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Nov 27, 2017

PAAJAF School classroom update

The record of the 10th to 11th week in the 2017 – 2018 academic calendar; – the Creche class aged 1- 2 years students were to enhance pencil grips, teachers were able to helped the children  in various classroom activities such as scribbling, colouring, pegging and collaging. The students now are good in pencil griping. The nursery one students at PEI age 2-3years of age are also able to trace the numbers 0 - 5 and identify them. The children can also identify, trace and colour circular objects. They traced and identify English alphabets A- E. the children well also to taught how to make palm prints, mosaic and collage. Other subjects the were taught apart from language activities, creativity and numeracy include the following: Rhymes, Religious and Moral Education.

The nursery two, kindergarten one and two students as well as our primary one pupils are all doing well. This is due to your generosity to this our school project has led to this great witness of good work and illiteracy ground breaking to the world of the literacy to the children and adults of Gbawe in Ghana.

kindergarten one students write and identify A – Z and 1 – 100. These children are aged 4- 5 years of age. This project still needs help, can you help? Would you share this project with your friends this month of giving to come to our aid? Our rented school premises expires on October 2018, we have no fund to reaquire it, we need fund to buy school land to start our permeant school building, we need to buy school supplies and paints the current venue and paying teachers salaries.

Please do you know someone who can help on grant proposal writing and any company that you can refer us to submit our proposal to them to come to our aid? Please can you link us?

Thank you

Sep 18, 2017

Family Learning Centre Project Report

Our organization, Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in the Future (PAAJAF), works with underprivileged children, youth, and women in rural Ghana. PAAJAF strives to eradicate poverty and illiteracy through quality education and job training. The PEI school was started to fulfil this vision. We presented our project to you in order to support the Family Learning Centre (FLC) activities where underprivileged children, orphans, youth -- and women of Ghana and the Gbawe community (GGC) -- are offered scholarship based educational opportunities.


To illustrate the need for the FLC, an understanding the current state of educational facilities is necessary. Gbawe is a rural community on the outskirts of an urban centre. It has a population of 44,000 out of which there are 19,000 children under the age of 13. Yet, the community has only one public school.


The public schools are overcrowded -- primary school classrooms have an average of 65 children; the junior high school has 45 students per class. The student-to-teacher ratio is high and, as a result, teachers are not able to provide each child with the attention he or she needs.

PAAJAF believes that education is the key that opens the door to ending poverty in Gbawe Community. The FLC was started on the foundation of this belief. This educational facility aims to create an enabling environment for children of age 1 to 15 years to develop their human potential to the fullest. The project includes a boarding house facility, recreational facilities, and a solid educational, ethical and moral program to prepare the students for success throughout life.


We report the following observations and accomplishments for this first year of the FLC:

  • For the initial pre-school enrollment, 120 children – or 200% of the target goal – matriculated in the first year of the program.
  • For the initial adult literacy program, 14 adults – or 140% of the target goal – matriculated in the first year of the program.
  • Your helped ensure that 30 students received full scholarships and 90 others received partial scholarships in year one of the program.
  • Fifteen (15) students from the original pre-school population out of 120 will graduate to primary level ceteris paribus -- (ages 7-12).

We need continues support to help provide scholarship school education to support our community and we solicit to you once again to come to our aid to meet our goals for the community.


Thank you

Sep 18, 2017

Community Library project report


The community library project by the PAAJAF Foundation through the CAARC, is for both the PEI school children and their Gbawe Community in Ghana. It is intended to be a resource to the PEI main school program. PEI is dedicated to quality education within the classrooms and outside the classroom.

Our partnership with Worldreader has provided us 35 e-reader devices for the project which now additional help is needed to acquire the other resources needed to get the project fully implemented.

Currently, there is no private or a community library in Gbawe. Many people cannot afford the high cost of purchasing reference materials for coursework, and sufficient access to technology and the Internet is lacking, so help is needed.

Currently we are using the e-readers in the PEI classrooms and we need help to fully implement the project.


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