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Jan 28, 2019

Project update about the family learning centre

Dear PAAJAF Donors,

Thank you very much for your great help and the believe you have had in our project.  We would to here with you our 3 story at the project site.  Unfortunately, we have to close this project of which we have created a new project and we will share the link with you:


The  week 3 in the 2nd term of the 2018/2019  school year  has been wonderful with various lessons taught and activities held in classrooms.  This included revised lessons taught in the previous term.

Kindergarten classes, just to mention this, the lessons were on:

  • Numerals and number names from zero to twenty (0 – 20)
  • Counting in 10s and ones
  • Grouping
  • Construction of two and three letter word sentences
  • Phonics, vowel sound; a, e, i, o, u.
  • Basic needs: food, water, clothing and shelter.

Our students are now able to take steps in problem-solving, reasoning, and numeracy. We ensure our children here at PEI are developing confidence in their mathematical ability and grow to love the discipline beginning in the Foundation Stage.

Through a wide range of practical activities using toys, games, natural and manufactured objects, as well as materials, rhymes, and songs. The children who have taken these steps will begin to explore mathematical concepts and to further develop skills.

We still need your help to buy the school land needed as we are closing this project, we have opened a new one and we would like to plead to you if you will join us to share with friends:

We count on you.

Thank you


Jan 28, 2019

About the community library at Gbawe

Dear Friends of PAAJAF, Thank you very much for your great support and believed in our project.  We would like to share with you the about the project  you supported though we have to close this project since could not raise the fund needed to get it fully implemented.

The success story comes from our past student who have left the school to different schools in our community due to lask of classrooms and land, as well as fund to start permanent building to accomodate the students.  The student who left the school and other ones are those we started the project with and in fact, the fund contributed has been a great help to them.  The are doing great in the respective schools they are in.  Below is the update of the headmistress and I will link the full article to this report:

We are happy to announce to you the good results we have gotten from our past students who were transit from PEI to the various schools in our community due to lack of classroom to accommodate them from Primary 1 to Primary 2. Two of our fifteen students who transited and graduated from PEI, Christpher and Susana, both excelled. Last December, during the Christmas break, each placed first in the 2018/2019 first term examination in their respective schools. This is a reflection of the quality of our PEI teachers and staff. Our high standards, commitment, and exceptional teaching methods are reflected in the community through our students who have continued their education at other schools. We appreciate you all, PEI teachers and staff.

Please we have created this project to help has to start a permanent school building where we will fully commence this project there:

Would you please help us by joing us to share this please with friends?  We need your help.

Thank you


Nov 21, 2018

School Rent Expires on December 15, 2018, Help us

Should go home without back to school?
Should go home without back to school?

Dear Our Donors,

We are much grateful to you all, our donors for your support to sustain the project from its inspection up to this crucial point of reading our updated report from the field. For a few months now, I have been reporting to you the situation of the school that I mentioned that if we could not receive any intervention, our school for the children in the Gbawe community will need to close down on December 15, 2018. So what now?

We now have less than one (1) month so the landlord has been disturbing us since we have been not able to raise the fund. So, the school will close down now? No, at the moment! Why since you have been not able to raise the amount needed?

There has been one an anonymous donor who has been supporting us with a monthly donation of $100 and another monthly by Name Patricia who as also be given us a monthly donation of $25. We salute them and you for your support. So will the $125 donations will be pay for the rented amount needed? No, we are working hard to solicit a loan from a Bank that we are praying or expecting to receive it by the rent agreement date to help us to pay for next 5 months while we will be writing to companies to come to our aid. Please do you know any company that you think could help us? Would you share the information to us?

We need to raise an amount of $10,000 and so far, we have raised $1,350 from the donations mentioned above and some other donations totaled $1,350.

The loan we are looking for we will need to repay it monthly. Please would you help us with any amount you can afford? We are pleading to you all to help us sustain the school for the next one year. Please even, $1 makes a difference since little drops of water makes a might ocean.

About the kids in the school, how are they doing?

The children are in fact, doing well but with hope lost at the moment? Should they get their bags and go home?

Please, we need your help, would you please share this post with your friends for us? Even $1 makes a difference.

Do you have any question that you would like PAAJAF to answer? Is yes, would you let us know? We would be more than happy to answer all questions.

Thank you

Lessons time
Lessons time
Waiting for your feedback
Waiting for your feedback
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