Mar 3, 2019

Good news from the women we work with!

a recent workshop
a recent workshop

Thank you to each and every one of your for your support in 2018. We have recently been pulling together our annual report and look forward to sharing that with your very shortly. In the meantime the women and the families we work with wanted to share with you about how WRC's counselling, referal services, workshops, campaigns and ambassador program has changed their lives....

“I feel this workshop was a huge benefit to me and my family “I had learned about gender role and women’s right. As a man I can share the house chore with my wife” ~Mr. Ratanak~ a father

 “I want to take all lessons that I have learned about to share with my neighbors, friends and even my family as well.”~Said- Sareth

 “I learned that women have the rights to do many things. Women should have the opportunity to own a business, be a leader and seek help for their problems. Women should not hide their pain. At the WRC women have a chance to seek help. Women deserve freedom, happiness and peace.” Sophanit Pen

“My mum doesn’t teach me at home, I am happy to learn about the menstruation, so I can prepare better when I have my period” Said Vanny

‘I am happy to bring my children here and I am excited to hear that WRC is going to open a day care Center, there will be a hug help to women” ~ Sareth

Spending time with your children, it doesn’t mean waiting until you have free time.” - Sokha

I feel proud of myself as a parent after I change my attitude toward my family! I can see them happier and healthier.” - Vanna

Managing self-anger is a better way to lead parents to have space to think how to speak to their children instead of beating and punishment.” - Chany and Mao

Thank you for the difference you have made to these women and families.

Team WRC

Our ladies together
Our ladies together
A recent community workshop
A recent community workshop
Dec 3, 2018

Samnang's story of success

Samnang* is 23 years old and the mother of two children. She lives in a village far from Siem Reap town about 5 Km. We met Samnang when we were recruiting participants to attend one of our workshops. We were delighted that she joined us for seven weeks of workshops to learn more about Women’s Rights and Gender. These workshops include topics such as marriage and family law, domestic violence awareness and gender equality.

Samnang gave up school when she was at grade 9 and was a bit concerned that she would struggle to take in the information, but as we pitch the workshops for every level she really enjoyed it. We found her to be a very committed participant who liked joining in and working with others. After her positive experience with the first workshop, Samnang registered to attend another course with WRC about positive parenting for 6 weeks.

After seeing her commitment WRC chose her to be one of our Community Ambassadors to promote women’s rights and gender in her village and support other women and families just like her. After the workshop, she also said

“I felt empowered and brave after attending this workshop especially, speaking openly to my husband about violence against women and children is never ok”.

After working with WRC for so long she has now been able to get her husband to also join one of our village workshops. She has also worked hard with him to change his behavior and improve home life and he has now stopped beating their children and being abusive. Samnang said “I cannot describe how happy I am now!”

Sep 11, 2018

A Good News Story from Sophea

Chef Sophea happy at work!
Chef Sophea happy at work!

Thank YOU for supporting Women’s Resource Center. It is so important for us to be able to continue our vital services in Siem Reap and here is why….

When we met Sophea* her work life had not been so stable and she had had many jobs, from cleaning to construction work, service work to airport security and even some time in a factory in Thailand. She had done some work as a chef and realised that she really enjoyed this and wanted to pursue it as a career, but was not sure how. In addition, she had had some health concerns that had contributed to her leaving some of her previous roles. One day she met one of WRC’s Community Ambassadors – a lady in her community who had attended many workshops and could speak with other women about the work of WRC in order to encourage them to attend workshops and empower themselves. Sophea was invited to attend a couple of WRC’s workshops on Women’s Health and Women’s Rights and Gender. Having attended a couple of workshops this gave Sophea the confidence to talk more deeply to the WRC team and get some advice as at the time she was unemployed. Sophea wanted to follow her passion to become a chef and we managed to connect her to the Friends International training restaurant, Marum, where she undertook around a year of chef and hospitality training. After graduating she got a job as a chef at a local restaurant, but after some health problems had to leave. She returned to WRC for advice and we were able to help her secure a new role in a local hostel. She loves her new job as chef here very much and feels the management invest in her development and give her great working conditions with 3 meals a day and some where to stay.

She says “Since I had been working in many places, I never felt good like here, the SLEEP PORT Hostel shows me by giving me an opportunity, love, encourage, warm welcome, I like to work here so much and never want to leave from this place. I would love to thank you so much to Woman Recourse Center Team for giving the information and give me up. Because when I have a problem I had no anyone and anywhere to discuss with, but WRC is the place that I believe that is s place that I can discuss and sharing my story and problem and I trust people in the organization because they hide my Secret in deeply.”

*name changed to protect identity

Thank you for supporting Sophea and the women of Siem Reap – your donations help to change lives!

With warm wishes and deep thanks!

Team WRC!

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