now the girl is waiting for a surgery and, unfortunately, she is not feeling well. She has aggression towards herself again, she is often in a state of apathy. “However, it is very important to continue the sessions on the verticalizer, so our specialist tries to keep Ira busy and entertained: the specialist gives her toys, talks, tries to choose quieter and slower exercises.”

In order not to stop her development, Ira needs to stand for 40-50 minutes a day. Sometimes, after Ira has been on her feet for a long time, she also manages to do joint exercises. Exercise will help the girl master the walker, with which she will begin to move independently. To prepare Ira for this, the adaptive physical culture specialist walks a lot with the girl and motivates her to move: she plays with her hands, stimulates reflex points on her palms, earlobes, and head, turns on music, and provides her with her favorite toys.

Now our Ira really needs rehabilitation. Let's help her to go to it as soon as possible. Let her start walking!

Feb 12, 2020

Volunteers tell us about their experience

We always like to think about the motivation. Why people choose working in a charitable organization? Why does our team take everyday train to the orphanage, tolerate the system and its difficulties? We thought that the best way to find out - is to ask our collegues and volunteers to find out. Here's the interview of Marat - our volunteer.

Why did you become a volunteer?

I wished to do something useful for people. Volunteering in «Shag Navstrechu» is my first experience.

What is your first experience of visiting PNI (psychoneurological orphanage)?

My first visit to PNI was quite emotional. Talking about interior, in my opinion, there was quite a presentable atmosphere. It was slightly unusual to communicate with guys from PNI but I became used to it quickly.

What is the aim of your work?

Usually, I take care of Misha S. He is a young man, who left an orphaned home for PNI. I try to support him while walking (usually they don’t walk with him often), speak, do some easy activities (coloring books and other). He is a quiet guy who likes to color books, walk in the streets. Unfortunately, due to problems with health, our communication is quite limited; however, I like how the progress is going.

How did you choose «Shag Navstrechu»?

When I looked for those whom I could help as a volunteer, I was attracted by the possibility to help children and location as well. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule I could not visit the orphan home; however, they offered me the variant with PNI.

How long have you been volunteering for «Shag Navstrechu»?

Since February 2019.

 What do you think are there any gaps in “Shag Navstrechu” activity? What are the “Shag Navstrechu” achievements, what could we be proud of?

 Concerning gaps – I can say nothing.

Concerning achievements – I like several projects, which «Shag Navstrechu» organizes, or participates in: master-classes, visits to festivals, etc. As well, in comparison with my start, cooperation with PNI has been improved. There were cases, when we were not allowed to enter PNI, etc. Nowadays everything is so much easier.

Aug 27, 2019

Volunteers tell us about their experience

We continue to tell you about our volunteers - people who come everyday to care about our children. People whose work is possible thanks to you. Here's a story of Liza who came to Shag Navstrechu long ago and now is a head of the department. 

"I came to the organization so long ago that the volunteering leaflets were hanging on the noticebord. It was one of the days in February when I saw that an orphanage was seeking volunteers.

When I arrived at the orphanage for the first time, I sensed a slightly foul smell (by the way, now it’s almost gone). I was taken to see the groups: 15 children in each, there was no school at all (now there are 5 children in each group, and most of them attend to school or kindergarten part-time). But back then, when kids were sitting there…I wanted to leave and take a shower as soon as possible just to wash that foul smell off.

At that time there were a lot of children living in the building, who could speak, and I will never forget Madina’s eyes, when she looked at me and asked if I would come again. At home I was in the shower for 40 minutes thinking what I could give those children. I finished with a clear understanding that I was ready to and wanted to go back.

The second shocking thing was that I was “assigned” to a group of boys (although I wanted and asked for girls). 15 boys who got sick all together at once and were blowing their noses while sneezing at me. It was crazy. Sometimes I thought I wasn’t made for it. But then there came the ordinary day, when I realized that everything inside me turned upside down: it was raining outside; Lyosha and I were playing in the group. Lyosha didn’t really like talking to people and wasn’t attached to anyone. But that time he was sitting on a windowsill, looking at raindrops, and suddenly said “I love Liza”. I asked him to repeat, and he did. I couldn’t hold my tears as I realized that it all was worth it".


Liza Z.

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