Jan 22, 2020

Together, we helped 449 kids in 2019

Denys making his Christmas tree ball
Denys making his Christmas tree ball

Dear friends,

thank you for supporting Ukrainian kids with cancer!

Together, we helped 449 kids in 2019 in Kyiv and Lviv hospitals either giving them medicines, medical supplies and medical services they needed or providing them with services such as physical rehabilitation sessions and psychological support.

One of these kids is 7-year-old Denys. We know this boy and his family for more than a year. Denys is like any other kid of his age. He adores to play videogames and to run with his peers in the yard. Unfortunately, he had to leave his friends at home again and to return to the hospital in Kyiv for treatment.

When the doctors prescribed him a special examination that is not available in Ukraine because of the lack of the equipment, we organized everything for him to go abroad, from securing plane tickets to paying for the medical procedure. Thanks to this exam, the treatment that Denys is receiving now is more precise. The boy has made new friends here in Kyiv and jokes and laughs with them, though some of his days are full of pain. That’s because kids find a way to enjoy childhood even at the hospital.

Like Denys, 25 kids went abroad for procedures not available in Ukraine in 2019. Thank you for making it possible!

We hope that you will be there for our kids in 2020 too.

Jan 21, 2020

Maryna's New Year

Maryna is OK now
Maryna is OK now

Dear friends,

thank you for your donations that make Dacha possible!

With your support, 70 kids affected by cancer and their families had a home during treatment in 2019.

One of them is 8-year-old Maryna. The girl came for treatment from other city and remained in Kyiv for a year. When there was a pause between chemo cycles, she always came to the Dacha to be with her mom and dad. When she had to return to the hospital with her mom, her dad remained at the Dacha to cook and then to bring them healthy meals (unlike those distributed at the hospital) and help them in anything they might need. For this family, Dacha became a home away from home.

In 2019 Maryna completed treatment. Follow-up visits and regular checkups confirm that everything is all right. Now the girl goes to school and likes to learn new things, especially in biology classes about snakes she likes so much. In the future she dreams of becoming a snake catcher on National Geographic. Well, you can guess that this girl is really brave. She had never been afraid of fighting the disease and won.

Now, when the toughest times are over and New Year 2020 really brings new life for Maryna, she and her parents don’t forget about Dacha and kids who are still here. During Christmas holidays, they came for a visit with gifts and sweets. That’s because Dacha is a big family! Thank you for being a part of our family too!

Holidays celebration at the Dacha
Holidays celebration at the Dacha
Nov 4, 2019

Cope with Chaos of Emotions and Find Motivation

Dear friends,

thank you for supporting seriously ill kids from Ukraine! Your generous donations make it possible for kids to receive medicines or other medical supplies that are not available, rehabilitation after surgeries as well as psychological support.

That’s it, psychological support. Sometimes we forget that often it is not enough to give children the necessary drugs for them to get well. In the situation of a serious disease like cancer, children and their family members feel emotional tension, anxiety, despair, anger, fear of the future, the inability to manage the situation, the chaos of diverse emotions and feelings. The psychologist is a specialist who can help to cope with these feelings, to accumulate internal and external resources and to find motivation for recovery.

I would like to tell you a story from the practice of the Zaporuka team to show how it works. A 10-year-old girl who has been hospitalized at the Institute of Cancer for six months endured more than one surgery and many chemotherapy cycles. She came to the psychological session angry and tired of everything, especially the hospital and her disease. The psychologist offered her to use modeling clay and to make her disease. And while she was working they could discuss her emotions and her attitudes towards the disease.

- What is it?

- That’s a monster! It is very evil. I hate it!

- What else do you feel about it?

- I am angry with it, I haven’t called it.

- What would you like to tell it? You can tell anything, don’t hold back.

- Go to hell! I am sick and tired of you, I hate you! (shouting)

- What would you like to do with it?

- I want to tear it to pieces and throw it away to the garbage can!

The girl was tearing it to pieces and shouting for a long time. Afterward, she felt energetic and cheerful. She went to her room with a smile.

It’s a good example of just one session that can make a difference although in most cases the psychologists need to work longer to help. Thanks to your support Zaporuka team can work regularly and systematically in two pediatric departments in Kyiv and in one department in Lviv.

From July till September of this year 28 children received either necessary medicines or medical supplies. 19 children benefited from the rehabilitation service. 76 children benefited from individual psychological sessions and 32 from group sessions. 22 leisure time activities were organized for kids.

Thank you for your contributions! Thank you for your support!


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